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Vampire Maiden: The Beginning

Chpater One

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Roses of honor are white and blood is truly red.

I wished my life was different some how, though now I wish it hadn't changed... I think, though I am glad.

I have been living in the basement of Miss Melloney's old castle near the dark forest, past the river in the west. Across the river, to the east; I am forbidden to go. I have been here for three days as the new maiden. The old maiden, Christian, I hear nothing of as to why she may have quit. Though when I ask the gardener and the cook, they bless her poor soul and say she just vanished into the night.

I have been hired, finally. In the morning, after this day I will become the new maiden of Melloney's castle. My old life as a tormented school girl has new meaning now. "The past is the past," as mother used to say. So, even though I am nevus for my first day as official maiden, I am glad the past is finally just that. I have had three days of practice as a maiden in Melloney's Castle, so I already know my way around and I have even set a record for myself as to how fast I can clean. Now having a schedule to fallow, this should prove to be boring yet I shall treat it as a challenge to complete all before late noon, tomorrow.

This old place... the walls make sounds as the ground shifts. There are scratching sounds in the walls; I shall amuse they are rats. My bed is soft and worm with pretty lace surrounding the frame. I think I feel safe here. No. I have never truly felt safe. I am content, that is all. Good night diary. Fare well till midnight tomorrow.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Life is to be taken not with a grain of salt but with a handful of sugar.

This morning I a woken at five am as usual. I took my morning shower, the steam cleared my mind of the nightmare that continues to haunt me from my past. As I washed my hair I envisioned all my mental pain melting down the drain. As I pulled my figures through my coarse, silky long, black hair- the violet colored, lavender conditioner un did those dreadful knots of myself tossing and turning through out the night. After scrubbing my body from head to toes, I turned off the hot water and stood there in the icy liquid that froze my pours shut, making my skin more pale and dead looking than before. I turned the shower knob to the off passion.

I reached for the towel and dried myself while still in the shower. After carefully climbing out of the shower tub, I took the already plugged in hair drier and turned it on. I loved the warmth of the hot air blowing through, my long wet hair, turning it light and to a fluff. As I brushed my teeth, I plugged in my hair straightener and set it to 27 temp. After my teeth were brightly whitened, I realized the hair straightener was not yet hot enough. I put on my under garments and pulled my long white slip over my head. I took grate care in straitening my hair and shaping it perfectly. Stepping into my black, red flowered dress, I almost fell over though I caught, myself on the bed post. After zipping up my dress in the back and tying the black ribbon, I pulled my black stockings up to my thighs. I made sure not to make any runs and then I pulled my red and black, striped, knee high socks over my ankles. I used my special sock glue to keep it all in passion. I took my morning mess, covered myself in my one hundred SPF sun screen, and gently pulled on my black gloves. Almost forgetting my maiden hair crown, I threw on my black sweat shirt. I gently placed my white laced, black colored crown that had the same design as my dress, though with a single white rose made of silk on ether end with shiny pearls dripping down by my delicate ears, securely onto my head. I like the way they tingle as I walk. I made my own bed and then walked to the first level of the mansion out from my room in the basement.

The hallway of the first level was dark and would be considered depressing to most, though with myself being used to it, I hummed as I walked like a princess through into the wash room. I vacuumed the first level, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, but not the seventh. Scrubbing the windows of every hall took me about two hours tops. It usually takes me three hours, but today just felt different some how. Around eight in the morning, I walked the dogs through out the indoor park. The mutts were ruined the garden, again as they pulled away from my hands. I fell to the ground and thankfully the gardener helped me up and recapture those mutts.

After many more chores, it was then nine in the morning. Time for breakfast. I hurried to the kitchen because the maids and butlers ate in there and never in the dining room. Tomato soup with grilled cheese made my morning better. They were all having chocolate milk, but me being lactose intolerant meant I couldn't have any. One of the battlers, Jimmy, pored me a cold glass of soy milk. I thanked him for his kindness. After everyone had finished eating, I washed the dishes, dried them and put everything away.

Dear Diary, here is an other poem for you.

Those who have lost before they could have awareness, have lost nothing they could truly love.

I don't usually think of my parents, though this afternoon I caught myself day dreaming about how my life would be if my father hadn't left my mother just weeks before I was born. My father was different than most humans and my mother was one who hunted those like my father. At times I wander of my motor drove him away to protect me or maybe she just went all hormonal and that was enough to make father crazy and made him think mother had changed and didn't love him any more. I'm really not sure how it all went down. Though, what I do know is mother died just minutes after giving birth to me. I feel bad about that. Though I also continue to tell myself it's not my fault. I was an infant, how could I possible have saved her? I wish I could have saved mother. Maybe she'd still be alive if dad had saved her. Still, I blame them both for bringing me into this world. With me being a half bread, part slayer and something else just upsets me a lot.

Come night fall, I just couldn't think of my birth anymore. It was all just to painful for me to bare. All my cheers had been completed and I loved the smell of the fresh pine sent on the wood shelves and tables. The lovely lemon on the tile and marble floors just made, my hart rest. I walked down the halls into my bedroom making sure not to slip on the smooth, polished floors. I walked down the steep stairs and down to the basement entrance. I opened the big, heavy, double doors to my room. Closing them as I walked in, I noticed my back was sore.

I went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on in the bath tube. The steam made me feel more relaxed. I lit incense by the tub and the warm vanilla made my soul rejoice. I slowly got into the tube and dipped my head back as I laid down. The hot water ran over my cold pale face. I lifted my had back out from under the water and the incense smelt even stronger. As the hour went by the incense burned out and the bath water melted to ice. I got out feeling cold yet refreshed. I rang out my hair gently, then I slowly dried my body and rubbed my ice feet warm. I slipped on my purple bath robe and fell into my queen sized bed.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

I have missed a few days but nothing of importance, so let it be known my life is now simple.

I have gone three days with out writing and I am very sorry but my oh my have I been busy. I have my day off today, so no cleaning right now or later on. Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday and I can't wait to go to church. I am just so excited to be going to the big old church building in the south where the sun shines brightly over the water of the beach. I wish I could see such a wondrous sight. Though, with my eyes I see nothing delightful.

I was laying in my bed feeling a bit ill. I have no idea as to why I feel this way. My body is numb and my soul is tired. It must be from all the work I have done. I am not sure as to why my head hurts, it must be an other migraine from withdraw. I need to have my medicine , though some of my luggage has not yet all arrived. It should arrive Monday morning though I fear I can not hold out much longer. With out my medication I get really thirsty and light headed and no matter how much water I drink my thirst just never goes away. I wish I had my medication, but all I can do to suppress my thirst is sleep and not get up or move even an inch. I wish I had my medication.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

One who sleeps life away has nothing to make of truth or dare; life is something when one shares.

Today is Sunday! I slept all through out Saturday and I wish to never do so again. I feel bad about not sharing my thoughts with others and not sipping tea with Miss Melloney. I fear it might happen again today. I can barely lift up my head. I have gone a week now with out my medication. I would of had it with my carry on bag, though they do not allow any form of food or drugs in in the passengers carriage.

Dear Diary, here is an other poem for you.

Life is something to be loved and appreciated, it is not something to waste no matter how hard life is.

I have been laying here sense four in the morning. It was then five when I had forced myself out of bed and into the shower. I washed my hair quickly and scrubbed my body from head to toes. I dried my hair and straightened it nicely. After my hair was to perfection I got dressed. My striped socks slipped on with ease. I struggled to slip on my footless tights. My black laced dress, I pulled it over my head carefully so I wouldn't mess up my hair. I tied my red ribbon in my hair on the left side into a bow.

After the struggle of getting dressed was over my weakness seemed to fade. I like the feel of how my dress flowed around me as I opened my window. You would think a basement wouldn't have windows, but this one is a walk out basement and with one window on the same side as the door. Three of the walls are under ground, but the wall the window and the door is on, the dirt has been sweet away by mankind. There is a room next to mind with heavy steal doors for encase of tornados which seem to never happen here. The walls in that room are made of metal and surrounded by brick an then covered in dirt, that's what Jimmy told me.

After the struggle of getting dressed was over my weakness seemed to fade. I like the feel of how my dress flowed around me as I opened my window. You would think a basement wouldn't have windows, but this one is a walk out basement and with one window on the same side as the door. Three of the walls are under ground, but the wall the window and the door is on, the dirt has been sweet away by mankind. There is a room next to mind with heavy steal doors for encase of tornados which seem to never happen here. The walls in that room are made of metal and surrounded by brick an then covered in dirt, that's what Jimmy told me.

Dear Diary, here is a sad poem for you.

If one knows the truth then one should speak; lives were lost because all voices knew nothing but one.

The church service was lovely. I really liked that church. I met the priest, Jake. He died today. I wish I had spoke up. I knew someone had soled his clothes in oil and then dried them nicely. As he lit the candle for a holly moment, in less than a second his sleeve caught fire. He burst into flames and was dead in less than two minutes. Two minutes of burning he'll he went through, pore Jake. I will remember his kindness forever and forever I will regret not saying anything about my visions.

I felt deep sorrow as we prayed for his safe travel into heaven. I wished to tell someone about my vision and receive forgiveness. I talked to Jimmy who was sitting next to me in church. I whispered to him gently so no one would hear me. I asked him if he believe that people could have visions. He whispered back me. She told me of course he believes that people can have visions. The he asked me, how else could the bible have been written? I agreed with him and then I told him that I get visions. I thought he would have shook his head in disbelief , but no he simple smiled and told me how nice it must be and then he took my hand and told me, I know it can be hard to tell others what you see. He also told me that he would always listen to what visions I have foreseen. Jimmy was nicer than I thought he would be and very understanding.

Diary, I must tell you an other poem.

If friendship is to last a life time even if bodies die and souls leave, let it last forever please?

After the service was completely over, there was an hour wait till the next carriage were to arrive. It was then nine in the morning. I told Jimmy about my vision and I cried and begged the lord for forgiveness hand for Jimmy not to tell anyone about it. He promised me he wouldn't tell a soul but, he told next time to tell him so he cold try to stop it and so if he acted it I wouldn't get found out. I would hate to be known as the witch in the town of Glasgow, Montana.

I was getting weaker by the minute. Jimmy noticed and asked me if there was anything he could do for me. I told him if he helped me it would be a sin. He shook his head no and demanded that I tell him what I needed. I told him my median should be here by Monday, but he then asked me what the medication was for. I hesitated in telling him. He then asked me if I was a vampire. I shook my head and said hell no. Then I struggled to run off and away from Jimmy thinking he was a hunter.

Jimmy grabbed my arm and said "Of course you're not a vampire, they can't be in the sun light which you are standing in now. Don't fret, I am not a hunter. My father was but I am not. He has passed away now and there are no hunters in this town that I know of. Trust me, I could spot one a mile away."

Diary, I must tell an other poem of importance.

If one is to trust then one is to give, if one is to give then one is to trust; life is nothing with out care.

I turned to face him and told him with a hesitant smile, "I am a half vampire and part witch on my grandmother side and slayer on my mothers side."

I could not believe such words had left my mouth. Jimmy who I thought would be in shock then asked me, "Which side made you half vampire?" He questioned me with curiosity. I then told him that the vampire side of me came from my father who had left my mother before I was born. I still don't know why I could trust him. It was just this feeling he gave off of peacefulness and it made me feel calm and so I trusted him with my dark secret.

The carriage then arrived. We boarded and road on back to the north. We arrived back to the castle. Jimmy helped me down to my room and then he asked me if I need blood. I told him I just had to hold out till Monday, tomorrow morning, but he told me he wanted me to be all right. So he took of his jacket and his long sleeve shirt that had a low collar. He then sat on my bed and told me it would all be okay.

With me almost fainting from weakness, I grabbed my little knife and cut a small slit on his wrist. I sat in Jimmy's lap as I sipped his blood. I hadn't had real blood for about three years and I explained it to Jimmy that my medication suppresses my thirst and gives me the nutrition that my body needs. He seemed to understand this. I wrapped his wrist in cloth and hummed while applying pressure. I took the cloth off and showed him that his wrist was now healed. He then as overjoyed that I could do such a thing, he explained go me that he heard such things were possible, but he had never seen it before.

Jimmy hugged me as he told me that he promises to keep my secrete. He then patted me on the head and the started walking towards the door. Before leaving he asked me to keep it a secret from others that he knew what I was. I told him not to worry, for my parents are dead and no one but my doctor and old friends back in New York knew of such things. He then told me he would come back and check on me before night fall. Jimmy left my room and closed my big doors. I then laid on my bed for a while. After laying there for about an hour I started writing this all down.

Dear Diary, Here is a nice poem for you.

So many out there are cruel yet so many out there just wish to share joy; which be my friend in the end?

I laid in bed reading magna for the longest of times. Jimmy came just as he promised he would, before nightfall. He asked how I was doing and I told him better thanks to him. He smiled with joy as I told him that. In that moment I truly felt as if I had a friend.

He asked me what I was reading. I told him magna. Jimmy explained to me that he had never heard of such a thing before. So of course I handed him the first addition of Naruto and Sailor Moon. I told him he would read it in his spare time, especially since we didn't get any television in the castle. Jimmy thanked me for the reading material for he had only ever read books with out pictures before. So he was just slight up overjoyed to have narrowed such things.

Jimmy and I went to dinner and then he helped me back to my room. Jimmy then left and I continued reading till about nine in the late afternoon. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then I cleaned my earrings and other jewelry. I laid out my cloths for in the morning because tomorrow is Monday and that means time to be a maid and do work. Time to wash all those tall windows with that long rag on a stick. Time to wash all those floors with those brushes on my knees and in my hands. Time to polish all those tables in lemony pine. Oh, what tomorrow holds for me.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

A mistress is a mother as a butler is a brother as a maiden is a sister as they are all a family.

I have already taken a shower, gotten dressed and done my chooses for today. Though I haven't heard anything from or about Miss Melloney. I hope she alright. I have finally received my medication in the mail and I'm feeling great! I can not for the life of me find Jimmy. Though Dean has been helping be around which is nice. He saw me fall near the stairs and so he helped me go up them with ease. Dead is nice. He is one of the seven battlers like Jimmy.

Dean is a gentlemen, though he his kind of odd with his collection of bugs. He says it's a secret that he has them, but I think not. Everyone seems to know out him and his bugs and that's why they call him bug man behind his back. Dean tells me he has peach skin, short white hair and light green eyes. He's a really nice guy but kind of shy and odd if you ask me.

Jimmy has told me that he has dark brown hair down to his shoulders with tan skin and brown eyes. I miss Jimmy. I wish I could find him in this huge castle. Though first Dean and I must go check on Miss Melloney on the seventh floor, though we're not really allowed to go at all. Only Mr. Kinro is allowed to go up there. He the head of the seven butlers.

Mr. Kinro is strong and stable. He is the foundation of all the other butlers. I have never once spoken to him. His presence just makes me feel safe yet I fear him at the same time. He is Miss Melloney's main butler. Jimmy has described Mr. Kinro to me before. He told me he has broad shoulders, blonde hair that is spiked up high and baby blue eyes with peach skin.

Dean and I climbed the stairs up to the seventh floor. We were in luck! The main doors were usually locked, though it was kind of freaky that the doors we're unlocked at this time of day. It's the afternoon, Miss Melloney should be out sipping tea with every one. So here doors form what I know are usually locked when she's not on the seventh floor and most of the time they are locked when she is on the seventh floor.

Dean pointed out a very important factor. Mr. Kinro was not guarding the doors! where in the castle could he be? He is always with Miss Melloney and never leaves her side. I am even more worried about her now and Mr. Kinro now too. I really do hope the both of them the best.

Dean and I decided to go in side the seventh floor's main room. The layout of the floor was similar to mine so I did not need much help from Dean to get aground. We found the main bedroom, finally after tiptoeing around for what seemed to be hours. "Stay back" a voice shouted from the bed room.

Dean then said, "Mr. Kinro, where here for the well been of Miss Melloney." Dean grabbed my hand.

Mr. Kinro's voice whispered back, "Oh I'm sorry Dean, I thought you were an intruder. Who is that you have with you? Speak up, though speak softly. Miss Melloney is ill."

"It is I, the Maiden. Is there anything I can do? Should I prepare a warm bath or many a hot total for her head and neck?" I said to Mr. Kinro.

"Yes that would be nice my dear sweat maiden," said Miss Melloney, "The towels while the bath is being readied would be very nice. Thank you my dear."

I got her the hot towels and for her head and neck. While I did that I asked her if she had seen Jimmy. She told me he was in the garden tending to her flowers that she can not tend to her self at this time of her illness. I drew the bath water nice and hot. I added some sea salts and oatmeal for her clammy skin to soak in. I helped her into the bath tube.

We talked for a while because she didn't want me to leave. I couldn't blame her, with as ill as she was, I didn't have the heart to leave her at all. We talked about a lot of things. How to plant flowers, how to care for them just right. About the butlers, we chatted. We talked about how all the maidens before me had gone missing and why they could have possibly ran away. No television. I joked with her. We also came up with the idea that they may have been kid napped. We both hated both ideas. We talked about how the milk always went sour before the cream. She went on and on about how ridiculous Mr. Kinro's hair cut is. We must have talked four an hour and thirty minutes because the bath water had ran cold.

I helped Miss Melloney out of the tube. I helped her dry off and get into her night clothes. Mr. Kinro met us at her bed and helped her get into it. Dead was eating for me by the stairs, which was very kind of him to do.

Diary, We really are like a family, just like Miss Melloney said we are in the bath tube :)

Dear Diary, Here is an other poem for you.

If someone I care about is ill, then please let them become happy out of pain.

After Dean helped me down the stairs I ate lunch with the seven butlers. I didn't realize it before, but Jeffry the gardener is also one of the seven butlers. He is a kindhearted, old soul. I think he is a lot like Jimmy, but older and wiser, that is properly why they get along so well. I am glad to be eating lunch with the butlers.

Miss Melloney has eaten lunch before us, as always. I am worried about her. She usually eats lunch in the big dining room, though today she is so ill that she must eat in her bed. I really do feel bad for her.

Dear Diary, Here is a horrid poem for you.

A curse of greed falls on one innocent of whom I care, I have found the cure but must I sin to save a life? That I shall.

Jimmy told me about the eight butlers and the curse of the jewel. He also told me that the only way he knew to save Miss Melloney was to dig up her mother's grave, Miss Melloney the queen. She died from three days after coming down with the same illness that the princess has now. The swollen ruby was buried with her. So apparently we have to go grave robbing to return the ruby to the museum.

Jimmy also told us about the monster across the river near by the museum in the forest of the east. I honestly am kind of afraid to be around such a thing as he described. Big, long, white, scaly, snake like, monster with red eyes, fangs and tentacles. Oh my!

It's already day two that Miss Melloney has been ill. So there's no time to waste! Kinro stayed with Miss Melloney. Dean, Jimmy and Jeffry and myself went to retrieve the ruby. I felt bad diving up my mistress's mother with out her knowing and with out her permission, but it was for her own good, so I was kin d of happy in a way. The ruby was in a locked box, but Jeffry got the lock of easy by knocking it off with the shovel. It made a huge bang, but no one was around to hear it.

We ran over to the bridge. We crossed it with caution. The forest was filled with lost of vines hanging everywhere. They were even growing along the ground. We got to the museum and the was a total wreck. Covered in dust, no security, cobwebs surrounding the entire place, at least an inch of dirt built up on the floor and more.

Out of no where the ghost of the maidens before me came and attacked us! Jimmy jumped up to avoid a kicked. Dean swung to the side to avoid a drop kick. Jeffry leaned back to avoid a front punch. I spun around in circles to state my ground.

I told the thee butlers not to attack, but to use only defense. They thought I was out of my mind, though they trusted me. I put my hands in the harmony sign and spoke.

"All the children live to die, all the dead come alive.

Hear me now, spirits all around

Do not fear, for I am hear

Come to me and we share see

Who is evil and who is pure

Now evil become pure

Now good, shall all rise

Fallow me to the end of the night

Go now, become free

Go to the ends of the earth

Into the skies of heaven

Leave this world in peace

All the children live to die, all the dead come alive."

Then I simply asked them to leave this world. And. They left. They left and their spirits went to heaven. Though before they left, they told me they had been eaten by the snake creature. They were fallowing the song of Lucky Cat's Heaven to the bridge where they knew they were forbidden to go, but then they met this witch. She said she was the one singing Lucky Cat's Heaven and she wanted to teach us how to sing to song perfectly. Then once across the bridge and into the forest she fed us to the snake creature. I can not bring them back, but at least their souls are safe now and the case of the missing maidens is salved. I placed the ruby back in it's glass box and we went back to the castle.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

An average day is a happy day, being thankful for what you have is what you need and what you really want.

Today is the third day from when Miss Melloney became ill and she seem so much better now. I am so glad. I was so very much worried for her well been. Kinro spoke to me for the very first time and he asked me if I was a witch and Jimmy was standing next to me. Jimmy hinted at me that I could tell him the truth. So I told Kinro, that I am only part witch on my grandmother's side. Kinro then told me that he was glad that I was able to lift the curse. I then told him that I might have only lifted the dyeing parting of the cures, but not the immortality and eternal youth part. He told me that he didn't care as long as Miss Melloney was fine, he could care less what happens to himself.

Wow, Kinro really is a cool guy. No wonder why Miss Melloney likes him the best. That's got to be why she trusts him so much. I would sure trust Kinro. I like him a lot now.

I did my chores like I usually do. I sipped tea with Miss Melloney in the garden in the afternoon. I talked about magna with Jimmy till two in the afternoon. I took the dogs for a second walk inside the indoor garden because they were so excited that Miss Melloney was well again they could not hold still for their thee O'clock baths. After their walk, they got their bath and I got all wet. Wow. I was covered in bobbles. We both got rinsed off with Jimmy's help and then after I got changed I grouped the mutts and put little bows in this hair. Just how Miss Melloney likes them.

Five in the afternoon, we all ate dinner together in the big dining room together for once. Even the mutts had a place right by the table. For some reason there was something going on that I did not know about.

Then suddenly Dean runs up to me and shouts, "Happy Birthday!"

"It's supposed to be a surprised!" Jimmy shouts back.

"It's the 23rd of June! Your birthday! Yay!" Dean continues.

At that moment in time, I stopped to think how anyone at the castle could possibly know my birth date. Miss Melloney knows, but I thought she promised not to tell anyone.

Dean shouted to me loud so everyone could hear, "I can't believe today of all days is your birthday because-" I cut him off, "Nether can I!" And I ran out of the room crying. The whole thing was a mess. They were planning a surprise birthday party when I has specifically asked Miss Melloney to tell not a soul when I was born. By the time I got to the basement, my make up was melted all over my face and even down my neck.

I just can't believe she did this to me. To bring up such un wanted memories. I mean, sure. She doesn't know my parent killed each other on my thirteenth birthday, but still, I had told her it brought up bad memories.

Dear Diary, Here's a quick poem for you.

Friends are sweet to have, but one must let one fight ones own battle.

Jimmy came to the batsmen to check on me later that night. I was calm, yet still up set and not in the mood for talking to anyone. So as any normal girl my age would when hot headed, I asked him to leave me alone till morning. That was the end of it, or so I hope.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

The past is the past, yet can the past stay the past forever more?

I woke up and did my chores as usual. I walked by all the butlers as if last night had never happened, they did the same. Today is Wednesday, the one day that happens to be in the middle of the week. It's not the weakened. It's not the beginning or the ending of the week. Wednesday is the day in the middle of the week where you know Friday is near by. I haven't shopped in any malls sense I've been here, so I'd sure love to do that. Maybe I will go check out the forest over the river. I bet I'm allowed to go there now that the curse has been lifted. I just happened to look out my window and it's pick black out side. Apparently I spent most of my day dreaming. Ten in the late afternoon. Time for bed. Good night diary.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

The grass is green, the water is cold, the trees are nice and I ate rice.

Yes, today is Friday, not Thursday, but Friday. I didn't rite anything Thursday because I was too busy having fun. After my chores, I simply packed my messenger bag and headed for the woods. I climbed so many trees. I used colored charcoal to draw the flowers in my sketch pad. I like using charcoal because you can feel the art. I thought about showing them to Jimmy, but I lost it some where in my room. Who'd want to see a blind girls drawing anyway?-

I was born blinded. I never was able to see color, structure or any of those things. When ever I go shopping, with out giving away the fact that I'm blind, I ask specific questions from a store rep. For example... Can you please walk me to the shoe section? I can't seem to figure out exactly what color theses shoes are, what do you think? I'm looking for a flower pattern, pattern would you say is on this item? I can't seem to find the tag, would you please tell me what size this is? ... There's more specific ways to ask questions, though it depends what I'm looking for.

I only know what flowers look like base off of what they feel like. I read magna often, but it's not in Braille. I use this application on my cell phone where I take a picture of it and the app reads the words in the image out loud to me. I can even make it read from right to left, not just boring left to right. There is an other application for describing images. My friends back in New York think it doesn't work all that well, but with me being blind, it helps a lot.

I know what colors look like. Only because I sometimes get visions. They come and they go. They can't be triggered by touching objects or because I am getting warnings from the powers that be. Nope, nothing like in the movies. Usually, I get a vision of someone who is crying out for help. Ether it be a kidnapping or some girl being murdered, what ever it is, I usually hear about it on the radio or from a friend who watched the eight O'clock news.

When I draw with my colored charcoal, I always know what color I am using. I got specially made metal sleeves for each color of charcoal. Each color has a certain number of rings carved around them. Black has none. Red had one. Blue has two. Yellow has three. Purple has four. Orange has five. Green has six. Brown has seven. Each time I have used a page in my artist book, I fold over the bottom left corner so that I do not go through getting my hands all dirty or wrecking my wart by feeling for a page with no charcoal on it.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Privacy is sweat, trust is voluble and that is to be kept between good friends.

Today, I finally found my art pad. Well. It turns out I never lost it in my room. It fell out of my messenger bag on to the floor some where in the castle and Jimmy found it. He didn't know it was mine so he kept it.

I would have probably never have found out that he had found it if not for him talking to Dean about beautiful charcoal drawings. At first, I though he couldn't possible be talking about my art. But then when he said there were images of nature, then I knew it was mine.

I walked up to Jimmy and I asked for him to give me back my art pad. He said it couldn't be mine because I am blind. Then I described each and every drawing to him for proof. That worked. He apologized and I got my art pad back. That really made my day.

Jimmy and Dean told all the other butlers about my charcoal drawings though they didn't believe them. They said they wouldn't believe it with out seeing the drawings with their own eyes.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Church is a wonderful thing, Christ is wonderful.

Jimmy and I sat in church together today. There was a wonderful service about forgiveness and ones self views. I am really glad I heard that new pasture talk today.

There was also a lady speaking about her trip to Africa and how she was helping the children by selling flowing in America. She sells the flowers and then takes the money to Africa and buys school books for the poor children. Her name is Sandy Higgins. She has inspired me to ask Miss Melloney if I can use a section of her garden for the children of Africa.

So I asked Miss Melloney if I could use a section of her garden for the cause of school books for poor children in Africa and she said yes. I am so very glad she has approved this. So now, every Saturday I will pick flowers with the gardener Jeffry and every Sunday Jimmy and I will sell them after church.

We all had a big Sunday dinner together to celebrate Sandy Higgins and Miss Melloney's collaboration in using her garden to help the children learn and we had her over as a guest. There was mash potatoes, steak, gravy, chicken, salad, stuffing, even pot roast. The chiefs really went all out.

Dear Diary, Hear is today's poem for you.

Living on my own is nice though monthly visits from friends are a sweat thing to have

Life in the castle has been really nice. I haven't talked to the butler that much recently this morning. Everyone has just been really busy getting things ready for the forth of July party weekend. There is going to be more than eight hundred people here and there will be fifty temp butlers as well for thirty temp maidens for the guest staying at the cattle. The party will last from Friday the first till Tuesday the fifth of July.

Today is Monday, the twenty Sixth. My friend Emily, is coming from New York to visit me. She also plans to stay for the forth of July party. I am so excited that Emily is coming all the way to Glasgow Montana to see me. Back when I lived in New York, we hadn't talked for two years because we were going to different schools, so it will be good to see her again.

Dear Diary, Here is an others poem for you.

Life is like a Crystal, clear yet difficult.

I have finished my chores and my friend Emily has arrived! We are having so much fun. I showed her around the six floors of the castle. She is so excited to be here and I am so excited to finally be around her after so long. We had tea with Miss Melloney together. That was so nice, I have missed Emily so much.

When Emily and I were just kids we used to swim in her mother's swimming pool for hours on end, till our toes were prunes. When Emily and I were tweets, we used to listen to the radio all day long, even sometime at school. When Emily and I were teenagers, we would go on long walks through the parks and venture down deep allies. We had so much fun together.

Emily and I shared our childhood with each other, we also shared secrets with each other. She has asthma and I am blind. Most people can't tell that she has asthma. Most people can't tell that I am blind. We help each other out. When she freaks out at the mall, I calm her down. When I'm about to walk into a pole, she pulls me back. We are best friends to the end. She knows I am allergic to UV rays, but not that I am half vampire. That I could just never tell her, it would kill her. She is catholic and she is not allowed to be friends with demons, but I am not some monster. I am nice. I help people. I clean for a living.

Dear Diary, Here's some news for you!

Emily bright me a gift! I now have four new charcoal colors. Peach, tan, light blue, and gray. She had special metal sleeves made for the colors before she came. That was so nice of her. Peach has the shape of a bunny, tan has the ship of a duck and gray has the shape of a rock engraved on the side.

Emily and I were walking through the woods like we always would in the park back in New York, totally care free. Well, with Emily being the klutz that she is, she tripped and fell into the river. I jumped in and swam after her and we had a lot of fun. Good thing we didn't have our cell phones on us, that would have been a disaster! The buddy system always beats cell phones always. So after the sun was setting and we were dry, we decided it would be best to head back to the castle. But then, I head something meow.

Emily then shrieked really loudly. She loves cats. We looked every where for the little thing, but we couldn't find it. So we starts heading back after looking for about twenty minutes.

After I had crossed the bridge with Emily, I was walking but then I noticed I couldn't hear her foot steps anymore. I got worried so I turned around and screamed for Emily, thinking the witch had got her. She then yelled at me to shut up because I had scared the cat away. I apologized. She got the cat to let her pet it. I could her it purring. She said it was brown with black legs and blue eyes. So when we got back to the castle I drew I picture of the cat.

Dear Diary, Today is Tuesday the twenty eight of June.

It is easy to keep my dear friend Emily entertained, when she brings her laptop and sits on her computer all day. I have to do my work, though I worry about leaving her in the basement. I feel bad doing so. I wish I could hang out with her, though I must do my chores if I am going to this forth of July party this weekend. I am so excited! I can't event wait, though I know I must. So I shall continue cleaning and maintain my work.

Dear Diary, I forgot a poem for you.

Sometimes work is more important than friendship, for responsibility is the ultimate importance.

I have mopped the tiles in ever hall way, first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. I have polished the marble in every kitchen and bathroom. I have furnished every peace of wood with Pine Sal through out the castle. I have washed every window in every hall and every room. I have shined every mirror in every room and every bathroom. I have even managed to leave finish before twelve in the afternoon to sip tea with Miss Melloney.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

True friends always come back and are they when you really need them.

I have skipped the twenty ninth and thirtieth of June because all I really did was work, work, work. All Emily really did was sit on her laptop the whole time, really. It is the first of July! Three more days till the forth of July. The party has already started. The seven butlers and myself have the weekend off, including Monday.

My doctor wants me to be in a wheal chair sense I blind and there will be too many people for me to walk into. Emily, Dean and Jimmy and going to take turns pushing me they said. I am glad I don't have to wheal my self all threw out this huge place. That would be dreadful.

Emily was voted to push me first sense she's known me the longest. Then Jimmy second and Dean third. The day was young and the night hadn't even began. Still, the temporary butlers were serving whine and I highly doubt Miss Melloney would approve of that.

The six butlers, Emily and myself hung out together practically all day in doors, all except for Kinro and Miss Melloney. They were off on more important matters, like keep the peace between kingdoms.

We went into the court yard to see the practice fire works. They were secluded to go off every night till the forth starting from seven at night till eight at night. The real fire works on the forth start at eight and don't end till ten at night. I couldn't see them, but I could defiantly hear them and feel the explosion in the air. It was so exciting! There was this photographer took my picture of me. Emily said it turned out nice

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

The booming of the heart beats the life of passion.

Today was the forth of July. Yesterday was the third of July, I was having so much fun hanging out with my friends that I forgot to write in my diary. Please forgive me diary? Today I got dressed in my new outfit. A silk, black dress with red and purple flowers all over it. It has a collar that with a single button at my neck. I got matching shoes. Emily helped me pick it out.

The photographer took my photo again, but this time with the fire works in the background. Emily said it came out even better than the last one. There was this girl who calls her self MCtheGirL, who edited the lighting and made the image print out in a textured ink so that I could feel it. That was so kind of her to do that for me for free. She calls it community service.

For dinner there was a huge barbeque with hot dogs, steak, chicken, and more. There were lovely side dishes that the chefs had prepared. Coleslaw, potato and fiesta salad, macaroni , stir fry, shush and so much more. I wanted to try a little bit of everything, but after one burger, sushi, salad and tea, I was to full for ice cream or anything more. Emily ate like a mouse. She had only sushi and tea, nothing else. The seven battlers all ate like there was no tomorrow, all except Jimmy. He told me he likes being thin and he wants to keep it that way.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem of self satisfaction.

To travel is to leave behind, to explore is to build upon.

Today is July fifth and the temporary butlers will be here cleaning up after the party from the forth. Which means, I have no work this morning. So I decided to go into the woods across the river, in the east. Even though I did not have work today, I felt like dressing up in my maiden outfit anyway. I tried to wake up Emily, but she wanted to sleep in sense she was up till midnight. Even though I was awake with her, I still woke up at five in the morning. I thought I had work when I woke up, but I don't.

I must have left the castle around seven in the morning because I left after breakfast and that was at six in the morning. As I was walking through the woods, I heard the witch singing Lucky Cat's Heaven. I thought that this would be a great time for me to confront the witch about the maidens who were killed.

I kept fallowing the faint singing voice deep into the woods. It kept seeming to get farther and farther away even though I knew I was heading towards it. The voice slowly vanished into the woods and I became lost. After walking for about three hours, I stumbled upon some neat caves. The was of the caves had these wired markings on them. It seemed as if these huge caves were carved up by millions of three foot long snakes. Possibly some were made by eight footers. The caves were so interesting to me, I had to investigate them more.

I was walking in one of the caves and I found a door. I opened the door, then I went inside it. I remained close to the wall so I wouldn't trip over anything sense I am unfamiliar with the ground. I heard a voice shout at me. It asked me, who I was. I told it I am the maiden from the castle across the river. It then replied back to me saying that it is the servant of the witch. The voice sled me to come into the light, and I told it I didn't know where the light was because I am blind. The person asked me if I was lost and I replied, yes.

The kind person described them self to me as a girl with long white hair and choppy bangs covering her eyebrows. She said her name is Samantha. She then gently took my hand and led me to her master. She introduced me to the witch.

Servant, "Master, I have a visitor for you. A your maiden from the castle."

Witch, "Hello, young maiden. How are you?"

Maiden, "I am doing well, thank you. I heard your lovely singing in the woods and I got lost when I tried to fall it to meet you."

Witch, "I am sorry to hear that my dear. Would you like my servant to guide you back to your home?"

Maiden, "Yes, please? Though I must get something off my chest while I am here. Not to sour the air on my first visit, though I know about the curse you put on the butlers. The jewel was returned, so is the cures completely lifted?"

Witch, "Yes. I saw that the ruby was returned. So the curse, it has been lifted."

Maiden, "Thank you. I have an other question. You seem really nice, so does your servant. The ghost of the maidens blamed their deaths on you for luring them across the river with your song and then. They say you fed them to your beast."

Witch, "I did not feed them to the beast. The beast comes to this world once in a while through a portal. I have no control over what it does. I am lucky I did not get eaten myself. In fact, I tried to save them. Though, the first maiden who got eaten, her ghost prevented me from saving the others. as for me luring them across the river, I just wanted a company. I only ever see my servant now that the museum is closed down. It closed down after the ruby was stolen."

Maiden, "I understand. I know you're telling the truth because I can tell when someone lies by listening to their hart beat within a three foot range. No offence, but when you are not singing you kind of around like a boy. Would you mind describing yourself to me?"

Witch, "I probably sound like a boy because I am male, not female. My name is James Schmidt. I am a witch by blood, though I am a Wiccan by nature. I am a healer. When the museum was up and in business, I used to get a lot of visitors and people would come from all over the world to be healed by me. Now my business is slow. I used to heal people for free and live off of donations, but I don't get donations now that the museum is closed. So people have to now pay for my services. Those who can not afford it, I do it for free of course. I care so much about the well been of others."

Maiden, "Wow, that explains a lot. I am actually part witch on my grandmother's side. Maybe we could share spells and trade herbs once in a while?"

James, "Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. My servant Niko is a vampire, does that bother you at all my dear?"

Maiden, "Nope! Actually, I am half vampire on my father's side. My mother was a slayer and my father was a vampire. They killed each other on my thirteen birthday, does that bother you at all Niko?"

Niko, "Not really. My parents died in a car accident. My brothers became slayers, even though they are vampires and my grandmother is also a witch."

Maiden, "Wow, I guess we kind have some things in common. Do you like anime and magna?"

Niko, "I love magna! But how can you read it if you are blind? How do you watch anime?"

Maiden, "I have this neat application on my cell phone that read magna to me. I just take a photo of it. It even describes images to me. I love listening anime. You are right though, I can not watch it, but I can hear it. I have a special TV for the parts where no words are spoken. It tells me what they are doing and what the background looks like."

Niko, "Wow, that is awesome! We should watch anime together then some time."

Maiden, "For sure!"

James then had Niko walk me back to the bridge and from there on I found my way back on my own like usual. I got a copy of Lucky Cat's Heavan and I put it in the castles box in the basement. The castle's box is basically the lost and found box. It is also where I keep my art pad and some other things of mine. Inside the box there are my things that are old and fragile. Emily found a photo album in the castle's box, which is nice.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Some secrets are best kept secrets, some truths are never meant to be told; breath in the new.

Today is July eight. On July sixth and July seventh I was working on my usual chores as maiden of the castle. Emily was on her laptop watching videos on You Tube and reading online books. She really is a book worm more than anything. I didn't dare take Emily to meet James the witch and his servant Niko, she doesn't even believe vampires exist. If she found out that vampires were really, that would kind of mess up her beliefs and if she found out that I am half vampire, that would ruin her childhood memories.

Today is Friday. Today, Emily goes back to New York. I will miss her very much. I am glad she got me those three new colors of charcoal for my art pad. I am glad we had a lot of good times together. I wish I could spend more time with Emily. The good thing is, we both have cell phones. So we can always just call each other if we miss each other a lot.

A lot has changed in my life sense I have left New York. I used to only have Emily as a friend, now I have Jimmy and Dean as close friends as well. I used to get depressed often and hide away in my studio apartment all day and only come out at night. Now I live in a basement of a castle and I come out of my room every morning. I used get paid minimum wage, now I get about one thousand a week. I love my job. I love my new life.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

Miles away and a lazy day; oh how I miss my friend from across the road, though, we're only a phone call away.

Today is Saturday the ninth of July. It's hot and muggy out with nothing to do. My friend Emily sent me a link in an email. It was a video of her on You Tube. She's always been a video and online nut, and now she has her own account. Diary, this can not end well.

I am thinking about making my own account on You Tube. Though it seems so many names are taken. Which one to choose, I have no clue. Should I use my mother's middle name Maria? Then add some numbers and the word maiden to it? I am not sure, though un like Emily I do not want my first name out on the world wide net. I'd rather eat dirt then let my secret out.

My friend Emily is saying good bye to an old friend in an anime group in New York. He is moving far away for better medical attention. He is a veteran of the war and has served for our freedom. I will find it odd if she does not blog about such a thing on her You Tube channel. After all, she's an online nut.

Dear Diary, Here is a wonderful poem for you.

Roses of honor, such beauty blooms of happy joy when one shares hope with a stranger of fate.

Today is Sunday, I am picking flowers in Miss Melloney's garden to sell for to buy books for the children in Africa. I am so excited that I was finally chosen and that my plea to be excepted for review has passed. I am honored to share joy in such a wonderful experience. I hope those children in Africa read many stories and learn lost of history. I hope they love school and learn till their hearts content.

Dear Diary, Here is a sweet poem for you.

Children play and children learn, children laugh and no more hurt, children learn and children live.

I have mad more than eight hundred dollars in one hour already. I am thrilled. For every eleven dollars ten children get a to barrow a book for a day. Inset that wonderful?! I think so. I wish I could do more though I have to ketch the carriage to church. So I have one more hour left to sell flowers. I wonder how much more money I can make for the children sense I have already made eight hundred. Wow.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

Gentle winds that fill the air, push me toward my greatest fear, now come to realize, I am here.

I made a total of two thousand dollars selling flowers from Miss Melloney's garden. Now those children in Africa can read books for weeks. I am so proud and happy. I wish I could do more for them, but I just don't know how.

I am back at the castle, spitting on my bed. I went to church and all went well. I liked the service a lot, but it didn't really speak to me personally. It was about treating others with respect, I always do that. So I wasn't concerned.

I know today is Sunday but I have my own chores in my basement to complete. I need to clean and organize everything. I have really let the place go a bit too much. Kind of messy, too messy. There is dust on the walls now so I have to clean. I have a window that needs to be washed and my bathroom needs to be scrubbed. I usually never clean my own space when I clean the castle, I don't get paid to clean this part. It's my own space after all, my own responsibility.

Good night diary, fair well for now~

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Death and birth is natural, life its self is the miracle.

It's the afternoon and I have completed my chores and I've already sipped tea with Miss Melloney. Today is Monday. I am went into the woods to see James the witch and Niko. We talked for what seemed to be hours. Even though we talked about nothing important we seemed to really connect. Niko is my only friend near by besides Miss Melloney who is female. I am lucky to have her as a friend. I think she considers me to be her friend anyway. Ether way, I am glad just to know her.

We talked about my parents and I cried for a while, it didn't seem to bother them. They just enjoyed the company. We talked about Niko's grandfather and how he had hurt her in the past and how James has saved her. We talked about my grandmother and how she died of Brest cancer. I cried more, they cried too because their old cat Digit died of cancer. He was gray with a white spot on his head and blue eyes. We both seemed to hate cancer. We cried for hours.

After night fall I headed back to the castle. Niko and James waked me back to the castle with a lantern. James met us at the gate and totally freaked out when he saw the which. But then we explained things to him and he understood from what we could tell. James walked me inside and now here I am about to go to bed. I miss my grandmother, but I will never forget the life she had.

Good night Diary, fair well till next time.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

In life one wonders what one shall become though one is all ready what one is one's self.

I am thinking keeping uploading videos on the internet. I mean, to You Tube. Blobs, about my life if you will. I am not sure how this will work out though may I can manage to do this with out any help from Emily. Though, I might have to ask Jimmy to help me with the camera positioning.

Dear Diary, Here is something I must tell you.

I have been invited to join an online music band called Magic Castle Dreams. What will I ever do? They say I have a lovely voice. I only put one You Tube video up online of me singing Lucky Cat's Heaven and I was totally off key! Why would they want me? Do they think I have potential? I guess they do, or they are just stupid. I have no idea, but they seem really cool. So they think I have talent and they want me to sing for vocals in songs where there is no music. How could I do that. Whoa, I am unsure if I can take this on. I mean, I really want to, but I am kind of scared.

Oh Diary, will I ever get the courage?

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

Dreams of passion light up the night with such joys life brings how could one sleep through out?

Today is Wednesday, the thirteenth of July. I have awoken in the middle of the night. It is currently one in the morning and I have been laying her for an hour thinking about joining the online music band. I would really love to join, oh so very much. So then I shall tell them my decision in the morning. I will join them.

Dear Diary, here is an other poem for you.

The fire flies fly freely in the sky like little balls of lightening joy, I wish to grab such bouncing toys.

It's five in the morning and I am getting ready to take my shower. The castle is so quiet at this time. Yet, the woods are so full of sounds. I want to go out side my window and play in the woods, but I fear there might be a bare or some kind of creature out there. Heck, I am a slayer after all, I should be able to go have fun on my own. Should I take a shower, or go have fun?

I have decided to go into the woods for about an hour and take a quick shower, then do my maiden chores like normal. Then I should go see James and Niko again.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

Wondrous sounds of messenger bugs, creatures of the night make such lovely la by.

I when into the woods in my PJ's and had lots of fun. All those bugs mares so many different sounds. It was so much fun to be out at five in the morning, before sun rise. I did not run in to any bares, but I did hear wolves cry from afar. I did not run into the snake like demon ether, good thing sense I did not have my sward.

My sward is made of aluminum with an diamond tip that can pierce through almost anything. It is light weight and very strong and sturdy. The cover is made of silver and latches on to the handle of the sward so it doesn't fall off. So I can use my sward with the cover on it as a walking stick to get around.

I took my shower an got dressed. I am in my maiden outfit now. I am off to work Diary.

Dear Diary, Here is an other poem for you.

Flowers are colorful, graves are dark, life beyond death is truly something else.

I had finished my chores at Miss Melloney's castle. Then I went into the woods and found James and Niko. Niko was missing her mother and I was missing my grandmother so James decided to call upon their spirits for a visit to this world.

Niko's mother was really nice, but she kept reminding Niko to change her under wear. I got to meet her mom. She said that I have pretty blue eyes. I says thank you, I never actually knew my eyes were blue. My grandmother told me my eyes wee hazel. Maybe they look more blue today than green, I am un sure. Emily always told me that they would sometimes change color in different light.

My grandmother argued with Niko's mom that my eyes are hazel. I couldn't say a thing about it. I was just glad to hear her voice again. I missed my grandmother so much. She told me to claim package for her in her name at the post office and get it shipped over to me. She said I could have it. I asked her what it was and she said it is a diamond ring for my twenty first birthday and that I shout not wear it till I am twenty one years old. I am twenty now, so that means one year now I have to wait.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Living life wonderfully to its fullest extent to bring wondrous dreams to reality.

Today is the Thursday the fourteenth of July. I was invited to join the music band called Magic Castle Dreams, and now I am officially in the band. I am so excited! I can't wait to start singing for them. I do believe I am to sing for them some time this weekend. But I am still not sure how they do everything over the internet. Their home base is in California and I live in Montana. So I am not quite sure yet on how all this works. I know other band members are in other states as well, so I am sure it will all work out fine.

I decided to draw a picture of Niko's cat named Digit. A gray cat with a white spot on hit head and blue eyes. I drew the cat in my sketch book with my charcoal colors. I asked James to make a copy of it with the copy machine so I could keep the original and give the copy to Niko. Hopefully she will like it and the drawing wont make her sad. I worked hard on it, so I hope she likes it.

After printing out the drawing, James and I went to the witches cabin to give the drawing to Niko. She cried at first, but then she said that you and that she likes it a lot. I was sad that she cried, but I was glad that she likes it. Hopefully she will keep it up on the wall to remember her kitty and maybe even out friendship.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Keys of sound tingle through out the room, what peace it brings to sing along with ponderous sound.

Today is Friday the fifteenth of July. I have completed such chores as to washing the tile, polishing the wood cabinets, wiping the windows, and more. I have washed, dried and put away the dishes. I have walked the mutts and given them their baths. I even put little bows in their hair how Miss Melloney like them. I scrubbed the walls in every hall way. I vacuumed the carpet and washed the rugs.

Today Miss Melly decided that I need to learn how to play the piano. So for now on every Saturday, I will be practicing the piano for one hour around noon. She said I can do it in the morning or at night if I like, but I must play the piano in the white room with behind the library. It looks and feels like a small dining room, with a sofa and a piano in it. There's also a fire place and cabinets. Even a mini bar.

So I am now officially in the music band called Magic Castle Dreams. I just can't get my head rapped around it that I am actually in some kind of group. I mean, it's online and all that, but I have never been in any kind of group before in my life. Never, not even at school. I am really excited. They wanted a photo of me up on the band site, so I did my best to take a photo of myself with Jimmy's help. I stood in front of the curtains for my photo so there would be a nice background.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

The unexpected should be welcomed with caution for one is never to know of the goods karma may bring.

Today is Saturday the sixteenth. Time to practice the piano. I don't feel like getting up though. I want to just lay in bed all morning. I am so tired, I did so much the other day. My chores took me not till noon, but the whole day. I just want to sleep in.

Oh Diary, I feel so lazy right now.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

Practicing something to perfection is important and can take a long time though to have fun one must enjoy ones self and see the beauty in the work.

I finally got out of bed, after laying there from five in the morning all the way till eight. as I stood up I untied my hair bun and let it fall loose to my hips. I brushed my hair gently and carefully, making sure not to pull out strands. After my hair was knot free and totally smooth, I walked over to my dresser and took of my night clothes. Selecting my clothes carefully, I grabbed a white shirt, blue jeans, socks, and my under garments. I walked over to the bathroom and set my clothes down on the chair out side the door. after I walked inside, I sat down on the side of the tub and turned on the hot water till the bathroom filled with steam. I got in the shower and wet my hair. Running my fingers through my long, black, course hair, I noticed that there was still one knot left that I must have missed. I carefully pulled it out with my hands. After my hair was soaked, I covered it in shampoo and lathered it up. Then I lathered up my entire body from neck to toes. I shaved my legs, arms, under arms, and my back just to be safe. Then I turned the water from hot to icy cold and rinsed off all the soap.

After getting out of the shower, I dried myself off and straightened my hair. I put on my clothes and looked everywhere for my shoes. I couldn't find them. I walked over to my vanity and put on my eye liner and eye shadow. The I put on my face powder and mascara. I was walking back to my bed and then I remembered that I put my shoes back in the closest. So I stopped half way to the bed and headed for the closet. I picked out my black sneakers and put them on after sitting on my bed. I made my bed and cleaned up the bathroom. Then I headed out of the basement to play the piano.

Jimmy was busy eating breakfast so I decided to join him. I asked him why he was eating late and he told me because he had woken up not to long ago. I told him I had laid in bed for a while too. Breakfast is usually at six in the morning, but it was nine in the morning then. So we were eating three hours late. After we had eaten, Jimmy showed me how to play a few keys on the piano. He told me that I needed to practice those keys before I could learn more. I wanted to learn more already so I begged him to teach me more. He said no. But when I told him how much I love the sound of the piano he finally agreed to teach me one more set of keys. So I can play two different tunes now. I need to practice them every day till next Saturday so I can learn more. Miss Melloney didn't say I had to do it every day, but Jimmy asked me to do so for one week, so I agreed with him.

Dear Diary, Here is an other poem for you.

Storms come and go, but only true friends yell out of concern.

Jimmy and I went to visit James and Niko. This was Jimmy's first time going to the witch's cabin. He was nervous at first, but some where along the way to the cabin his voice stopped shaking. On our way into the woods, we meet up with Dean at the bridge. He wouldn't tell us what he was doing there, so we stopped asking. He wanted to know where we were going and we told him we wouldn't tell until he told us what he was doing at the bridge. So Dean fallowed us across the bridge and into the woods.

Finally we reached the witches cabin. I though dean was going to totally freak out, but then he just walked right in ahead of us. Turns out Dean was actually dating Niko! We would have never known if she didn't kiss him in front of us. Wow, that was a sound to hear. Jimmy said she kissed Dean on the cheek. When I asked Niko why she kissed him she just straight up told us. James wasn't there at the time. Turns out Dean is not friends with the witch, just Niko. I find if funny though. When we told him that it was the witches cabin we were in, he didn't believe us. He ignored the signs of the glowing window and portal like door. Jimmy told me what it looked like, but even I could feel that the door was some kind of portal. Dean refused to believe that Niko's master was the witch that had cursed him. Until, James got home that is. Niko didn't try to hide it, she just kept telling Dean that James was good. Dean totally just stood there frozen. Jimmy had to explain things to Dean like I had explained to Jimmy before. Dean wasn't upset then, he was just a bit over whelmed. He still doesn't know Niko is a vampire and she asked me to keep it a secret from him for now. I told her I would agree as long as she didn't bite him. She promised not to, so I said ok.

We stayed on the other side of the bridge for quite some time. Jimmy took us through the caves to show us around and explore. It was so fun hearing the bats fly around and one flew right into my face! It was so exciting. I got to climb inside a cave to the top and sit up side down and hang from a rock formation. Just like a bat! I almost fell down, but Jimmy grabbed my leg.

It was getting really late out. Jimmy wanted to head back to the castle, but Dean wanted to stay with Niko. As good of a friend Niko is to me, she's still a vampire and I'm still a slayer, or I used to be any way. So if Dean stays, I have to stay. Jimmy already knew this. He knew I could take care of myself, but he wanted to stay with me encase I fell down or something. still, even if I had fallen in the caves, I would have lived and been alright, but Jimmy worries about me like an older brother would. It's nice, but kind of annoying.

Miss Melloney started to worry about us. We were out past nine in the late afternoon and we were gone all day. She sent Jeffry and her favorite butler Kinro out to look for us. They must have been searching for us for out three hours. I don't know why Miss Melloney didn't just call my cell phone though. Maybe she's too, dare I say it, old fashioned. It started to rain. Around midnight we started heading back and we met Jeffry and Kinro at the bridge. They both yelled at the three of us. We kind of deserved it I guess, but they could have called me I told them. They told me they power went out at the castle because a storm was coming. So we all hurried inside to the castle. Turns out lightening hit the maintained converter so they're running off of oil and the back up generator. We all stayed in the white room together through out the storm because the generator had only enough strength to run the white room in the back of the library. The thunder crashed, the wind it roared, the trees they shook and the castle trembled.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Red roses show love, yellow brings joy, and white is honor; daisies are for friendships.

I woke up early and cut more than one five hundred roses with the help of Jeffry, Jimmy and Kinro. I went off to the spot were I was supposed to sell them and I found Dean there waiting to buy a red rose for Niko. I sold him the rose for five dollars like I am supposed to even though I wanted to give him a discount I didn't bemuse that wouldn't help the kids in Africa borrow books to read and learn from for school.

After selling flowers, I headed off to church with Jimmy. Dean didn't come to church for some reason today. I'm not sure as to why. Sense he wanted a red rose for Niko he's probably off in the woods giving her the red rose. Anyways, Jimmy and I went to church and there was no one there! We were all like, wait, today is Sunday, were is everyone? So we searched the whole building. We couldn't even find the priest.

We decided to sit in church and talk about life together sense no one was around. Furring our conversation we heard someone yell, "No, I can't believe. It's not so!" So we ran towards the voice. Turns out they were holding a funeral out back behind the church. We joined them and hoped for the best of the ones the old man left behind. His name was Drew, he was eighty six years old. He died last because he was struck by lightening. He was healthy for his age, his white kept saying. She is eighty five and booming. with strong lungs she screamed as they hurried her husband. It took three men to hold her back from trying to dig up Drew's grave. She was hysterical. Now I kind of wish I had ditched church today with Dean.

The carriage came and took us back to the castle. From there Jimmy and I got out of our church clothes and into our jeans. We then ran off into the woods, worried that Niko might have bitten Dean with out my protection. When we got to the witch's cabin, James asked us how Dean was feeling. We told him we though Dean was there with Niko, but James told us Dean gave a rose to Niko and then went back to the castle to sleep because of a cold. We were both relived and then we felt bad for not trusting Niko. I especially felt bad because trusting people as people and not for what they are is why I quit being a slayer after my mother died. I really felt horrible.

Jimmy and I hung out with James and Niko and I apologized to her. She got offended, but then Jimmy reminded her that I used to be a slayer and so she forgave me for thinking that of her. Niko promised me that she wouldn't bite Dean and she's my friend so I should trust her. I mean, heck, I'm a half vampire.

After hanging out with James and Niko for the afternoon, we headed back to the castle for dinner. The chief was making pot roast and the aroma filled the downstairs kitchen, dining room and entrance of the castle. We ate at five in the afternoon. Boiled potatoes, steamed carrots and broccoli, with tender beef.

After dinner, I went down to the basement. In my room, I took off my shoes and my jacket. I walked over to the bathtub and turned on the water. I pulled the stopper and filled it to the top. I tied my hair up into a messy bun. I took of my clothes and slowly dipped myself in. The hot steam felt nice on my face. I washed away all the sweat from selling roses. After soaking in there for a good hour or so, I stubbed my body down and rinsed off all the soap with a shower, while being careful not to get my hair wet.

I turned off the water, got out of the tub and dried off. I slipped into my night gown and laid upon my bed. So here I am, writing in my diary. It's seven in the afternoon and I'm already for bed. I'm not sure what else to do with my day, though I mind as well get some good rest sense Monday I have a lot to clean all over again. Just great, at least I don't hate my job.

...So I have decided to stay in my room and read manga all night till I fall asleep or at least until ten at night. I will maybe draw something new in my art book, I'm not sure yet. Good night for now Diary.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Love is like war and war is like love, neither is ever truly fair peace and like joy.

I did my chores for the morning. I washed the floors and vacuumed the rugs. I washed the windows, all one hundred eighty six of them in the hall ways. I polished the wood cabinets and all the silver. I practiced playing the piano in the white room with James.

I read short story today, from MC's Stories on her web sites. It just came out this afternoon I think. And in this story I read...

There once was a man who was a prince and a woman who was a princes. When they were children, they lived peacefully in the castle of Karma. Each and every night they would pray to their mothers and fathers before them for their gifted protection against evil. Each and every night they would remind protected.

The prince and the princess were chosen before birth to wed. They did not like this idea, though they never went against it for they knew no other ways. The prince married the princess at the age sixteen. They lived happily as king and as queen.

One night when the queen was out bathing, along came a man who was dressed in black and gold. This man fell in love with her body, nude in the moon light. She fell in love with the ninjas power. And so they made love. The king found out about this the next morning. He felt betrayed by his wife.

The king truly loved his wife and was willing to forgive her. The queen could not except this, she wanted the king to punish her. He couldn't lay a harmful hand on her even if he tried. The queen struck the kings face and went off to her duties. The king cried for hours.

The next night, the ninja came back. The queen was again out bathing in the hot springs, and that ninja took her away into the darkness of the night. The queen tried to scream for her king, but the ninja had bound and gagged her. Still struggling for breath, the queen threw up her legs, hitting the ninja in the face. He draped her and the ropes came loose. She uncovered her mouth and screamed for her life, but no one could hear her for she was to far away into the night. The ninja quickly recaptured her and took off again.

The next day the king noticed his queen missing. At first he thought nothing of it. But when he realized she had left no notes, he got worried. He went to the spot where she would bath and there he found her clothes. He did not go back to the castle for his weapons, but he hurried and went straight after the queens fresh trail of blood. He was lucky it just happened to be that time of the month. The king and her both.

The king came along a young witch, she had golden hair with white pale skin. Much more beautiful than his princess. the witch asked the king to have her, the king said, "No, I have my queen."

"Though I am much prettier than your queen and I would never betray you like she has."

The king didn't even stop to think, "My queen is young and confused, she would never mean to betray me."

"If that is what you truly believe," the witch said, "then I shall not let you pass. Though, if you were to lie about your feelings and speak the truth about your queen you would not have to fight me."

"I believe my queen is true to me, and I shall not lie about my feelings," the king said, "so if I must slay you to save my queen, then I shall."

"So be it!" Yelled the witch.

The king and the witch fought for a good hour. She used her magic, he used his sward and muscle. The witch almost had him, but then he head his queen yell out "No!" And then his strength returned to him. With out wasting anymore time, he cut off the witch's head.

The ninja came out of hiding and healed the queen as hostage. The king could not stand for this. He grabbed his dagger and lunged at the ninja holding his queen. He relied on his on his promise to never hurt the queen that the dagger would not strike through her. It missed. He had jabbed the dagger into the heart of the ninja with out harming his queen. The ninja released the queen. The ninja trembled to the ground and slowly died.

The king hugged his queen tightly and said, "I love you more than for your body and mind, I love your for your soul." The queen began to cry because she knew she did not love him like he loved her. She would never even risk her own life to save his, nor would she stay faithful if she were in his position with the witch. So she pushed away her king, and pulled the dagger from the ninjas heart and said, "I do not love you, but if you truly love me you will stay with me. No, to prove your love to me you shall kill your self."

The king took the dagger from the queens hands, and said to the queen, "You must think me to be a great fool. For I love you so much for me to kill myself for you? No! Who would protect you if I was dead? Who would carry you back to the castle? Who would be there for you every night? Who would dare love you more than I? I shall not kill myself for you my queen, I shall kill myself for me. Good bye my beloved."

The king jabbed himself in the heart as he said, "I have killed two people to protect my queen. A man and a woman. Though, I have taken my own life to protect me from you. You are the witch, you killed my queen."

...I took my cell phone and copied the link to the shot story and I when to see James and Niko to share this with them. They loved the story, but they both said it was a sad ending. I had to agree.

Dear Diary, Here is a poem for you.

To loose a dear friend is like a knife to the heart, but to watch a friend dye is as if you are being killed yourself.

I did my chores and again it was super hot again. My air conditioner, still broken and me sweating like a pig. Uh! It was horrible. Just waking up dripping in sweat. I had to take an ice cold shower, just to keep my clothes from sticking to my skin. I mopped the floors, vacuumed the rugs, polished the cabinets and silver. I even washed all the dishes just to feel the ice water run over my hands. Those chores took me all late into the afternoon. About twelve o'clock.

I decided to call Niko about Dean after checking on him. He was getting worse. I didn't need a second doctor's opinion to tell me he was going to dye tonight. It was obvious. I told Niko she should brake her promos with me and bite Dean to save his life. She said no. She wanted him as human. I told her she had to see him tonight if she ever wanted to see him again, it would be her last and only chance. She agreed to come.

I spent the rest of my afternoon listening to music on my cell phone with Dean, trying to comfort him. He appreciated it, knowing he was going to probably die. It seemed the doctor had told him the news already. I was really sad. I wanted him to know me for me and he did, but I didn't want to lie to one of my best friends who was dying... so I told him my secrete. when I told Dean that I'm a half vampire he told me that he already knew because he used to be a hunter. He told me that he knew a half vampire count turn someone into a vampire, so he knew I couldn't save him. He asked me then, if Niko was coming. I told him she was coming later tonight, but she wants him to be human.

He then said to me, "what do you mean she wants me as a human?"

I replied, "Wait, you didn't know Niko is a vampire?"

He then whispered to me, "No, I thought she was human. Is she really?"

Then I told him, "Well, I'm not actually supposed to tell you, but I wont lie to a friend who is dyeing, so yes she is. What will you say to her?"

"Simple," Dean said, "I will ask her to marry me because I am in love with her."

"Dean," I said with concern, "I'm not sure if she will turn you to marry you, but you should still give it a try, I wont stop you. Just know I am an ex slayer."

Dean's voice then trembled, "You wouldn't hurt Niko, would you?"

"Of course not! She's my friend," I reeled.

Dean then asked me, "How is a half vampire a slayer or was a slayer?"

"My mom was a slayer and my dad was a vampire. They killed each other on my thirteenth birthday, that's why I cried when you said Hazy Birthday."

"I'm truly sorry for that," said Dean, "I didn't know."

"I know, it's not your fault. I told Miss Melloney not to celebrate my birthday but I forgot to tell her why or more so, I did not want to tell her why," I said honestly.

Dean fell back to sleep just as the sun was setting. Niko sent a text message to my cell phone telling me she was on the way. It was currently around six in the afternoon. I met Niko down in the front of the castle and we walked up to Dean's room together. When we got there Dean was still sleeping so I told her that he knew about my secret and that the information about her had slipped out. She was upset at first, but when she heard that he took it alright she was fine with it. She told me she actually would have told him on the first or second date if she knew he'd be so chill about it. Then I told her that Dean was an ex hunter and that kind of upset her. She figured he was probably forced into being a hunter by his father or mother like most hunters are. So she was upset, but okay with it because he was an ex hunter.

Dean woke up and saw Niko. He got out of bed and told Niko, "I know this is sudden, but we have been dating for about one whole year now and I love you." He took her left hand and got down on one knew and proposed to Niko. She said yes! I was really confused because I thought she wanted him as human, but I guess him proposing to her changed that. She looked him in the eyes and said, "Allow me to turn you to save your life." Dean took of his cooler shirt and Niko bit him and he drank some of her blood. Thee funny thing is, they both ended up passing out on the floor and so I healed them and put them into bed together.

Just as I was tucking them in, Jimmy knocked on the door and said, "Is it sanitary yet?" I walked out and met him in the hallway and told him I'd clean it in the morning. He agreed and asked me if Dean was still alive. I told him Niko turned Dean and I told her to do so to save him. He flied out and stared yelling at me in the hall way. I put my hand over his mouth and told him to shut up. I ask Jimmy id he'd rather have a third vampire as a friend or loose a best friend forever. He nodded his head ok. I moved my hand off of him mouth and then he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I am glad you're immune." Then he kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I was in shock. So I just stood there for the past ten minutes thinking maybe he likes me more than a friend. I'm still not sure.

Oh Diary, Dean and Niko are in love. Will I, myself ever find true love or will boys forever just toy with my emotions saying I'm pretty when I can't see my own reflection because I am blind? I wish I knew.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Friends are lovely to have, yet a pain in the neck as well; if one is to fall, they all fall, if one is to rise, they all rise; friends are sweat and sour like candy drops.

Today is Thursday the twenty first of July, almost Friday. Dean woke up earlier than he normally does. He usually wakes up at five thirty and eats breakfast at six with everyone, but no. Today he is to happy and energized. So is Niko who just happened to sleep over. They made a big mess in the kitchen for me to clean up. They gave the chief the day off and took it upon themselves to make breakfast for everyone. Butter milk pancakes and french toast, sausages and eggs. It did taste really good, I have to give them that. Though, the mess they made... err- I will get on it right away.

Dear Diary, Here is an other poem for you.

The days are long with love in the air, but where is my love to hold and to share? Am I not as pretty as most men say, must I be blind, for what if I Mary one who is more ugly than I? Oh Diary, what shall I ever do?

I've wiped the counter tops, cleaned the stove, washed the grill and done the dishes. I have finally cleaned up the kitchen mess and I'm an hour behind schedule. Now it's time to mop the floors, vacuum the rugs, wipe the windows, polish the wood cabinets and all the silver. Oh joy, more cleaning to do!

It was so hot, again. This time it was one hundred degrees. I could not clean like my usual self. After cleaning the first, second, third, forth, fifth, and sixth floor, I went to the freezer to ketch my breath. The freezer was a walk in and was where all the frozen meat and vegetables were kept. It was so nice and cold in side there. Almost too cold. I knew I had to come out eventually and so I did. as I was walking back down to the basement, I clasped on the stairs.

When I awoken, Jimmy was laying sleeping next to me in my bed! I was to much in shock to noticed he had fixed the air conditioner through out the castle, because he was in my bed! I screamed and pushed him over the edge. He fell and hit the floor hard and then he woke up and said, "What did you do that for?" I told him that he shouldn't sleep in a girls bed with out proper permission. He said sorry and mentioned the air conditioning. I said thank you and was very impressed. He then got up off the floor and sat on my bed and kissed me on the lips! My case surely turned bright red if it wasn't already from the heat. I wanted to push him away, but at the same time I was looking for love. I do like him a lot, but he's like in his late twenty and I just turned twenty a few months ago. Is it wrong to have such an age difference? I like him a lot, but I don't know if I love him a lot.

Jimmy's kiss seemed to last for ever, but it was only thirty seconds. He then rested his head on my shoulder and held me tight. Then he just sat there, not saying a word for a good five minutes as if he wanted me to react to the kiss some how, but I was in too much of a shock to respond. I just sat there, I couldn't even wrap my arms around him. After an other five minutes passed, he asked me if I was ok. I slowly stuttered and told him that I like him, but I just like him not love him because I don't know him well enough yet and it wasn't fair of him to just kiss me like that out of the blue. He said sorry for startling me, but he refused to say sorry for kissing me because he said he likes me a lot and he wants to get to know me more and possibly fall in love. I told him I would give him a chance.

So now Diary, Jimmy and I are dating. Niko and Dean are engaged. The house is no longer boiling over, it's as cool as ice and I'm on a mission to find out if Dean still snores now that he's a vampire.

Dear Diary, I went into Dean's room while he was sleeping with Niko. They were out cold. I brought clean sheets with me as an excuse for if they woke up, I would have told them I'm just here to change the bedding. Diary, not only does Dean snore like a horse, but Niko snores like a cat! I left the room quietly and on my way out I took the sheets with me so they'd never know I was there. Jimmy though, he fought me coming out of Deans room. He heard them snoring too. It was so funny! He couldn't contain himself, he started craving up and so I quickly shut the doors and came up with a joke. Then I started laughing too.

Niko and Dean woke up and came out of their room asking what was all the ruckus? We told them we couldn't stop laughing. They asked why. I told them this horrible joke. "There was a man in a restaurant who brought in his little girl. The waitress says, that's the longest haired girl I've ever seen she's so cute, but your daughter eats like a wolf. The man says, that's not my daughter, that's my little dog who thinks she's a ware wolf!" We all laughed and went to bed.

Dear Diary, Here is today's poem for you.

Roes blossom with beauty and joy, for the love of friendship is in the air and mellow yellow hot air balloons flow within the morning skies.

I took an hour long shower this morning, thinking about Jimmy and how it would all work out. I'd love to be in love, though has love really found me and knocking at my door? Do I just, am I to suborn, so I do not answer? How could love knock so loudly, but ring so sudden? Why oh why must things have happened the way they have gone? I got out of the shower and just stood there in the bathroom, thinking for a good five minutes, dripping wet. Were are we to go from here? Why did I actually say yes to him? How could he have kissed me like that? Oh dear is me, why oh why?

I was so wrapped up in thinking to myself, I forgot I had left the bathroom door open when I took my shower. I didn't notice or hear Jimmy walk in and I was usually dressed and eating breakfast by now, so here he came to check on me to see if I was all right. He saw me naked and stood there for a second to stair, then he shrieked once he notice what he was looking at. Me, dripping wet and naked. I quickly grabbed my towel and slammed the door shut. He apologized and ran out of the basement. I was so embarrassed.

I waited five minutes in the bathroom to be sure that he was gone. Then I dried myself off and walked over to my radio and put on the AC/DC CD on max. I was embarrassed and the best way to shake it off was to dance and totally rock out nude in my room. That's what I did for about fifteen minutes. I even rocked out as I got dressed. Today I didn't get dressed in my maiden outfit, but in my black tutu with black tights, long, red socks and black tank top. I put on my maiden crown and threw on my black gloves. Still, rocking out in my room, Jimmy knocked on my door but I didn't hear him, so he slowly crept in.

He saw me rocking out, dancing to AC/DC, a fair lady like me acting in appropriate. As I turned around I was certain he wouldn't like me any more, but instead his eyes light up and he shouted, "This is my favorite band!" I was in shock, once, no twice, no, for the third, no for the forth time again! He grabbed my hands and we danced together for about a good thirty minutes.

After we had finished dancing and the CD was over, I told Jimmy I had to go clean. He said ok and offered to help me and told me that he wasn't busy that morning, just in the early afternoon. So I excepted his help. We cleaned the kitchen, washed the windows, polished the cabinets and silver. We mopped the floors and we vacuumed the rugs. We made the beds fresh with clean sheets and cleaned every bathroom with bleach.

During the afternoon, jimmy asked me where i wanted to go for dinner. I told him some place not to fancy and kind of cheap. He said he had the perfect place in mind. I questioned that in my mind.

Later that night, Jimmy took me out on a date to a nice restaurant called Denny's. The food was great. I had the fiesta salad with grilled chicken. Then for desert we shared a banana split. We talked about how we both love the city and the country. We talked about how we'd rather live in the country and visit the city. We agreed about not wanting kids till married. We also talked about anime TV shows and how awesome they are. We agreed on a lot of things. He paid the bill and we went back to the castle. He walked me back to my room and I kissed him on the cheek to say good night.

Diary, I'm not sure if I'm ready to be with him long term. I just don't know if my heart is in it. Good night Diary, fare well until next time.

Dear Diary, I was sleeping in my bed around four thirty in the morning and I started having a vision. It was a vision of James the witch fighting the monster in the forest. I knew it was going to come true and I had to wake up and save him. Though, james was just so hot, I didn't want the vision to stop. His long black hat flowing swiftly over is hips and him welding a magic cane like no other. It was a sight that made me almost fall in love with him.

I got out of bed at five in the morning and got dressed in my black jeans, red shirt and black sweater. I grabbed my sward and hurried out into the woods. I head Niko scram, "Help?!" So I ran faster. There was James, fighting off the dean with his magic, defending Niko. I took out my sward and went after the demon's neck. I sliced its head off and then it grew back! So i chopped it's head off again and hacked it into tiny pieces with my dagger. Then it's head and body vanished into thin air. Niko thanked me and James was stunned by my ability. I hung out the rest of the morning and ate breakfast with Niko and James.

Later that day, I asked James if he would ever date anything that was a half bread. He said no. I was sad, but then he turned to me and said... "I would make an exception for you and I honestly had a crush on you sense the first day we met." I was so excited, I completely forgot about Jimmy. He asked me if it was ok for him to date me and I said yes right away, with no hesitation at all. Then Niko pointed out that Jimmy had a crush on me and I remembered that he wanted to date me, but I didn't want to date him. So I told them both what went on and how he kind of upset me by kissing me with out asking and stuff and how to let a guy like that down easy. They both said not to le him down easy and just dump him right away. I felt bad, but I had to agree. Jimmy is my friend, nothing more, nothing less. Wait, I have realized something and I told this to them too. This is the real reason why I can't date him. He's like a brother to me. It's that simple, Niko explained to me. She told me to just tell him slight up and if he was good enough to be a brother to me he'd understand.

So later that afternoon I talked with Jimmy. I told Jimmy that I was still kind of upset that had kissed me and not asked me before hand. He said sorry and I excepted his apology. I told him that I like him a lot, but I just don't love him as a lover and I don't think I ever will be able to because I love him as a brother already. I asked him to understand and he sighed, but he seemed to be okay with it. So we're not together anymore. We're in fact in an even better longer lasting relationship as brother and sister. I am so happy and glad that it turned out this way.

I went back to the witches cabin later that night to tell Niko and James the news and they were proud of me for standing up for myself and telling him hour I felt. James asked me once more if he could date me and I said yes and he said it was official that we were dating and we could not hide it from anyone. I said I was fine with that as long as he did not bring back my dead mother who's a slayer and tell her that I'm still a half vampire and oh yeah, I'm dating a witch. He promised not to do so.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Darkness spreads through sorrow and pain, but joy shines through from sprinkles of light and the smiles of children who know of nothing but death and of war.

Today is Sunday, the twenty third of July. Today I cut flowers in Miss Melloney's garden with Jimmy and Jeffry to sell for the kids to rent books to read for school in Africa. I am so over joyed that I get to help them again. I plan on selling about four hundred flowers, so that would be around five hundred dollars with taxes. Hopefully I can sell that many before church.

Dear Diary, here is an other poem for you.

One could have never known if one never knew one so well for the change could be so sudden.

I scold about five hundred flowers and someone made a two hundred dollar donation! So that's a grand total of eight hundred dollars. Wow, I am so glad those children will be able to read and learn more english words. Some of them, I heard, are learning to become doctors and are coming to the united states for college. That's incredible. I am so glad that I could be of help.

Church was a wonderful expanse in the beginning, but in the middle the of the service, the priest presented a new member of the church who would be visiting twice a month. It was Emily! Not just any Emily, but my Emily. Emily Christan, the girl I knew growing up. She was told to be the new pretests for the church. All dressed up in her little green dress with her purple hair, hippy glasses, tan flip flops and adorable smirk. She was planning something sneaky, I just knew it. If she was serious about he first day at a new church, she word be wearing all white. Something was up, but I didn't know what. Still, I had to find out.

Threw out the rest of the service, I couldn't enjoy it. I just sensed that the Emily I once knew was gone. I couldn't put my finger on how or why, but I just knew it. After the service was over, she didn't even say hi to me. So I walked up to her. There she was, just sitting in the grave years behind the church, read a magic book. Wait, what? Dimly Christan, reading a black magic book?! OMG! How could this be. I walked up to her and said, "Hello Emily, what's that you have there?"

"Aren't you the grand daughter of a witch?" Emily smirked, "you should know your family history, after all I've known all along. The digest question I have is why you never told me, you best friend?!"

"Emily, I thought you were a Christan, and you'd hate me if I told you and you'd resent me," I reasoned.

"Friends, best friends tell each other everything." She yelled, "I am mad you never came out to me or told me anything that I already knew!"

"But if you already knew," I said, "why didn't you ever tell me you knew and save both of us the trouble?"

"Because," Emily hesitated, "I wanted you to tell me as a friend, not as my enemy."

"Oh I'm so sorry," I said, "Wait, what do you mean by enemy?"

"Hanna Marie Oriano, one day I will kill you for wasting my life away. One day we will fight Good vs. Evil. Dark vs. Light. Which will prevail relies purely on your power and if you can defeat me. Until then, train hard and long. When the stars are in potion, I will come for you ad we will fight to the death." Then she vanished into a black whole beneath herself.

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