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A young girl struggles threw life while growing up in New York City, trying to balance education and bills... Her parents died no more than a couple years ago and she just lost her grandmother to cancer. Finding out her medical conditions are of the Supernatural, with her being half vampire and only part human..

While walking threw the city, a job offer hits her smack in the face. She moves to Glasgow, Montana to become the new primary maid of the Jackson Castle. Some of the butlers are kind to her and some not so nice, some with bright futures and others with secrets, while all of the butlers carry deep regrets.

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Important Information
Vampire Maiden, the entire series and main book is considered UNRATED.
Chapters 1 & 2 are considered SAFE for ages 12+ though chapter 3 is more for ages 14+ and chapters 4 & continuing could be considered rated PG or even rated R.
Reasons for Multiple Ratings Making (VM) Unrated
Horror, Magic, Gore, Vampire Violence, Witch, Wicca, Drama, Zombie,
Slice of Life, Relations Scandals, Old Fashion Living, Teen Drama, & more.