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Vampire Maiden: Reality

Chapter Two

Dear Diary, I have been living in Miss Melloney's castle for about six months now. It's been almost a whole year sense I've last seen Emily Christan. James has been teaching me all sorts of magic. Niko and Dean are still engaged, but not yet living together. She sleeps over here once in a while, but they don't do much other than watch movies and eat food, maybe make out on and off. Nothing else that I'm aware of anyway.

Jimmy and I dance every day to get exercise and just for the fun of it. We call each other brother and sis now. Miss Melloney has is still six teen years old now, her birthday is coming up. She's so young and she's the one in charge of this whole place? I guess that why she has Kinro to grid her and why he's always buy her side. Wow, she is so young. I keep forgetting she is a kid because she acts like such an adult. I guess its because at the age one she was treated not only like royalty, but like an adult her whole life. So if that's all she knew, I guess that's why she's so mature.

I kind of feel bad for Miss Melloney. She's always filling out paper work, never getting to be a kid. She's always sipping tea, never drinking juice. She's always eating elegant meals and never any simile face pan cakes. She's always chasing after bills and never after her own dogs. She had two mutts, but she they wont play fetch with her. She is a mini adult. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

So I have learned how to capture bugs and put them in different demotions and call for them when ever I want. That's a handy spell, I guess. The transportation spell for people is dangerous, but it's worth it in battle to quickly avoid a powerful blow. The storm spell is nice to make it rain and control the weather. I like redirecting lightening, but it's difficult. Wind is easiest for me to push and pull. Making the ground shake is hard and makes me feel weak. If I use a lot of magic to quickly I have found that my medications don't work and that my vampire side requires real blood. James has given me some of his blood on and off to help me out. That was so kind of him. Jimmy still offers me his blood too when I come home looking weak. They are both so kind to me. I think I am doing well in kerning magic. Niko let me posses her body, and it worked! So turns out I am almost as strong as James now. Hopefully Emily will not come anytime soon for I know I am not yet ready.

Dear Diary, today is Sunday and I am proud to say that even with all the dark magic I have learned I have also learned how to heal deeper wounds under stress. Today I have been welcomed into the church as a wiccan and they have excepted me for who I am. Though they still don't know I'm part vampire and I'd like to keep it that way.

Today, I have mastered the element water. I can use the water whip, the wave, and more. I can drowned my enemy. Emily was my friend, I do not want to drowned her. I do not want to use earth to hurry her under ground, nor do I want to use wind to slice her to pieces. She was my friend, she still is my friend I feel. Why is she doing this to me? I don't under stand.

Sure, I'm half vampire and part witch, but I'm also part human and I'm just a simple blind girl who just happened to skip college and become a maiden. I never asked to be part vampire, I never wanted to be this. I never asked to be part witch, I never wanted to learn magic in the first place. Why am I of all people being put through all this? Why did I have to be born into this?

Emily want born into this, she chose to become evil, she chose to become a witch. My grandmother told me that her great uncle was a witch so there for Emily had the choice to be human or a witch, but the magic in their family ran evil on her uncle's side and never to mention it to Emily because my grandmother killed her uncle. Oh, maybe that's why she wants to kill me, for revenge?

I only wish I could make things right and be friends again with dear Emily. I miss her more than ever now. Oh Diary, will she and I ever become friends again?

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

What magic one could only imagine, is what power one could hold.

I was doing my maiden chores like normal that morning. Mopping the floors, vacuuming the rugs, washing the dishes and windows. Polishing the cabinets and the silver. Then I came across something strange. I found a little black box behind the mini bar in the white room after practicing piano. I opened the box. There was a necklace inside, that looked like a long crystal with a point, almost a tea drop on a silver chain. There was a note attached,

My dear Miss Melloney,

If you are ever to find this, know you are meant to be a wiccan and a witch who fights a long side a girl with the middle name Marie for the battle of good vs evil. I don't know if you will remember me Melloney, but I am Mollony you mother, once you find this keep it with you at all times. I love you my dearest daughter. I have seen your future in my vision, you will do great things, allow Marie to guide you from here on out my dear.

Your Mother.

I had to give this to Miss Melloney right away, but I was kind of afraid to, she was so young. I didn't want to get he involved. So I asked James, Niko and the seen battlers and healed up a meeting in the white room .I told them all my secret that I get visions, but only James, Niko, Jimmy and Dean were to know that I was part vampire. They all agreed to show Miss Melloney the box, but Chris and Michael were not convinced any of it was true or written by Miss Mollony.

So later that day we all showed her the box and gave her the necklace together. She automatically fell in love with it. The shiny sparkle of the twinkling light, the joy of a child seemed to return to her her heart. She then said she wished her mother was there and then Miss Mollony's ghost appeared in the room. We were all stunned by her power.

Miss Mollony's ghost explained to Miss Melloney that on her seventeenth birthday she would realize her true powers, but not until then. She also asked me to guide Miss Melloney with all my might and to have her best interest in mind. I agreed. Her ghost then vanished.

Posted 07/27/2011

Dear Diary, last night I got a lot of responsibly pushed on to me, but I think I can manage a teenager sense I was once one myself. Besides, she is so grown up and respectful, how could anything go wrong?

Today is tuesday. I have awoken at five in the morning like I always do. I took my shower that lasted about fifteen minutes. Five minutes to shave. Five minutes to wash my body and an other five to wash my hair. I practiced on the piano early that morning in the white room. I ate breakfast with everyone. I did my maiden chores. Then I went to the witch's cabin to learn more magic.

Oh Diary, the day went by as if it would continue on in a loop for ever. Over and over again. I wake up. I play piano. I eat food. I clean. Then I do magic. Then I go to bed. Has my life really gotten so dull? Even with there being real magic in my life like the world of Disney, it is still dull and boring. What a drag. What are bore. What a strange, interesting, yet routinely dull life I lead.

I want to revisit New York, have fun in the city and go out to party. The beats of the music, dancing in the streets while cars swerve around me, going shopping in the huge malls and so much more. Oh I miss it all so very much. Though, I miss Emily even more.

Dear Diary, here's today's poem for you.

When life has fallen dull do nothing, but enjoy the simplicity of life for you should know it will never last forever, something will shake things up.

Today is Tuesday and it's just an other boring day of piano and chores. Then magic spell casting. Now Miss Melloney learns spells with me. She learns much faster than myself. I think its ether because I'm blind or because her mom was a witch so she's half witch and I'm only part witch. That would make sense as to why she's already ahead of me in one days time. Or she's just a natural. Ether way, I'm not jealous, I never wanted to be a vampire or have to learn magic in the first place. It's my job to take down Emily, but I could really use Miss Melloney's help.

Dear Diary, today is Wednesday and Miss Melloney has decided she wants me to take he to New York for a change. I'm not sure about this, but I do miss being there. I asked Kinro and Jeffry for their opinion, they both said okay. I was shocked they were okay with it.

So that day Miss Melloney, Jimmy, Chris and I started packing. We had to bring at least two butlers with us to carry our bags and Kinro old age was starting to ketch up with him. His back had been hurting lately so he stayed back at the castle. I can protect myself on the steers just fine, but the cars and traffic is an other story. So Miss Melloney and I will need their help in the big city. New York, New York! Here we come!

Miss Melloney bought our plane tickets fro Glasgow, Montana to New York, New York. She also planned for us to stay at the four star hotel Hilton New York. When we got to the air port there were complications with luggage. They not only wanted to scan it all, but open it and go threw everything. Miss Melloney was out raged. She did not want someone touching her underwear. Because she was so out raged, they ended up doing a full search on her and stripping her down.

On the plane, Miss Melloney was so embarrassed she used a magic spell to make sure they all had forgotten they saw her naked. So on that note, the plan was called back to Glasgow, Montana and she was searched and stripped again, so was everyone on the plane, including me! Then I forbid her from using magic on the air lines and in public places or stuff to mess with people's heads that could affect everyone in a bad way.

The two hour plane trip turned into a four hour plane trip with six hours in between. By the time we got to New York, it was dinner time. We went out to my favorite Chinese restaurant and then back to the hotel to sleep off the nightmare of being searched.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Life can be steady at times and at times life can move fast, ether way you just need to find a way to enjoy it before it's to late.

I woke up at five in the morning and took my shower. I got dressed sense I shared a room with just Miss Melloney I felt at ease. Jimmy and Chris shared a room across the living room from us. Like I said, it was a fancy hotel. There was to bedrooms and a living room and two bathrooms. One for the girls, one for the guys. There was also a kitchen attached to the living room across from the balcony.

Anyway, I walked out into the living room to listen to the news on tv. Chris was watching sports at five thirty in the morning, what the heck?! I didn't even know they had sports on at this time. He told me they we reruns and gave me the remote. I thanked him and turned on the weather channel. Turned out it was going to be an other hot day. Good thing we all packed for summer. But we brought some winter clothes just encase if it were to snow in the summer for what ever bazaar reason.

Chris was laid back in white shorts and the averaged white guy shirt that said go team in red letterers on it. I'm guess that's what he slept in. He went into the guys room to gab something and I laid down on the sofa. Not a moment later, Chris came back in brushing his teeth and turned the tv back to sports and told me to move over in a harsh tone. I knew it wouldn't last. Chris is never nice to me, anyway I got off the sofa and went to wake up Jimmy.

Jimmy was drooling, but at least he wasn't snoring. I slowly pulled his yellow out from underneath his head. That didn't work. I tickled his feet. That didn't work. I pulled the blanket off of him, that didn't work ether. I rolled him over. Nothing. I told him time to wake up. Still no response. Chris then entered the room, grabbed Jimmy's arm and bit him. Jimmy screamed like a girl, but at least he woke up. Dean told me next time to just bite his arm, that's the only way to wake him up.

The castle walls usually muffle the sound of Jimmy's scream, but we were in a hotel this time so Miss Melloney woke up and ran in to see what was wrong. Jimmy told her that Chris bit him. when she found out that it was Jimmy who screamed, all she could do was laugh. She laughed for a good twenty minutes.

We called room derive for breakfast. I got a salad. Miss Melloney got pancakes. Jimmy got hash browns and sausage. Chris got a cheese burger. After breakfast, we went to check out the little stores around the hotel. We bought little things to take back with us like hair clips, money clips, etc. Chris got a mug that says "Go Team" on it. Jimmy got a ridicules shirt saying, "My best friend's a vampire" and Miss Melloney was all confused.

We ordered to eat lunch at a place called Denny's. Again, I got a salad. Miss Melloney and Jimmy got soup. Chris, got a cheese burger, again. Then after and hour or two of hanging out at the hotel, we all went swimming in the pool. Chris and Jimmy were passing a foot ball in the pool making so many waves. Miss Melloney and myself we doing water aerobics in the other end of the pool area. We were in the pool for the rest of the day.

For dinner we went to a restaurant inside the hotel. The food was great. I got salad again. Chris got steak. Miss Melloney and James got soup, again. We watched movies until midnight and then we hit the hay.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

To see is a wonderful thing, but to hear and smell and sense is more beautiful than sight.

Today is friday and we've all awoken at noon. I have taken my shower, so has Miss Melloney. Chris and Jimmy also took a shower. We went out to get a bite to eat. We're already getting sick of the hotel. We decided to take Miss Melloney some where she has never been before. McDonald's! She had no idea on what to ordder to I ordered for her. French fries, chicken nuggets and a vanilla smoothie. She liked it so much she didn't want to leave, but when she fount out how much calories there were she ran out.

We went shopping again and Chris got a base ball signed by one of his heroes at a specialty store. Jimmy says he thinks he also saw him buy a china dull, but I'd rather not ask and Jimmy wont say a word of it to Chris. Miss Melloney bought three charms. One being a cat, the second a heart, the third a little bat. I didn't even know she liked bats.

We were crossing the street at at 7th Ave and E 59th St and there was Emily! I called out to her and she glared at me, then vanished into the crowd of people. Diary, I know what you are thinking, I am blind, how could I have noticed her? I'm part vampire, I could smell her and just by her intense energy I could tell she was glaring at me directly. I may be blind, but I am not helpless! I can see just fine with out my eyes and don't you forget that. God made me this way, so this is how I am. Deal with it, or get over it.

We finished up our shopping for the day and went back to the hotel to get a good nights rest. We all wanted to go to this cub Saturday night. We bought a few more things here and there before heading back. Jimmy bought a new gun for his collection and chris got a signed base ball glove to go with his base ball. Miss Melloney got a Doll that looks like her. I got a new black shirt and warm vanilla sugar perfume.

Dear Diary, here's today's poem for you.

Those of uncertainty can be harsh, but with good friends in reach, no problem can't be solved.

The morning in New York was not like our first few days. There was a bank robbery at Bank of America which was really close by to the hotel we were staying at. There were police every where so we couldn't get to the stores we wanted to because most of the main streets were blocked off. It was a real pain in the neck. No one got seriously hurt in the robbery.

In the afternoon we went window shopping. We decided to go ice skating at the mall. We got ice cream before lunch and it was so good. I got chocolate chip mint, Jimmy got chocolate, Miss Melloney got vanilla and Chris got rocky road ice cream. We all has Sub Way, veggie sandwiches for lunch with raspberry iced tea.

We went back to window shopping and had a blast trying on outfits. Miss Melloney ended up buying this really cute summer, pink dress. I bought a new pair of gloves. Jimmy didn't buy anything, but Chris got a new hat. Jimmy did look around, but he kept looking in the girls section. He said he wanted to help me find a summer dress. I told him I didn't need a summer dress.

We went back to the hotel and put away all our items and the other stuff we had bought earlier that week. We all changed out of our mall clothes and into something spicy for dancing at the private club I'm still a meter of. It's called MC's Electric Fantasy created by MCBC the exclusive company.

When we got there, my badge didn't work. It was really embarrassing. Miss Melloney was so upset. I told everyone to just hang on. It was a good thing that I know MCtheGirL the main manager personally and I know her direct number. So I called her cell and handed the phone to the bouncer. Everything was worked out and I got a new badge in about twenty minutes after waiting in the VIP waiting room.

We all drank free sodas on the house for the complications of my badge and we even got fifty percent off on dinner! It was awesome. We danced the night away to techno and gothic music. Jimmy said he saw Emily there, but I didn't sense her and we did look for her, but she was long gone. We checked with the bouncer and she was defiantly there that night.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Love the things in life you have and enjoy them always for one day you might miss them all dearly.

I woke up around six in the morning. I took a shower after the long night of parting. I usually wake up at five in the morning so this was late for me. Everyone else woke up at seven. We all got dressed and ate breakfast. We decided to go to the Catholic church I belong to rather than a Christan church like they are used to back in Montana.

We got in the cab and went a few miles or so. I forget how far it is really. The cab diver took forever. He smelled bad, like roasted peanuts and rotten olive oil. He drove the cab purely and kept slamming on the brakes. I feared for my life and the well bean of my friends I had him pull over and we had to get out and call for a different cab. The service was at nine and it was like eight in the morning so ether way we were going to be early, still, so no real damage was done. Though, pour Miss Melloney, he hit on her as he pulled away. That creep! I will certainly give him a bad review.

We got to the church with twenty minutes to spare. So I showed them all around the area as best as I could. Miss Melloney loved the garden. James liked the gothic lounge. Chris liked the tennis field out back in the court yard. Church was about to start so I showed them to the theater room. We sat in church for about an hour while the pastor talked about the balance of good and evil. He then spoke of the war that was coming soon in the magic world created by evil and blessed by christ. And then it hit me, he was talking about the battle I was in. He also spoke of the guardians. "One who will become evil and separate from the other two. This will make the world un balanced and magic in the galaxy no longer pure. The two are destined to bring the blue lady back to the heavens and reunite peace with power to recreate harmony," he explained, "the pink lady can not do this alone, she needs the white lady's help, but the pink lady must be the one who does the purification," he continued rambling on about how the world would end if the white lady failed. Oh yes, no pressure on me what so ever! This is just great.

Suddenly, the priest shook and fell to the floor. The two nuns ran to his aid. The room went in awe for his care. He stumbled back to his feet with the help of the nuns he sat down in the chair on on the microphone he spoke, "I have had a vision! The white lady and the pink lady and the blue lady are in this room right now. Will you three please come to the alter so I may bless you from the heavens? Come forth!" He shouted. And there was emily, she appeared on the stage out of a blue cloud of smoke. Miss Melloney and I then walked up to the alter.

Emily glared at us and said, "I am only being nice because we are in the house of God."

I said, "Fine, but I still believe we are friends."

Miss Melloney pealed her eyes for any attacks from Emily and spoke, "I wish we could have started off as friends and not as enemies, but you are ruining the balance of nature and for that I will punish you."

The priest grabbed Miss Melloney's hand and and had us hold hands in a circle. "Dear Lord, these young angels of Harmon are in you power and one of them has fallen off your path of love and kindness. Please Lord, help this one and her friend help her find the way to forgiveness and joy. Bless these girls with all your might, for these are your angels of Harmon."

"Thank you Lord, blessed be." Said the priest and the two nuns beside him.

Everything went black ad when we woke up...

Our bags were in the from room of the castle and so were we. Chris, Jimmy, Miss Melloney and myself. Emily must have done this to us. How thoughtful, as if-

Dear Diary, today is Monday and it is four in the morning. I have awoken out of boredom and there is nothing to do. I wander how Emily is doing...

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Life is sweat yet spicy at times, one should take advantage of such things in life for all things could end well or for worse.

I dragged myself out of bed at four thirty in the morning and slowly climbed in the shower. I let the cold water run down my back to wake me up. It didn't help much. My mind was awake enough, but my body was sluggish. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and lathered up my long, course, black hair. Then I slowly lathered up my body from neck to toes. After soaping up my face I simply stood directly under the stream and let the water pour over my head and body to rinse off. Next, I grabbed the conditioner and lathered up my hair. I rinsed it out the same way. I turned of the water after standing there in the cold water for five more minutes thinking I'd be more awake, but it didn't work. So I got out and dried off. I got dressed in my maiden outfit and got to work.

While I was playing piano before breakfast, I felt off. Afterwards, I went to go eat morning food with everyone. They all stared at me like I had two heads or something so I asked them what was wrong. They said I looked pale. I told them that I'm always pale. They then told me not just pale, but with a green tint to my skin. Ewe! I thought to myself. I must be sick or something. Miss Melloney gave me the day off and I went back to bed.

Later that day, I felt better. So Miss Melloney, Dean and myself went to see James and Niko to practice more magic. We did well. Dean even tried learning magic, but sense he was not a witch, not of his spells worked. Then Niko tout Dean to use vampire spells, spells that vampires can use. He caught on to those ones quickly, but he did poorly.

We all practiced till night fall and then we went back to Miss Melloney's castle to eat dinner. After dinner, they all watched a movie while I caught up on cleaning house. I mopped the floors, vacuumed the rugs, washed the dishes, whipped the windows, did the laundry, polished the wood cabinets and silver. Then I went in the theater room to watch movies with everyone. After nine thirty, I headed down to my room to wash up for bed. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I laid down in bed and wrote down my day.

Good night Diary, farewell~

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Like whispers in the night the la la by of the winds speak to me they flow through the sky's of Harmon.

It was five thirty in the morning and my alarm clock on my cell phone was going off. I had slept in past five, I don't usually do this though that's why I set my alarm just encase. I turned it off and rushed into the shower. I quickly rinsed my hair only sense I had washed it the other day. I stubbed my body down and rinsed off fast. By the time I had dried off, ten minutes had passed.

It took me about two minutes to get my under garments on and socks. Then an other then to put on the dress, shoes and do my hair. I threw on my maiden crown and jacket and went up stairs. It took me about twenty minutes to get to the white room. I played piano for a good hour with Jimmy. Then we went to go eat breakfast and we were running late. Miss Melloney and everyone was already eating passed six thirty and they were almost done.

After breakfast was over, I cleared the table, washed and dried the dishes. Then I put them all away. I mopped the kitchen floor and whiled down the counters. I then left the kitchen and vacuumed all the rugs in the halls and whipped the windows. I polished all the wood cabinets and all the silver. Then it was too late for sipping tea with Miss Melloney.

After lunch, Miss Melloney, Dean, Jimmy and myself went to go see Niko and James to practice more magic.Dean still sucked at. Magic and Miss Melloney couldn't get any better than she already is. I on the other had, could use some room for improvement though I am pretty good at it.

Dean didn't mean to do so but he summoned a demon from the past. It was the white scaly, snake like creature's enemy, but it was a good demon. It was black with three heads, one tail and two wings. It had golden eyes and spoke in a deep voice. It's name was Rukio. We said sorry for summoning it. Rukio found out that Miss Melloney and myself are two of the threes guardians of Harmon and then the demon told us to use her when ever we needed her help. We thanked Rukio and then she vanished into the mist.

After night fall, we all went back to the castle for dinner. After dinner we had cake and ice cream, it was delicious! Then I went to my room to read manta. Around nine in the late afternoon, I got in bed and thought about Emily.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

The tears for a lots friend fall like leaves with no hope and lost love, tears begin to flow like a river, faster and faster they fall like rain.

I was dreaming and in my dream I was walking threw the woods. Deeper and deeper I went. In the real world I am blind, but in the dream world I have my sight. I could see so many things. The wondrous trees swaying in the strong wings. The frogs hopping from Lilly pad to pad in the near by lake. and the birds, I could not only hear them sing but I could see them smiling at me from high up in the tree tops. It was a wonderful dream, until Emily came. She came and spread her darkness of evil. Purls clouds filled the sky and the woods turned into a swamp of ugly. I begged her to stop, but she wouldn't listen, so I used my magic and struck her down with lightening. She died in my dream and I woke up crying.

Miss Melloney and I were sipping tea in the guarded and out of no where came Emily demanding that we give up and join her in being evil. We said no and stood our ground. Emily then ruined Miss Melloney's gardener, not all of it, but the area we were in at least was thrashed by her dark magic and hatred. Miss Melloney could not bare this and started to cry and I through my arms up and was about to strike Emily with lightening, but then I remembered my horrid dream. Emily realized what I was about to do and she struck me with lightening before I could strike her. It stung bad, but I was able to redirect it back at her and her hair got fried. She screamed bloody murder and then vanished.

Miss Melloney screamed because part of her garden was destroyed and so all seven battlers came running to see what was wrong. Emily then reappeared. This time, emily grabbed Miss Melloney hostage so I couldn't use any magic against her. So Miss Melloney put a spell on all seven butlers to protect her and Harmon. Her tear drop necklace from her mother transformed into a silver heart with glass and seven diamonds inside of it with one diamond at the top being a total of eight. She then shouted, "Transform seventh of Harmon!" Then all seven butlers transformed into white uniforms with swards and different abilities. They surrounded Emily who still had Miss Melloney hostage, and they demanded for her to release Miss Melloney at once. Emily refused, then they attached with full force and Miss Melloney was then safe inside a pink bubble that floated away from the fire to the sky. I called out for her and she then floated my way. The seven servants of Harmon almost had Emily pinned down, but then she escaped into a black whole beneath herself.

After all signs of evil had vanished the seven butlers untransformed. They were themselves again. I was amazed by her power again. Miss Melloney truly is a princess sent to rule. She and I tried to heal the garden with our magic, but it was no use. The evil Emily used was too strong and like venom it slowly spread through out the feast of the court yard. We were able to keep it from spreading any more after sundown, but that was the least of out worries.

We worried if Emily's evil was to powerful for us to handle together, then how would we fight we when the stars were aligned? At least we now have the seven battlers as the seven servants of Harmon. That's a plus and we have the black dragon on our side as well.

Good night Diary, fair well till next time.

Dear Diary, today is friday and I am so ready to go out for ice cream even though it's six in the morning. Today I got out of bed totally ready for the world to hit me. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I think it only took my about twenty minutes to do both. I played piano from five thirty till six am and now I'm here in the white room writing in my diary thinking to myself, I wonder what's for breakfast.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Life has many so many wonders and different smells to each event, try as you might you can't see them all, though should in time sense all life's wonders.

So we had pan cakes for breakfast with root bear floats. It was awesome. I love root bear and vanilla ice cream and with pan cakes?! Double the fun! I was on a buzz while cleaning. I washed the dishes and mopped the floors, faster than ever before. The windows and rugs were done before nine and everything was polished by eleven. I was done before twelve. So I to play more piano before sipping tea with Miss Melloney.

While I was sipping tea and eating lunch with Miss Melloney in the garden, this time the butlers had joined us for protection. Niko had slept over and James had come over around eleven. So they were also eating lunch with us. The garden has a dome over it so the uv raise from the sun light can't get through, that's why Niko and Dean can be out here, just like me. I'm ok to go in the sun sometimes, just not all the time. I have to ware sun screen because I really am allergic to the uv raise from the sun. They make me get a rash all over and sometimes pass out.

After lunch, we practiced magic till night fall and then we ate dinner. We watched Sailor Moon the first movie. Then we watched Dragon Ball Z, about five episodes. Around ten at night is when I got into bed and started writing in my diary. Now I'm wondering how Emily is doing and if we'll ever be friends again.

Dear Diary, today is Saturday and it is a little after six in the morning. I have already gotten dressed and eaten breakfast. I was walking through the woods deeper into the forest than I usually go. There was this little girl praying by the lake. Her name was Gretchen. She had white rainbow like hair down to her shoulders, with pale been eyes. She asked me to walk her home, so I did. She took my hand and led me to her father's place. Once we got there she asked me if I would wait with her till her father got home and I saw no harm in that so I waited with her inside. The place seemed nice, but I didn't realized the smell of flowers covering up the sent of rotting flesh a bit to late. The little girl had mocked me out with some kind of perfume and smoking candles.

When I woke up, I was tied down to a table, facing up and with a sheet over my head. They obviously didn't know I was blind. The girl came in the room and asked me were the key to Harmon was. I told her I didn't know anything about there being a key because I honestly didn't. She wouldn't believe my honest words. So she took a nail made of ice and jaded it trough my index finger on my right hand. I screamed from the pain. She then told me to scream all I want because no one could here me for miles and she was right!

She asked me again, "Where's the key to Harmon?" I replied only with silence, and she drove an other nail made of ice in to the other art of my index finger. She asked me once more. I said nothing. She then took an other nail made of ice and drove it into the third part of my index finger on my right hand. It hurt so badly, but I've been through interrogations before in New York, so far, this is not as bad. She then took heavy blocks of ice and laid them on my chest.

She left me there to rot for three hours.

She came back and sliced cuts into my shins using a thin blade made of ice. I change my mind, this might be one of the worst integrations I've ever been out through. She has now froze my feet in a bloc of ice. Still, I lay here on the table.

Today is Sunday and I haven't eaten for a good twelve hours. She asked me again, "Where is the key to Harmon?!" I told her I didn't know. Then while I was out cold she dumped me in the lake. I woke up just before drowning to death. I slowly healed myself as much as I could and then I walked back to the castle.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

When no one worries then it is time to worry, for one could truly be hurting deep with out anyone knowing.

I a woken this morning aching in pain from the touchier of the interrogation from the other day. No one seemed to have noticed that I was gone all day and practically all night. I pulled myself to the edge of the bed and stumbled on to my feet. I got in the shower wearing my clothes from yesterday, and I clasped to the bottom of the tub. Un able to get up, I sat there about to scream for help, but then I realized my voice was mute from all my screaming before.

After the water ran cold and I was still muddy and and soaking wet, Jimmy came to check on me. He noticed I was in the shower with the door open again so he hollered in the door and asked me how much longer I would be. I couldn't reply. He hollered again and again. Nothing. Curiosity then got the best of him and he found me freezing to death in the tub half covered in mud and motionless.

Jimmy asked me if I was okay, I obviously wasn't and so I just did a blank stair head on. He then asked me if he could get me washed up, I nodded my head yes, sense he was like a brother to me and he had all ready seen me naked before. He took my soiled clothes off of me carefully and laid me back down in the tub. He rinsed me off with warm water and some soap. Then he gently dried my off in the tub. After I was dry enough he slipped my night gowned over my head and put me over his shoulder. Then he sat me down on my recliner by my book shelf and changed the sheets on my bed. He found the knife I use and he cute him self in front me and so I sipped his blood that dripped from his wrist. Jimmy takes such good care of me.

Miss Melloney walked in on me drink Jimmy's blood. She then knew I was a vampire. My secrete was out! She totally freaked out at first. She had come to check on me sense she did not see me all day yesterday and this morning. She had sent Jimmy to check on me, but he was taking too long so she decided to check on me her self. Jimmy tried to explain things to Melloney, but she wouldn't here for it. I was to weak to heal Jimmy's wrist and so Melloney healed his wrist.

She asked me where I had been all day yesterday, but with my voice I could not speak. So I held up my hands on my through so she knew I couldn't speak. Then I held out my hands like I was sending a message on my phone. Jimmy handed me my phone and I wrote it all down in the notes app. She then understood why I was in pain and gone all day. I also wrote that I'm only a half vampire and I rarely ever drink blood. She then seemed to be more ok with it. Though she was still mad at me for not telling her to begin with. Then I told her in the notes app that not even Jimmy knew at first. Only Dean, Jimmy, Niko and James know, besides Emily. She then felt less out of the loop of things and was no longer as upset with me as before. She told me to tell her things from now on and I agreed. So then I told her about my parents and how they killed each other and how my grand mother died of cancer. She then felt awful about planning a surprise birthday party for me about a year ago. I told her not to worry because she didn't know. She still apologized and I excepted it with a simple nod. Jimmy then laid me down in bed and Miss Melloney gave me the whole day off so I could rest and told me not to worry about anything.

Dear Diary, I was laying in bed this morning and skipping breakfast, still in pain and feeling weak. I heard a knock at my door. It was Niko, she had come over around five in the morning just before sun rise. She told me that she was up all night making medicine for me to feel better. She put this lotion stuff on my freshly healed scares and had me drink some vial, disgusting liquid. She then told me to feel better and left me room so I could sleep.

Around eight in the morning I was already feeling better, thanks to Niko's medicine. So I hoped in the shower right away and scrubbed my hair really well to make sure all the dirt and mud was out. Then after that, I scrubbed my nobody well from head and all the way between my toes. Next I put conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a good five minutes. After that I rinsed off my entire body, so I was fresh and ready to work.

Today is Tuesday, I have washed the dishes, the windows and the walls. I have vacuumed the rugs, mopped the floors, polished the wood cabinets and all the silver. I have done my maiden chores and I completed them on time, despite my late start off.

While I was sipping tea in the garden with Miss Melloney, I was explaining to her why I could go out into the sun light because I am a half vampire. She seemed to understand though she wanted to know more about my past. I was reluctant to tell her sense she's only seventeen, tough she insisted greatly. She also asked me why Niko never joined us for tea, and so I sent a text message to Niko asking if I could tell her the truth sense she new about me. Niko said fine, so I told Miss Melloney and she didn't seem all that surprised. She know Niko was a witch, now knowing she's a good vampire too, just made Niko more of an idol to Miss Melloney.

Then she asked about Dean and why he never goes in the sun any more, and goes to church on Saturday nights rather than Sunday mornings... she asked if he was a vampire too. I first reminded her back when Dean got really ill and was going to die. She recalled it well. I told he he was only alive now and would have died if Niko didn't turn him into a vampire. Miss Melloney's heart sunk. She felt that a good vampire wouldn't dam someone to hell like that, but to save their life, she thought it was alright sense she would miss Dean dearly. She knew about them being engaged, so she figured Niko did it out of love. I confirmed that for her, Niko didn't want to turn him at first, but Dean asked her to do so, so they could be together forever.

After tea, we went to see James. Niko and Dean stayed at the castle sense the sun was still bright. We practiced magic till night fall and then went back to the castle for dinner. During dinner, Miss Melloney decided to tell everyone at the table that I'm a half vampire. At first Chris and Jeffry didn't believe her, and the others thought she had been watching too many horror films. Miss Melloney got all up set that the other butlers didn't believe her. The she told me to tell everyone and I had to deny it for my own sake. She got mad and stormed off to her room.

Oh Diary, I should have told her it was a secret, now she will hate me forever.

Dear Diary, here is today's poem for you.

Trust is of value, though some secrets are meant to be kept.

I had awoken at five in the morning, just as my alarm clock was going off. I hopped in the shower and lathered up my entire body. Rinsed my body of from head to toe by simply standing directly under the shower head. Then I lathered up again and shaved my legs and arms. Then I washed away all the hair and soap down the drain. I turned off the water and hopped out of the shower on to the soft bathroom rug. I grabbed the towel and dried myself off. And rang out my hair over the tub and thoroughly dried the back of my neck. Then I took my hair straightener and plugged it in. I brushed my teeth and started getting dressed. I got my dress on and my socks, with my shoes tights. Then I used the hair straightener and I combed my hair down. Then I put on my maiden crown and headed up stairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, I took my medication and played piano for about one hour with Jimmy. Then I did my maiden chores which took me till about twelve in the afternoon. I sipped tea with Miss Melloney. Then she wanted to hear me play piano so I practiced with her watching me in the white room. She did not like that I was slow, though she did like that I rarely missed a note. I was glad she was proud of me some how.

I then apologized to her for not telling everyone what I was at dinner the other night, but then I explained to her that it was a secret. She then felt bad for saying anything. I told her not to worry sense no one believed her. After all, Miss Melloney does watch a fair sum of horror films almost every night. So why would they believe a seven teen year old who claims her maiden is a vampire out of the blue?

Later on that day we went to go see James and Niko and Dean who spent the night with them. We practiced magic for hours until sun down and then after that, we went to the castle for dinner. After dinner we watched a comedy for a change, rather than a horror film. Kinro suggested it because of Miss Melloney's out burst at dinner the night before.

Good night Diary, for now till next time.

Dear Diary, today is Thursday and I have done my maiden chores. We got a letter in the mail today from non other than Emily to meet her in grave yard by the church in Glasgow, Montana. In the letter it read...

Dear Marie,

I hope you are ready to fight me with your grind Melloney, though she is young so why not we just leave her out of it, yes? Then again, you are only part witch, you'll need all the help you can get, even if it is from a teenager. I know we have been friends sense we were just kids, so why not join me and forget about this fight if you want? Come to the darkness and feel the power!

The meeting shall be at the grave yard behind the church near by where you live. Be there at three in the afternoon and do not be late. Bring as much help as you wish. You wont be able to stop me anyway.

Can wait to for you to join me,
Emily Christan

So there we were at two O'clock getting ready for the fight of our lives. Niko and Dean came too with an umbrella over their heads to protect them, from the sun. Miss Melloney and I stood under the oak tree and Jimmy sat in the sun with James on a big rock.

Three O'clock came by and Emily appeared under the oak tree out of a black whole and was floating right above us upside down then she ran down the tree trunk and jumped to the ground.

"It's time for you to ether join me or fight me Marie," shouted Emily.

"I will not become evil," said Marie, "so I guess we'll have to fight."

The sky darkened and the ground shook. Thunder and lightening lit up the sky. It started to rain. As the clouds turned purple and the sun turned red, Marie and Emily stood their ground and prepared themselves for battle.

Emily shot lightening straight at Marie, and Marie had no way of dodging it, so she formed a magic bubble around herself. It deflected the lightening. Then Marie shook the ground and used the power of earth to make Emily fall to the ground, then she had vines grow up and tie her down. Emily lit herself on fire and burned away the vines but didn't get harmed by the flames. She stood back up and blew fire balls at Marie. Marie couldn't see them coming so she got burnt and hurt bad. She was still willing and able to battle for the good of magic and this planet earth.

Emily charged at Marie with a knife! Marie sensed her will to kill and dodged just in time. Jimmy tossed Marie her sword. Then Emily extended the knifes blade using wind and wow was it sharp! She came at Marie again and missed and struck the ground and there was a big explosion. Marie used lightening on her blade and went at Emily as she was trying to pull her knife out of the ground. Emily quickly turned around, the sword and knife clashed! The jumped back from each other.

Emily went at Marie and she had no time to dodge so she got her right arm and she lost some blood. Marie was able to heal her wound, but she couldn't heal her burns from the fire ball attack. Then Marie used lightening and water and attacked Emily. Emily screamed painfully as she got hit with the attack. Emily pulled herself up off the ground and then grabbed her knife and cursed it. She then threw it at Marie and Marie couldn't dodge it. She got hit in the left leg. Un able to stand, Marie fell to the ground. The thunder and lightening lit the sky and shook the ground again. The sky turned even darker and the wind began to blow and it sounded like the cried of one thousand children scheming for their lives.

Miss Melloney's heart became enraged to see her dear friend Marie get hurt so badly. She went at Emily with her fists. Emily held up the knife and stabbed Melloney in the chest. Melloney healed her self quickly and then shot flames with lighting at Emily. Emily got hit and burned. She fell to the ground as the lightening fried her silky hair. Emily then, while on the ground threw her knife at Melloney. She jumped out of the way and ran over to Marie to heal her. Melloney pulled the knife out of Marie's leg and healed her wound. Then she haled her burns and cut on her arm. Marie still was weak and could not battle, so she sat there and Miss Melloney ran at Emily with Marie's sword.

Melloney stabbed Emily right through her chest, and she could barely breath. Emily tried to heal herself, but Melloney started yelling at Emily and kicking her.

"Why are you ruining Harmon?! I can't believe a good friend of Marie's could have gone so bad! Why did you hurt her? Never do this again. I am so mad at you now, I think I want you to die! What's wrong? Can't you pulled the sword out, need help ever bitch?!" Melloney continued, "You should have brought back up. I hate evil and mean people. You are mean to Marie. You are not a good friend. I hate you!"

Just then, a strong witch with long, wavy, purple hair came down from the clouds. She pulled the sword out of Emily and healed her quickly. Then she kicked her and yelled at Emily, "You fool, you can't handle a mere child?!" Then she yelled at Melloney, "Where is the key to Harmon?!" Melloney sensed this witches power and backed down, she then ran back to Marie.

James, Dean and Niko ran over to them with Jimmy not far behind. Once they got there Marie told them all that the new witch was Amy, Emily's mother.

"She is a very powerful witch, but not as strong as you Melloney, you can beat her," said Marie.

"I'm not sure if I can, not both of them together anyway," Melloney explained.

"Do not worry, we will help you Melloney," Niko said, "I will have you back, you lay out the attacks and I will protect you with my magic bubble and shield."

"Alright," said Melloney, "here I go!"

Melloney walked up to Amy and Emily, she pointed her two hands at each of them and said, burn, burn, burn, and they light on fire just like that. They dropped to the ground and got put out quickly. They attacked back, using lightening, but Niko blocked it.

Then they both yelled at Melloney, "Give us the key to Harmon!"

Melloney had no idea what they were talking about, so she shouted back, "I don't have it!"

Emily then shouted, "Liar! It's around your neck!"

Amy demanded, "Give it here child!"

"Oh my necklace from my mother, that's the key to Harmon? Then again, when it transformed, the gate to Harmon had opened. So it must be it." Melloney thought out loud, "I wounder how I use it?"

Emily then focused all her hatred on Emily and her mother and they slowly began to age and wither away to nothing. As she made Emily slowly die, the gate to Harmon opened and she saw that the garden was dyeing just as Emily was. Then she looked around at the field and the oak tree, they were withering away with Emily as well. She knew then that if one of the guardians of Harmon died, that Harmon would die as well. It was a tragic realization.

She then felt sorry for hurting Emily because in turn she was hurting the world. Her hatred slowly melted away. She found the warmth in her heart again and welcomed Emily into her heart. She then walked over to them and hugged Emily. Her mother vaporized. Emily turned back to her normal age and fell asleep.

Dear Diary, I have awoken in my bed with Emily laying next to me. It is Friday and it's about five in the morning. I remember most of what happened the other day, though how it all ended is still a bit un clear to me. I must have past out or something.

I have taken my shower and played piano in the white room with Jimmy. I went back to my room to find Emily awake on my bed looking for the tv remote. I asked her if she wanted breakfast and she said yes, so we went into the kitchen. Everyone was there, even James!

Turned out, Miss Melloney did it, she erased all the evil from Emily's heart using her own will. Sadly, she vaporized Emily's mother. I wonder if she remembers that part. I'm not sure, but no one's going to bring it up.

Well now, we are all friends again, the world is safe, so is Harmon, and that's the reality of that!

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