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Vampire Maiden, A New Age

Chapter Three

"In the city of New York there's a lot of demons and very flew angels to keep these demons in check. Emily Christan, Miss Melloney and myself are the three guardians of Harmon. We created Emily's Way, the online community, global church to help people like you fight off these demons weather it be at night or in broad day light, we are here to protect you!"

"Cut!" Shouts Melissa.

"You did great Marie!" Says, Melloney.

"Totally nailed it, bet you can't do it again," jokes Emily.

"Thank you guys!" Says Marie.

"That was great, now do it again cause I had no film, sorry... lol" Melissa pulls, "No seriously, I got None of that."

An hour later...

At Denny's in New York, New York on a cloudy day with little rain and chance of thunder storm...

"Salad please with grilled chicken," Melissa asks the waiter.

"Same for me," says Marie and Melloney.

"And what will you be having dear?" the waiter asks Emily.

"Oh, just rice and water for me please?" Emily replies.

"I wonder what's taking him so long?" Ponders Melissa.

"Does he usually take this long for commercials?" Questions Emily.

"No," says Melissa, "but he hasn't done it for a while, so he may be rusty at adding in effects."

"Oh, alright," Emily replies.

"Here's your order!" The waiter sets the food on the table.

"That was fast!" Shouts Melloney.

"A little too fast," says Melissa, "don't eat that!"

"Why not?" Melloney demands.

"I am scanning it for poison now MC," says Emily, "Oh wow!"

"What is it?" Marie worries.

Emily continues, "This food has been cursed. There is a bad witch in the building I can sense it."

"Oh great, more trouble and this was supposed to be my afternoon off," chuckles Melissa.

"Let's take them out, but first bless the food so we can eat it. We can't fight on an empty tummy, now can we?" Says Melloney.

"That we can not," says Marie.

Emily blesses the food and they eat their meals together while watching each other's backs.

"All done," says Emily, who's last to finish.

"Well, we're not dead," says Marie.

"Thanks to Emily!" Shouts Melloney.

They paid for their food and left a nice tip. Then they went out to the back of the restaurant to wait for the witch who had cursed their food. The witch had showed up along with a demon that had three horns on its head and green skin. The witch yelled for the demon to attack and Emily opened a portal and the demon got sucked inside.

The witch had heard that the three angels were powerful, but he came prepared with a spell to capture them. What the witch did not count on was MC being there, a powerful wiccan who could purify any spell thrown at or near by her. The witch was out numbered and vanished as he said, "Blast it! I am a strong witch with mighty spells, but my awesome powers are no match for your purifications."

They all got tired of waiting for Miki at Denny's so they went to go check on him back at the studio. When they goth there, they found him laying on the floor bleeding out to death. Marie quickly got to work healing him and he turned out to be alright.

"You okay, Miki?" Asked Melloney out of concern.

"I'll be fine, just a bit light headed is all." He replied.

"Who did this to you?" MC demand to know.

"It was this guy who I think is a witch and this green guy with three horns on his head." Said Miki.

"We ran into those jerks at Denny's," said Emily.

They fixed up the place and got Miki to the sofa to rest. The good news is, Miki had finished editing the commercial before they had attacked. So it's saved and uploaded to YouTube and on a disc for the media news on tellivition. Not that many people will believe it, but it's worth a try.

They pulled out the sofa bed and all watched a movie in Emily's apartment. After about three movies they all passed out. Miki started snoring around midnight and woke everyone up. They all yelled at him to go sleep in the closet. And he did. Then they all went back to bed till morning.

"Good morning Miki" shouts MC, "time to wake up, it's five am!"

"OMG, Melissa, what the hell?" Miki shouts and goes back to bed in the closest.

"Melloney!" Emily nags, you're supposed to ask before you use my hair straightener."

"Well," Miss Melloney taunts, "you shouldn't leave it laying around, someone might use it."

This is an averaged morning for me, Hanna Marie Oriano, the half vampire, part witch girl who grew up in New York city and lives in Montana, but is currently away on a business trip with friends in New York, bunking in Emily's studio apartment.

Hey there! I hope you've read my diary, no I'm not joking. Why? Because it's now a part of history in the church called Emily's Way. This is an other one of my diaries, yet I've chosen to make it more like an action book. I get bored easily you see, so as a reader I wouldn't want to read something boring myself. Please enjoy this, for I have had a vision that this little note book of mine will also become part of history at the end of the year of two thousand twelve.

So it was about five thirty and everyone was busy getting dressed. I was out of the shower already, also getting dressed. Around the time six in the morning Miss Melloney and Emily got into a huge argument about over Melloney's hair and weather it needed to be straightened or not. They started using magic to turn each others hair into a mess. Emily missed when Melloney ducked and MC's hair got turned bright pink and we all know she hates pink. I thought she was going to blow a fuse. Miki woke up from all the commotion and after everyone realized MC's hair was pink, the room went dead silent. She was pissed. Though, rather than auguring or yelling in rage, she simply fixed her own hair and their messy hair too with magic and then she took the hair straightener and tossed it out the window.

After everyone was done getting dressed and had showered, we all ate waffles for breakfast. After that, we all went down to the market to hand out flyers for MC's ALL online business and community. We took breaks in between and went to Starbucks the coffee shop. After handing out more flyers we all went to Quiznos the sandwich place. Then we handed out more flyers till night fall.

We spent the whole day working inside Starbucks. Afterwards, we all got dinner and we were heading back to Emily's place. We took this short cut behind this big building, through several allies and we got so lost. Once we got to a dead end, we started back the way we came, but then out of the blue a demon appeared. He attacked us just because we were the guardians of Harmon. Those demons are always trying to kill us and tip power in the favor of evil. But that will never happen as long as MC's alive because she's a wiccan who can purify strong evil witches and make them good again. As long as she can do that, good will always be more powerful.

"Give me your souls," demanded the demon.

"Never," shouted Melloney.

"Then I shall take them from you," the demon grabbed Miss Mellon hostage so Emily couldn't perform any spells, "Now what shall I do with you? Kill you perhaps or take you to my mater to turn you evil?"

"How about you just let her go," said MC.

"Never," remarked the demon with a horrid face.

"I don't usually purify demons because it puts them through a huge amount of pain," MC said, "but if I must, I must."

"No!" The demon cried out of pain as MC turned him human.

As the demon was being purified, he loosened his grip on Miss Melloney and she kicked him, he let go and she fell to the ground. Then he fell backwards from all the pain and she ran to us.

"Let's make an example out of him," said Emily.

"Yeah," I agreed, "let's just make him a half demon!"

"Alright!" MC said, and she then stopped turning him human to the point where he was one of the weakest demons we know.

We then grabbed him and made him tell us how to get out of the allies and back to the city. He told us out of fear and we left him there for his master to pick him up. His face looked a lot nicer to Emily to the point were he was cute to her, now that he was a half demon. We got a cab because we were tired from all that walking and we went home and got in bed.

I was dreaming, and in my dream, I was floating in the sky over the city of England at night. The stars were lit brightly and the moon was full. I saw a group of two foot ball teams practicing in a near by field. I floated over to them and watched them play from in the sky. After the game, they went to a bar across the way. I got pulled into the bar. I witnessed them all getting drunk and having a good time. Then, there in the corner, a woman with a big chest and red hair whistled to the men. She succeeded in getting their attention. She leered them all into an ally under a bridge. She kissed each and everyone of them and I tried to stop her, because some of those men were married, but my hands went right through her and my voice was muted. She kissed them all and sealed their fate with a deadly curse. Their eyes turned green and their skin rotted gray. Fog covered my vision and blared my sight. Then I woke up in a white room, in my dream, I was dreaming. I dreamt that zombies would take over New York. It was just a dream, or maybe it was a vision

I woke up at five in the morning and everyone, but MC was still dead asleep. I hopped slowly slid off my night gown and turned on the hot water in the shower, then the cold. I got in the tub and got soaking wet. I lathered my entire body from head to toe in shampoo then I rinsed off. Next, I grabbed the conditioner and poured some in my hand. I laced it through my long, silky, course hair with my fingers. After that was done, I rinsed it out and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself, then I hopped out of the tub and walked into the living room where my clothes were. I put them on and after I had gotten my shirt and pants on, I fell over while trying to put on my black socks. I made a huge thump.

"Are you okay?" MC asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I told her.

Miss Melloney woke up and and Emily lifted her head just as I pulled myself off the floor. They all started getting dressed, except for Mike who was still asleep in the closet. MC went to go wake him up after she was done getting dressed. He got off the floor and turned on the news. Turns out the Giants and the Jets were going to play foot ball at the New York Stadium that afternoon. They were getting back this morning around eleven from England. They had won a grand tore. Their team name was randomly picked in a raffle ticket game in Los Vegas. Mike turned off the news and totally depressed because he didn't have money for a ticket, so he turned off the news. Then Melissa jumped up and told ever one that she had bought us all tickets to go to the game this afternoon. We were all totally shocked!

Then I recalled my dream... which might have been a vision So I told them all about it and Melloney totally freaked. Miki was in total disbelief and Emily was unsure of it. Melissa took it seriously, she called up her friends Chrissy and Amanda from Michigan and had them grab their spell book. Emily then transported them using magic to Emily's apartment in New York. Chrissy was dressed in her red shirt with black jeans and her wavy blonde hair. Amanda had on her dark purple tank top with her blue shorts. I told Chrissy, who was a spell master, that the red haired lady cursed the two football teams using a kiss and some kind of magic. Chrissy suddenly turned to the chapter in her book on zombies. She asked me if it was done on a full moon and I said yes. She then totally flipped out.

"Zombie Apocalypse!" Chrissy screamed.

"What?!" Shrieked Melloney, "I hate zombies!"

"It says here," Chrissy read, "On the night of a full moon, an evil witch will seal the fate of one hundred men in the town of England and then they will travel the world with out the knowledge that they have been cursed. Then when they are surround buy a large amount of people, they will turn into zombies and attack, then the Zombie Apocalypse will be the end of the world."

"Say is not so!" Melloney cried.

"It's true!" Amanda whispered while reading silently over Chrissy's shoulder.

Chrissy then started looking for a cure, some kind of way to defeat them in battle or a way to reverse it all from happening to begin with. She only found two spells. One that got ride of the zombies, but intern killed the one hundred men. Or, a spell that consisted of three other spells that would not only turn the zombies human again, but no one would remember anything and anyone hurt in the prowess would be healed, but! That collaboration of spells could only be done by the three guardians of Harmon and they would die shortly after the spell was completed.

"Is there no other way?" Melloney squealed.

"MC," Emily directed, "maybe we can use your help and Chrissy's power as well, to over ride the death of the guardians. Let's try switching up the words or something in the spell."

"I'm all for it!" Said Chrissy.

"I'm not sure," said MC, "let's just prepare ourselves and go to the game and see what happens."

"Alright!" Shouted Emily, "I'll go to the market with Miki and get the ingredients. Let's go Miki!" Emily grabbed him and forcefully helped him and forcefully helped him get dressed. Then they were out the door, never to be seen again! -jk! We just didn't see them later till about seven in the morning at Starbucks. We all got our coffees to help us wake up. Melloney got a vanilla bean frappuccino, Chrissy and Amanda both got hot chocolate. Emily got the chocolate cinnamon frappuccino, Melissa got the caramel frappuccino and I got the green tea frappuccino. It was awesome that we were all there together. I personally thought we'd be asked to leave out for mixing passions right out side of the Starbucks coffee shop, but it went smoothly. We mixed the passion for the three spells, the only problem was we had to get it in the air supply of the zombies and all of those who were infected. That was going to be tough. The ketch is, we can't use the spells until all of the one hundred men have turned.

We all decided to get an brunch and not have breakfast and lunch sense we might have to go slaying zombies if the spell doesn't work. So we all went to New York Giant Pizza and bought two big ones. One large cheese and one large vegetarian. Melissa and I got raspberry iced tea and everyone else got soda, but Melloney got water. After all the potions were mixed and the spells were rewritten, and we had all fished our meal, we headed to the foot ball game early to scan thing over.

It was then noon, the game was about to begin. The Giants and the Jets were playing against each other. About thirty minutes into the game, everything seemed normal and the score was five to seven. We were all starting to think that my vision was nothing more than a nightmare, but then suddenly one of the refs blew his whistle because on of the Jets randomly dropped to the ground. The medic went over to him and got bitten. There was then a huge panic among the arena. Five other jets and seven Giants then turned as well. They eyes glowed pale green and their skin a sick gray color it turned. They forgot to stop the clock and by half time the entire Jets team were turned into zombies and had infected over seven hundred people. We couldn't use the spell yet because the Giants hadn't all turned yet. The security gourds had seen zombie movies, which helped us because they sealed off all the exits which sent we could cure everyone. So when the clock had ten minutes left, the Giants had all turned. Then it was up to us. People were being torn from limb to limb and practically shredded.

Emily used her magic to levitate over the stadium. Then she poured the potion as I spun it through out the place using the power of wind. The five of us said the spell to reverse the zombie effects. Then MC and Chrissy made everyone forget about the whole thing and knocked them all out with magic. Then Melloney and I, with Emily's help, healed the entire stadium. Miki ran up stairs to change the clock so that there was fifty minutes left in the game. Then he set off the fire alarm to wake everyone up. Emily quickly transported Miki ask to his seat. Everyone woke up and no one was hurt, they didn't recall a thing, but they Giants and the Jets asked the refs if they could restart the score and the clock and they did, sense no one could remember any of the game. The rest of the day at the New York stadium was pretty great.

On our way back to Emily's apartment, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant. We all got egg rolls and rice with chow main noodles. We drank lots of tea and water. We all spilt the bill evenly. Then we stopped at the seven eleven store to buy coffee and donuts for the long walk back to Emily's place. Stopping at the park was nice, but it got dark fast and started to rain. When we got back, we were all soaking wet. Good thing we all recently got rubber cases for our cell phones. We watched movies late into the night and then we took turns brushing our teeth and went to bed.

It was just about six in the morning. Here were all were, together waking up in New York City. The sun was brightly shining through the one and only window from the patio doors and the sound of the city was loud and very much alive. Melissa has invited us to all come to her family's reunion in Iowa. So we were all up packing our bags. We piled into MC's van and Melloney's limousine, then we headed for Des Moines, Iowa for MC's family's reunion. It took about three days to get there with some brakes in between. Once we got there, Uncle Joe welcomed us into his home and let us drink lemonade while we waited for everyone else to show up. Sitting on the patio was great, but the bugs bugged the heck out of us. Lucky Joe had bug spray and spray off as well for those special candles that keep bugs away. It all worked well. We got to see Larry, Tim, Will, Becky, Marget, Eileen, Robin and so many more people. It was awesome. There was a baroque and lots of games to play. Hot dogs, burgers, hop shock, cards, dominoes, potato salad, and more.

After the day was over and the sun had set, we planned to go fishing the next day and Miss Melloney got a suit in a near by hotel for the six of us to share. Later that night, Miki got an urgent call from a doctor in San Diego, California. Turns out his older brother Tomas was involved in a car accident and was in coma. Melloney bought Miki a plane ticket to go see his brother and the rest of us drove to California.

When we got there, Miki was crying because his brother's pulse has just stopped and the doctors where shocking his heart, trying to make it beat again. At 2:15am, they called time of death. The doctors said they were sorry and left the room. MC said his soul was still in his body, so Emily, Melloney and I tried to heal him, but it was no use. Miki picked up his older brother, hugged him and cried. Then suddenly Tomas opened his eyes and started gasping for air. It was truly a miracle. Emily called for a nurse and the doctors couldn't believe it. They ran tests and everything, then they said he was fine and would live to his rightful age. They told him he must have an angel watching over him or something of the sort. We staid with Tomas in the hospital for tons of hours till the doctors released him, then we took him to his home down town. Then the five of us bunked in his geust room and Miki slept in his old room down the hall.

Early in the morning I woke up and got dressed with MC and we hung out with Miki who was also done getting dressed around five thirty in the morning. His room felt worm and dark, yet friendly and energetic some how. MC described some details to me about his room. So here they are... He had a flat screen tv with an xbox and about five game controllers. Her also had three bean bag chairs and there was a desk in the other corner by the window with a laptop on top of it, which he had narrowed from Melissa. The bed was across from the desk, but on the same wall. There was a basket ball hoop behind the door and his dresser was at the foot of his bed, against the wall. His room had a nature feel to it with all the browns and dark greens, but then there were these post of orange all over the place. We sat in there with Miki, just playing video games and helping him cope with all that had happened. Sure, his brother is alive and all, but he was pronounced dead and had been dead for a good five minutes at the lest, the by a slight chance of a miracle, he comes back to life?! Yeah, I would defiantly need help with coping after something like that. Plugs, his brother was in coma for like about five days before we got here. That's a lot for one person to deal with on their own. So Melissa and I are keeping his mind off of thing by playing video games with him and if beat him at every game he owns doesn't get his mind off his brother, then blah be would probably be buy him ice cream and to simply talk about it all out.

We ended up having to use plan b. The good thing is, plan b always works. And plans c rarely ever gets used and can change for certain circumstances. He ate. Ice cream and cried for a while. Then we gave him lots of coffee and got him to laugh with some old jokes.

Everyone started waking up around seven in the morning and they drank coffee too. After everyone was done lounging around in their pj's all morning, Melissa told them about a The Deli STOP, she said it was the number one place to get a burger in California. I had only need they once to simply visit Melissa and clean at her parents house. Though, I had to agree with her and tell everyone how great the food is there.

So around noon, we were all dressed and ready to go to The Deli STOP, Tomas decided to go with us. So then there was the seven of us. It took us about two hours to get to PQ in San Diego from the down town area. We didn't leave Thomas' house till around twelve in the afternoon. By then, we were all starving. We walked into The Deli STOP, and sat down at the bar, all seven of us.

We met with Shelly at the bar. She's secretly the head member of a vampire organization called V.W.C. which stands for "Vampires Who Care". They're a big group who aren't very well known much at all. They usually go around saving people from other vampires who kidnap teens and children. That's why they are the V.W.C. Though they also read bout profits and try to prevent the evil ones from coming true and protect the good ones so that they can come true.

Miki, Tomas, Emily, and Amanda had a few drinks while waiting for our food to be ready. After our food was done, we moved over to the tables in the back. There, we meet up with Megan and Gorge. They also had just received their food. We ate a late lunch around four in the afternoon so we decided to call it dinner.

While we were all eating, about twenty bikers came and ordered beers. They were drinking and having a good time so we thought nothing of it at first. There were three other random families eating at the other tables in the front and about thirteen people on dates and seven people there using their laptops.

After everyone at our table is about done eating, Gorge leaves the table to go to the restroom for a few moments. Just then, boom! A muscular vampire man, wrapped in chains-for some kind of fashion- and held up a chain saw warring in the air.

"Hand over the princes to knew light!" He demanded to all with his threatening tone and turned up the power on the chain saw.

Shelly pushed the panic button under the table, but she knew it would be about five to ten minutes till the cops got there.

MC and some of the biker guys tried to reason with the mad guy and tried to ask him to leave. He refused to leave and kept talking about the new light. MC was more interested in this new light then the fact that he had a chain saw, so she went right up to him and shook his hand and said, "I'll help you find the new light, but you need to pay to fix the roof you wrecked."

The mad man became puzzled as to why a young girl would be willing to help someone like him and be brave enough to stand up to him at the same time. He took a few steps back and put down the chain saw. Mike grabbed it and shoved it under the table. Then the twenty bikers jumped the mad man who just happened to be a vampire, which was a big mistake. Tables and shoulders got broken, beer bottle got thrown and a vampire ninja grabbed Megan and went out the back door just as her date, Gorge, was coming out of the bathroom. The police came and settled the bar fight. Miss Melloney took it upon herself and generously left a huge tip over three thousand dollars to fix the roof, tables and chairs. She told me she did this because the food was too great to give up and if they when out of business because of the coast of damages to repair it all, that would make her very sad. The police had us stay and explain things to the owner, but he never showed up that night. So Melloney decided to take her tip back and call people to repair the damage herself. She did that and by morning, everything was done. We went back to The Deli Stop around nine in the morning which is an hour and thirty minutes before it opens. We watched Marty enter his restaurant that was damaged yet then repaired, to see if he noticed that Melloney had put new floor down and shipped over special whine from Montana over night. He was shocked and then he saw us standing out side the front door with MC. He said thank you to Melloney, though he was pissed there was a bar fight.

Gorge was really upset and didn't have a clue to where Megan had went. I told him that she was kidnapped by one of the vampires and he got really mad. He asked MC to train him so he could go get Megan back. We offered to go and do it for him, but he refused our help and wanted to save her himself. Men, in my opinion, men are always like this... wanting revenge and having to go it alone never wanting their friends involved, etc. Women, sometimes they ask for help a bit too much, but when they really do need help they deny it and resent it once help is taken.

After Gorge asked continually, MC finals agreed to train Gorge fearing she was only preparing him for death. Chrissy and Amanda went black to Michigan and Emily went back to New York. Miki went to live with Tomas again. Melloney, Melissa and I took Gorge to the castle in Glasgow, Montana to train Gorge in the woods.

It was day one training Gorge and and day two that Megan had been missing. Melissa took him deep into the woods with myself and Miss Melloney and then she had us leave him in the middle of no where. The goal was for him to find his own way back to the castle and survive in the woods alone. We watched him from afar and he seemed to do well on his own at first. He found shelter and food, but he couldn't find a clean source of water or make fire at night when it was cold. He managed to hold out for three days and he almost made it to the castle before passing out. He made it to the bridge, but then he clasped.

Melissa again told Gorge that she could get Megan back for him and she could work things out so Megan would return home safely, but no. Gorge wouldn't stand for it, he wanted to save Megan himself so he again asked Melissa to train him. So she decided to teach him how to fight. Gorge wanted to learn weapons first, but MC told him he had to learn to master his body first and use it as a weapon before using interments. Gorge did not understand this and was out raged because he thought Melissa was calling him stupid, but she wasn't. Gorge learned how to use a eager properly on the forth day of training, on the sixth day he barely mastered using a sword let alone how to use a rice paddle or a fan as a way of defense. Though, he was managing well.

On the seventh day we released him into the woods to run around and try to survive for three days while being randomly attacked by us every now and then. He did well against physical attacks, but when it came to magic, he didn't even know what hit him. On the second day in the woods, he caught on to the magic and was able to deflect it. On the third day he was worthy of being a ninja of MC's IGC Network. She granted him access on the events day of training to the network and he officially became one of her ninjas.

There he was on the twelve day of training, thirteen days sense she had been gone, his beloved Megan was waiting for him. Now a journey for Gorge awaits him in the shadows of the mountains in California where the grasses are thick and yellow, and the trees are mostly pine. Into the woods of California Gorge was sent, to fight the vampire ninjas who have taken Megan, but why did they take her I beg to ask the question. They couldn't have dropped through the roof and gone so far down south just for blood from a random girl. She must be important some how. Though, just how important is Megan to these vampire ninjas and why?

There we were, up in the north mountains of California. Gorge was a certified ninja and he was read to take out any vampire ninjas in his way. We where right behind him for back up staying about thirty feet behind in the distance. Gorge was searching the caves for Megan on the cliffs of the mountains while Emily scared with her radar for vampire activity, bout she kept feting interference because I was too close to her. Melloney was filing her nails because she had nothing better to do and there was no vampire ninjas around that we could see. So we sat there and waited for the sky to darken and the sun to set.

After night fall, Emily picked up a lot of vampire activity in the woods near the diner down the way. So we went to the diner and got dinner together with Gorge. It was a different diner from what you usually find in California. there was sushi, burgers, hash browns, soup, salad, pizza and well, it was like a one stop shop kitchen! We saw a few vampires there at the diner, but they went ninja. After we had finished our meal, a guy walked in the diner and shouted for an order of blood. He was a vampire ninja, but he was drunk from alcohol and he was totally out of it. Once he got his drink and was out side, we jumped him.

Gorge demanded that the drunken vampire ninja tell him were Megan was, but the drunk replied with a burp and then passed out. So Gorge tide the drunk to his back for a hostage. Then we went to the caves of the mountains. We managed to find one hid out, it was behind a pile of wood and old cut down trees, inside a cave. Inside looks like a wondrous layer with tokes that lit the way and even traps to keep uninvited guests away. Gorge fell into one of the traps, but I pulled him out. Melloney wasn't. Watching where she was going chase she was painting her nails and she seeped on a trigger and a big metal ball chased us down a path.

Finally we got to where the vampire ninjas were having a meeting. They were shocked to see us. The three guardians of Harmon and MC, and then there was Gorge who apparently had their master held captive on his back all passed out and drunk. We didn't know the drunk was their master at first, but they kind of freaked out and asked us what we wanted in change for their master's life; so then we figured it out.

We told them we wanted Megan and they were all like "Megan, who?" So we simply reminded them abbot the might one of their ninja came and took Megan from the Deli Stop. Then they realized who we were talking about, but they said no. They called her the New Light. She was supposed to some how grant vampires mortality by kissing them. So in other words they would become human if she kissed them. Gorge was then pissed off, and he was like, "No one's going to kiss my girl." So they attacked Gorge and Gorge threw the master vampire ninja at my feet.

While all this fighting was going on, Emily researched this theory of the New Light in her Data Base, no records were found. She told everyone to quit fighting and that the New Light didn't exist. They were mad, the vampire Ninja then attacked Emily. She then used her magic bubbled to protect herself while Gorge fought them pointlessly. Melloney then shouted, "Why don't one of you vampires just kiss Megan and see if you turn human already?" So everyone stopped fitting and Gorge was totally against it, then they walked us into an other room to see Megan. They all fought over who would get to kiss her. Melloney then decided to shout, "I decided! Enie Meanie Minie Moe!" One of the vampire ninjas kissed her and nothing happened.

Gorge was mad and Megan was upset. They set her free and we took her black to San Diego. Later that morning, we got a call from the master vampire ninja... he said that the New Light only works on the night of a new moon and it was a full moon so they wanted her back, plus they wanted Gorge to join their group of ninjas. So we all went back up there on the night of a new moon just to prove that it wouldn't work and it didn't work, just as we thought it wouldn't. They said sorry to Megan and Gorge many times. They also gave Gorge a free membership, free as in he didn't have to be a vampire to belong to the group. It was kind of lame.

I was dreaming, and in my dream I was floating in the sky. I hovered over an old house in New York on Long Island. There I was, at some girl's window. She had dark red hair that was long and cut in different ways. She had a black head ban in her hair and her ears were completely covered baby hair. She was an averaged teenage, high school girl getting ready for the next averaged day of her life, it was the night before school; Sunday night. She said a prayer down on her knees by her vanity and she put that one hair roller in that part of her hair so that it would be wavy in the morning. Her name was Annabel Crystal, I knew because I heard her mother yell for her to turn down her radio. The starry night became cloudy and I got pulled away from the window into the fog of the morning.

I woke up in my room in Montana, down in the basement. I really like how I can see color in my dreams, or just having sight in general. When I wake up, I am blind again. Just an other boring Monday. Time to clean. I hopped in the shower and lathered up my body and hair, then I rinsed off and dried quickly. After that, I got my maiden outfit on and headed upstairs to clean.

I played piano with Jimmy, then we went to eat breakfast. I washed the dished, wiped the counter tops and mopped the floor. The kitchen was as clean as ever. Then I vacuumed the hallways, washed the windows and scrubbed the walls. Next I went in every bedroom and put clean sheets on the beds. Then I dusted the shelves and mopped the bathroom floors and wiped the bathroom counters, I even scrubbed the toilets.

Around noon time I was done with the whole place. I sat down for tea time with Melloney in the garden. It was peaceful, but I couldn't help but wonder about Annabel, the girl in my dream... Could it have been an other vision? If so, nothing bad happened in my vision, all she did was pray, that's nothing to worry about, right? So I sat there drinking my tea with a worried look on my face till Melloney asked what was wrong. I told her about my dream and she told me not to worry, but sure she's only seventeen and knows nothing of real danger, so she has no real right to say "Its nothing to worry about."

Later that afternoon, I called up Emily who was in New York and I asked her to go to Long Island for me and to check out an old house and watch over Annabel. Emily was busy with work, but she took on the challenge. So I was glad, but still kind of concerned.

Around four in the afternoon New York time, Emily called me to tell me that Annabel had bumped into. Emily was coming back from work to check on Annabel secretly and Annabel was going to New York City to buy school books. They had sat together for a while and chafed about books and computers. Then Annabel brought up the topic of black magic. This put Emily and myself on high alert! Magic is magic, but black magic is forbidden, only evil witches use it. Annabel told Emily that she sensed she was once a former black magic user, and she asked why she went good. Emily told her because her friends wouldn't turn evil and because her friends were good and it was the right thing to do. Annabel didn't like this and she ran off into the city. That's when Emily had called me.

Around four in the afternoon my time in Montana, I held meeting with the butlers and Miss Melloney about Emily's encounter with Annabel and my vision of her as well. We all decided to keep a close eye on her. James and Niko joined us in an other meeting later that night, we decided to put a tracking device in her school bad that we got from MC. So Emily snuck in her Annabel's room while she was sleeping and planted the device. Now Emily and Melissa could know where Annabel was at all times as long as she had her school bag with her. Emily left with out anyone noticing her. We thanked MC for her device and we all called it a night.

A few days later Emily called me again and told me that she had met someone new. Her name was Robin Carlisle and she was about nineteen years old going to the same college Emily was at. She also lived on Long Island like Annabel, but she knew nothing of magic. Intact, she was into science. She was studding to become and operating room nurse. She just needed three more years of college and she'd have Herr degree. Emily described Robin to be preppy, yet shy a and conservative. She had long, wavy brown hair, deep robin red, hazel nut eyes and was a logic type of girl. Noting could get passed her in law nor medical and if something didn't fit right, she'd make it fit. She wore baby blue and pink striped socks with a blue jean skirt and a blue blouse.

Emily went on and on over the phone about this Robin Carlisle girl, but she said nothing about Annabel, so I simply asked her how that black magic girl was. She said she was doing the normal things in school that a normal girl does and going to normal places that normal people go to. So that was that. Then Emily continued about Robin and how smart she was. She said that she knew really hard mathematics for science and that if she believed in magic she'd be great at potion mixing. Emily just starred rambling after a while and then I started to get the feeling she had a crush on this Robin girl. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't, who knows? I honestly don't care that much.

I haven't seen much of James and were dating, but we seem to have been taking it slow, too slow if you ask me. Well, I wonder what will happen if I just walk up to him and kiss him. I should try that I guess. I mean, we don't even hold hands or have talks or go on long walks. We never did, we never have and we never will if nether of us does anything anytime soon. Ether way, I just feel kind of neglected. Then again, I have been really busy lately, so its not all his fault. Still, he could text me on Niko's phone or call, or come visit me or something more, like kiss me for once! I mean, we haven't even kissed once! So how is it that we've been together for almost a year now? Its been so long. I'm itching to kiss him. He has long dark black hair that sways down to his hips and pale white skin width deep brown eyes like wood. He is so handsome and pretty. His eyes are big like a china doll's and his hands are soft like silk yet worm and gentle like the sun light in the late afternoon.

I was having my afternoon tea with Miss Melloney and Chris for some odd reason decided to join us. It was odd, but we were glad to have him. He looked so out of place. For a good while we sat and ate sandwiches with our tea while we watched Jeffry clip the roses. Soon after, Chris couldn't take it any more, he bursted out crying to us and begged for our help. At first we had no idea what he was talking about, we were just shocked to see a man like Chris cry in public or just cry at all. He's what you might call a macho man, a sports guy and total dude. So apparently, he has this doll collection. Um... yeah! China and glass dolls, collectibles. So he kind of dropped one of them and it broke. Not completely, just the arm came off and the face cracked. He said he couldn't bare to get it repaired himself and he only trusted Miss Melloney, with my help, to get the doll fixed professionally at the china doll shop in town for him. He was simply embarrassed and too much of a guy to take a doll out to get fixed in public. So we have to do it for him, yep!

So it was around two O'clock and we had all the parts of the broken doll. We were at the china doll shop in town and they were closed. Yep, closed! we went all that way for nothing, but then Melloney saw a sign that said they'd be back at two thirty because they had to go run to the bank or something of the sort because they were out of change, I guess. So we decided to go to the shop next door and check out all the fabrics. We went aloud to bring out side items in the store so we had to leave the doll behind the counter in the fabric store.

There were so many fabrics to check out. Soft, silk, cotton, wool, course, fluffy, cross stitch, knitted, and so much more. Miss Melloney found four types of plaid, six flower patterns, twenty leaf designs, and there was just way too much for us to check out. The store was small, but everything was so crammed in there, it was every where. When we got to the front of the store, the doll was gone. We asked the manager and he said it happens sometimes and he couldn't be held reliable. So we were really upset. We went over to the doll shop to see if the sign lied to us or not and if they were really back or not, it had been about two ours so it was now four in the after noon.

When we got there, the china dolls shop was open. That was great, but we lost the doll. We told the china doll shop once our story and she told us not to worry. We ask her why and an she went into the back of the store and when she came out front again, she had the doll all fixed and looking brand new! She told us that she saw the broken doll and saw us cary it into the fabric shop and she was good friends with Miss Melloney's mother, Mollony, so she fixed if free of charge. Then we felt gully so we told her it was for a first who was male and ashamed of himself for liking dolls. She said not to worry and that he had come in a long time ago when he was seventeen to fix a crack on a doll and she knew that it had to e Chris. We agreed with her and we all thought it was totally cute that he had a soft side even black then.

After our window shopping and getting the doll fixed for Chris the butler, we went home to the castle and ate an early dinner. Then we listened to music and had a lazy day all afternoon. Later that night I took a steaming hot bath with my hair pulled back in a messy bun and a wash cloth over my face. After soaking for an hour or so, I dried off and slipped into my night gown. Then I layer down in bed and listened to Hastume Miki on my mp three player. After about eleven at night I started to drifted off into sleep.

I got a call from Emily... Turns out her friend Robin got a white rabbit for a pet. They went out to breakfast that morning and Emily drove Robin to school in her small, black, Toyota car. Even though Robin was the other direction of the college from Emily's apartment she did it because she wanted too. Robin lived with her mom Ruth and her father Court. Ruth was very stricter, but she got Robin to learn how to play the piano at a very young age. Court was laid back and the average american father who paid the bills and mode he lawn. He worked at the post office and Ruth was the second runner up for Miss America, also a secretary at corporate office. Robin wanted to be an operating room nurse which everyone knew, but she told Emily a secret which Emily told me. She said that secretly she wanted to be a pastry chief, but her mother would never allow it. Her father might, but defiantly not her mom. Robin was also a waitress. She did this as a part time job to work her way throw college. Emily works at MC's ALL and does data base management to work her way through college as well. Emily is twenty one years old, as am I now. So when Robin graduates she will be about twenty three years old and we will both be about twenty four. I'm guessing that's how it will work out.

So I was eating breakfast with the butlers and Melloney and the whole table was dead silent that morning. I couldn't figure out why. So I turned to Jimmy and I asked him to pass the salt. He did with out saying a word. It was odd. So then I asked Jeffry how the flowered were doing the other day. He said they were fine, but he did not say any metals which is not like him. Then I asked Chris if I could barrow some eye liner, just to get him to talk. He simply said no and left it at that. After everyone was done eating, I couldn't take it anymore. Just before everyone got up, I jumped up and shouted, "Who Died?!" They all just stared at me like was supposed to know something, but I really had no clue. Miss Melloney smiled at me and said, "Come with me to the other room of the basement and let me show you the castle's box." She took me to the basement to where the crate was were I sometimes put my sketch book. She pulled out an old peace of paper. She read a la la by from it.

Lay la lay

Lay there peacefully, my little darling

Lay la lay, Lay la lay

With sweet clouds, hovering over your head

Sing a song, of sweat joy

Now the clouds, they part in the sky

Lay la lay, Lay la lay

Now the stars, they shine softly upon your head

The Angles of heaven, come over your bed

Lay la lay, Lay la lay

Dream my sweat princesses

Dream of sweat joy

Dream my sweat princes

Dream Melloney

She continued... "This is the la la by that my mother left for me. This is all I have had of her un till a while ago I got this necklace. All I used to have was this la la by. My mother died seventeen years ago from today. She left this peace of paper for me on her death bed. This is why we did not talk at the table this morning."

I felt awful for saying who died, I sent it as a joke. I didn't know someone actually died today. Now I know. Wow. I said sorry to her and gave her a tight hug. She said not to worry about it because she didn't even know her mother well at all. Still, I felt bad.

After I had finished my chores, I had tea with Miss Melloney. She put extra sugar in her tea today and had no cheese on her sandwich. That was odd. While driving tea with Melloney, I got a call from Emily.

She told me that Annabel had cursed Robin's bunny and turned it into a zombie and Robin had been bit! It was horrible. I called up Niko to make up an antidote right way. She tired but she couldn't find the right Emily called MC and Melissa called Chrissy. Chrissy makes an antidote for the bunny, but couldn't make one for Robin. The only way Robin could be turned back if for the bunny to bite Robin right as the antidote as kicking in. So Emily transported to Michigan forth potion and back to New York. She looked every where for Robin, but she couldn't find her at first. She cost the rabbit and put it in the cage before it could infect anymore people. After about an hour of searching and lucky with out any out bursts of the zombie virus spreading, she found robin. Then she gave it to the bunny and made it bite Robin again. It worked! Good thing too. It was a hectic afternoon for Emily.

Robin was back to normal, the only problem was, she remembered everything! It was hard for Emily to explain the whole magic thing to her. So when that fails because she doesn't believes magic, Emily explained it to her in science terms. She got it right away, then. Robin asked who supplied the antidote and Emily told her she got it from Melissa's friend, Chrissy. So then she wanted to meet Melissa. So Emily set up a meeting with MC at Starbucks in New York to meet Robin. Robin liked Melissa a lot and they became friends instantly. Robin then became one of MC's interns part time.

After a long difficult day of doing almost nothing, but talk on the phone and cleaning, I decided to listen to music and chill on my bed while sketching images of frogs and butterflies with pencil in my art pad. After a while of doing that, organizing my room and cleaning my vanity, I laid in bed while listening to music till I fell asleep.

I got up around five in the morning. I washed my face and pulled back my hair with a red ribbon tie that had white lace on both sides. I brushed my teeth put in my red eye contacts. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down at my vanity. I carefully put on my make up. It's really hard to put on make up when you can't see a thing. I mean, I'm blind, but I want to look good anyway. I was tout by my mother who was a make up professional artiest to put on make up properly for my face. I can put on make up about five different ways and still look good with out messing up. If I mess up, I have to wash my face and start all over again.

I walked over to the dresser and pulled out my bras and under ware. I slipped it on with ease. Then I walked over to my closet and pulled my red dress off the hanger. I simply unzipped it and stepped into it, then I zipped it back up. After that, in walked back over to the dresser to get my tights. I struggled a bit to put them on, then I slipped on my black flats and when up to the white room. Once I got there, I played the piano four about three hours, completely forgetting about breakfast and just enjoying the music.

It was then nice O'clock. Timothy walked into the white room looking for me and he had heard the piano from down the hall. He didn't bother me, though rather he just stood there listening to how good I had gotten. He seemed impressed. After about nice thirty, I stopped for a moment to ask him if he needed anything. He told me to come and eat and so I did.

We walked down the hall and into the kitchen and then Chris jumped up and shouted, "Nice eyes!" And I thanked him for liking my contacts.

"So you heard about us all getting the day off this friday, hu?" Said Dean.

"Yes," I replied, "I got the messaged sent to me in a text on my phone the night before."

"So where are you off to this morning?" Timothy asked.

"I'm going out on a date with James," I replied, "He called me last night and asked t take me out to lunch and dinner and spend the whole afternoon with me."

"I see," said Timothy, "Why did you get dressed so early?"

"I felt like doing so," I told him.

Dean then walked in with Niko and and asked me if I had heard the news about James.

"What news?" I asked Dean.

"James got a steady job!" Niko screamed.

"Yeah," Dean said, "he no long just sells potions and medicine, now he works at a pharmacy in town!"

"Wow! That's awesome," I said with excitement.

"But don't tell him or anyone that we told you," Niko said with a hushed voice, "it's a secret."

"Oh ok, I'll act surprised!" I whispered.

Dean, Niko, Chris, Timothy and myself all went to hang out in the front room where there was the big, grand piano. We were all listening to the radio and drawing on blank computer paper. Just chilling, talking and wasting the day away. Then Timothy dared me to play the grand piano in front of everyone. I said no, but then Niko wanted to hear me and everyone else started chanting for me to do it. So I sat down at the piano and started playing Miss Melloney's La Lu By. After half way threw the song everyone was happy and cheering me on, but then Melloney walked in and just stood there as I kept playing. After the song was over, she yelled at me to play it again. So I did. Then she sang the song as I played it on the piano. Then once the song was over she burst out into tears. I said sorry ut she aid no that they were happy tears. She we ally hugged her and and she finally stopped crying.

Later around eleven O'clock, James came to the castle and told me his news about his getting the job. I was so happy for him and he was glad. He then kissed me on the lips, finally! You have no idea how long I have waited for him to kiss me just once on the lips. They were soft and kind of moist, yet smooth and silky. He rubbed his hand on my face gently as he kissed me, oh it was so wonderful. The soft touch of his hand. His other arm wrapped around me in the doorway and held me tight. I honestly could see myself falling in love with this man, if I'm not already. He slowly released the kissed and moved his mouth towards my ears and whispered, "Now that I have a real job I feel I am worthy enough to be your man." Oh wow, oh romantic, he didn't think he was worthy enough before. Now he wants to make this relationship serious! I can't wait!

He slowly moved away from me and then graved my hand and then he asked me if I wanted him to cary me to the car like a princess. I said it was fine for me to walk, but oh my he wanted to cary me like a princess! Wow! What the hell? when did he get a car? It was a black Toyota, small though roomy inside and good on gas. I guess he got it to get to work every day on time or something like that. But he has a car now, oh wow!

When we got to our destination, I had no idea where we where. It took so long to get there and he apologized for that, but still, like a whole fourth five minutes just for lunch. Then he asked me if I liked chicken salad and shad dressing I wanted and some other stuff so I told him all of it. Then he had me wait in the freaking car! After about fifteen minutes, he came back, put stuff in the trunk and got back in the car and then he drove some where else. I was pretty upset, so asked him where we where going. He said it was a surprise.

Then finally after about an hour and twenty minutes, he rolls down the windows and parks. I smell sweat pea flowers and wonderful other smells of milk honey and oak. He then asks me if I can smell it, I say yes. And he says surprise! He tells me we're in Honey Oak's Forest and we're going to have a late lunch in a picnic on a lovely quilt in the shade under an oak tree. I tell him it sounds and smells wonderful. He gets out then opens my the car door on my side and gives me his hand. Then he let's me wonder around while he sets up the picnic area under the if oak tree.

After he was done putting the quilt down and setting out all the food and utensils, he asked me to sit down and we ate. The salad was great, it had all my favorites on it. Green bell peppers, Romaine lettuce, tortilla chips, slash, and everything else. I got strawberry lemon aid and green tea to drink, having two choices was great. I swished backhand forth between the two. We talked about life and magic, the sweat smell of the flowers, how the wind blew, his work, my work, and everything in between. We staid up there till around maybe five in the afternoon. Then he packed everything up and we got back in the car.

On the way back, it got cold, so he turned on the heater. It took about an hour just to get back in town with all the traffic. Then an other twenty minutes or so to get back to the castle. We hung out in my room listening to music for a while. After about seven at night, I asked him where we were going for dinner. He said not to worry and that it as close by. I was relived. We left the castle about seven thirty and got to the place at about seven fifteen. It was a really nice and expensive sushi restaurant. He paid for everything, which he should, but I kind of felt bad because I make more money then him. He gets minimum wage and I get about two thousand a moth and live in a castle for free with free cable, fee utilities, free rent, etc. Then again, I clean over fifty rooms five days a week, hall ways and bathrooms, then to think of the kitchen... Actually there are three kitchens, but we only use one of them, but I clean them all one a week, so yeah. I guess I do have a hard job. Still, I make more money then him and he's paying for gas, lunch and dinner. Makes me want to pay for something. I feel guilty now. But then again, if he wants to treat me like a princess, let him. It's not my problem what he does with his money. Though if he needs help with a car payment, I do save about one thousand dollars every month and have nothing to do with it. It all just sits in my bank account collecting dust. So as a girl friend, no even as a friend, I'm basically rich, so I should help him out. There! No I don't feel so bad for him anymore, knowing I can help him if he needs help. The only problem is if he needs help, will he ask for it or wither away? I don't know. Anyways... dinner was going just fine until the waiter spilt soy sauce all over my red dress! I was so mad. The waiter offered to pay for my dry cleaning, and I said no that I could pay for it myself, just to remind James I had a lot of money. So the waited helped me clean up as est as she could in the bathroom, then James took me home.

Even though with the long car ride and the spilt soy sauce, it was all worth it for the long kiss hello and the even longer kiss good night. He even walked me to my room and helped me get undressed. I thought he was going to pull something, like ask to sleep with me, but no. Even though he lives in a cave, James is too mature and respectful of a man to do that kind of a thing. He simply helped me get into my night gown and tucked me into bed. Then he kissed me on the lips one last time and said good night a second time before he left.

After he left, I got out of bed and threw my dress in the wash so it wouldn't stain. Then I got back in bed. I thought about James for a long while. Then around ten at night, I closed my eyes and went to bed.

It was a Saturday morning. I woke up later than I usually do, around seven in the morning. I heard the birds cheeping outside my window. The gentle cool breeze flowed through my open window and over to my bed where I laid. There was a soft, settle yet sweat smell of rice coming from the fields near by in the west. I began to hum along with the birds as I sat up and got out of bed. I skipped towards my window and then turned on classical piano opera. While brushing my hair, I continued to sing happily.

Nothing could ruin my wonderful day, not even if the heavens were to come cry and fall to earth. I sat down at my vanity and put in my eye drops, then my reed eye contacts. I tied my hair up in a red ribbon with white lace. Then I slipped into my slim black dress that I kept in the back of my closet. I grabbed my red and black, striped stockings and slipped them on then my red and black, striped, fingerless gloves. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then washed my face and trimmed my eye brows. Then I went back to my vanity and applied the make up and drew a black star on my face by my left eye with black eye liner.

Around seven thirty, I walked up stairs to play piano. I did this for a few hours. Then I walked to into town and got sushi for an early lunch. I had snow crab rolls with green tea and a salmon skin hand roll. After lunch, I walked over to a club in a back ally and had a blast around three. For two hours I did nothing but dance and play. Then night fall came...

I sat out side the club to get some fresh air, and I saw some vampires hanging out in the corner. I thought it would be nice to chill with them, but then they grabbed me and tried to drink my blood. I pushed them off of me and stood my ground. They attacked me and I didn't want to hurt them, but they left me no choice. So I beat them up against the brick wall. I walked back into the club and partied more. I came back out again for a brake and there were some other vampires harassing some poor girl. When they saw me they tried to harass me too. Then I yelled at them and then the grabbed me and it kind of turned into a fight. My instant reflex, when that guy grabbed me, I turned the tables and pinned him down on the ground. Then his palls jumped me and the whole thing got bloody. It was a real mess. The girl got a away and ran far quickly. Those vampires reminded me why I keep my body in shape and why I used to be a slayer. I kind of miss it, but I'm glad I'm not anymore.

So around nine at night, I went to an other club that doesn't actually open till nine. MC's Area for exclusive members only. It's international and there are lots of these clubs in many different locations around the world. The club for adults isn't open till after nine at night though, there are meet up groups called MC's Corner that are weekly. So that's nice.

There I was at one of the most greatest clubs ever and then the power went out! It was okay though. They lit candles and had a live band playing interments, and I can't see anyway. So I was just sitting there, drinking coffee, minding my own business and this girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted a free cd of Chipmunk Destruction. Apparently, they were giving them out for free at the club. The music was okay, but I like the cd Life a lot better, sang by MC herself. I took the cd and got it signed by the band manager, which was awesome. I even got a free button for them.

After a long day of beating up punks, chilling and rocking out, I walked home, back to the castle. It took me about an hour to get back into the area and out of town, but it was all worth it. This Saturday was so fun!

It was Sunday morning and I got a call from MC. She said she was in Iowa. Her plane had varied safely and she was going to buy stuff at Wall Mart or Best Buy. She asked me how things we going in Montana and if any of her relatives had contacted me. None of them had so I told her so. She was really numbed because she was waiting to hear something from her uncle Joe. Joe was a nice cow boy who owns a ranch in an other town far away, yet still in Montana sate.

She asked me to keep an ear out for her uncle Joe and her cousin Billy Bob. I agreed to do so and told her not to worry. She then asked me how the weather was and I told her it was fine. I asked her how the weather was in Iowa and she said muggy. It was September 2012 and she was telling me that she had been visiting her her sister Sara in California August and she had just got back to Iowa. I was glad she got to see her sister and her niece, I asked how they both were and she said great. I was so glad. I never did meet them in person, but I had talked to Sara on Skype once with MC in the room. So I was glad to hear about her.

Melissa had an adventure in California. She had been through a lot of stuff. MC's Corner got out of control in The Deli Stop and there was this big electrical explosion that once of the kids had made. They created a home made flash bomb and brought it into the place and set it off. Everything went mad. MC got totally stressed out, but she handled it well. I look up to her because of her inner strength. I think she is so great, calm, cool, and collected in hectic situations and hyper and fun at parties. She's so amazing.

So after we hung up the phone, I said a pair for her and her group. I went up stairs to play piano for a while, then I ate breakfast. After that, I headed off for church. Jimmy, James, Jeffry, Chris, and all the others except for Niko and Dean came with me. We sat in service for about two hours. It was extra long because someone got blessed. I think that was kind of nice to witness.

After church, Melloney, Dean, Niko, James and I practiced more magic in the caves. We made rainbows appear out of fog, fire evaporate, water boil and explode, and so much more. It was very exciting. We hadn't practiced magic for a long while. We even cast hallucinations on each other, just for the heck of it. We practiced magic all day long. Then come night fall, we went black to the castle for dinner and went to bred early. Though, I worried about MC, and the flash bomb.

It was Monday morning and the police were talking with MC because of the flash bomb. Turns out the flash bomb wasn't just a simple home made explosive by some kids. It was a bomb that contains a virus and it made everyone sick except for MC so she was the main suspect besides the kids to set it off. She had called me and the others to let us know about her situation. The virus was starting to make people really sick and even take their lives.

Melissa was taken and help up in jail until her court date. This was a huge mess. Chrissy called me and said we could go back in time and stop the bomb from going off, but it would take the power of Harmon, the three of us. Miss Melloney, Emily and myself. We agreed to do it to help out a friend. James didn't want me to do it. He said time traveling was dangerous and could destroy the future and ruin the past.

Niko said I should do it to prevent those people from dying sense the virus was now spreading and contagious. The three of us transported to Chrissy and she helped us go into the past by giving us the spell to go back in time and the spell to return. When we got there, we some how showed up one year before, so we had to return to the future. Then we accidentally showed up two years to late and the world was destroyed. So then we knew there was someone evil behind this flash bomb with the virus in it.

We decided to get there two weeks before it happened so we could investigate. Once there we saw a suspicious man in the corner. His name was Draco. He had short brown wavy hair and acne on his face. He had on a long brown coat in the middle of summer and had a computer in front of him and was looking up cold and flu symptoms. He had a bear in one hand and a burger in the other. He was obviously a customer, but he was still suspicious because Emily calculated evil readings off of him. Draco was in for a visit from us, but not for an other week.

We had been watching him for a week and nothing happened. Then when we were about to approach him, he handled off something to some kids in a brief case. That was suspicious. So we fallowed the kids closely and still tagged Draco. We found out that they knew it was a bomb, but they knew nothing about the virus. Then we contacted MC from that time and had her friend put a tap on Draco's cell phone. We got good information that way, but it was horrible news. The virus not only kills people, but preserves their bodies, so Draco can bring them back to life later on so they can serve him as their master. It would be a world of just ghouls, him and a few people he'd chosen to give the antidote to so they could keep the human ease alive and repopulate.

So we jumped the kids and grabbed the bomb. We took it back into the future and told MC all about it. She was relived she wasn't in jail and no one was hurt or dying. We took the bomb to the IGC Agency of MC's ALL for them to disarm it and find a cure for the virus, just encase it ever got out. They did this and all was good.

Later on that Monday, Draco contacted MC through her web site and said that she had something of his and he wanted it back or he would kill her mom. MC figured out that he was bluffing because no one really knows who MC's real mother is. She called him on his bluff and he backed down. That was the end of the flash bomb with the virus. We could all rest at ease.

We now have a new enemy, his name is Draco. He has short brown wavy hair with acne on his face. He wares a long brown coat even when it's really hot out. Today to Tuesday and it's September. I can't wait for October to come. I love dressing up! I wonder if Draco will try to attack us on halloween... I'm not sure, he's really odd. He seems to e in his late twenties or early thirties. Draco Demetri Hark, is his full name. He is an evil villain and a genius when it comes to science.

The other villain, soon to be, was Annabel Crystal who had dark red hair and bright green eyes. Her long red hair is straight, ut then she's got this one odd freakishly large wavy clump hanging down in her face. This girl can use magic, so we'll have to watch out for her. If she and Draco ever team up, the world as we know it could vanish into the darkness. I personally am afraid of Annabel more, Draco no, he is just a creeper. I deal with creepers like him all the time, but a powerful, evil teenage, witch girl, no. I'd rather never have to face her alone.

Today was Tuesday and all I could think bout was how things could get any worse. I was reluctant to get out of bed that morning. I decided to pull the covered over my head and ignore my alarm clock. Buzz, buzz, buzz; it seemed to confine on endlessly. I wanted to rip my hair out and cry. It was that time of the moth. I hate this time of the month, I feel all weak and I get all moody and I yell at people for no reason. Why must I go through this pain? I don't even want kids!

After the alarm had been going on for about an hour, I got up and out of bed around six in the morning. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot and cold water. I slowly got undressed and then hopped in. I stood there for a while doing nothing, then I decided to take a bath. I let the water run and I plugged the drain. I poured bubble bath and sea salts in the tub. Then I laid down and washed my long silky hair.

After laying in the tub for half an hour, I rinsed out my hair, got out, pulled the drain and got out. I dried off slowly and then I blow dried my hair. After brushing my hair, I put on my maiden outfit. I went to the white room to play piano. I sat there doing so for one hour, then I went to go clean. I mopped and vacuumed the floors. I washed the windows and the dishes. then I did a bunch of other stuff.

Around noon, I had tea with Miss Melloney. Well I was going to, but she never showed up. I guess she was just too busy with work today. So I sat there all by myself sipping tea. Later that day, I wanted to go see James, but he had work till eleven at night so that was out of the question. I went over to visit Niko, but she was busy making good luck charms to sell in the witch's shack. That is her only force of income anyway.

So I went around the woods looking for stuff to do and things to explore. I found nothing. After a while, I gave up and went black to the castle. I lost my manta some where and I couldn't find my cellphone for the longest time. I took a bath and I dropped the soap bar in the tub and I couldn't find it. Turns out it went down the drain. I ended up going to bred early.

So it was finally October and Halloween was here. The winds were blowing loudly and it was around mid afternoon. The butlers were all dressed up in their uniforms for the party and I was in my maiden outfit. Miss Melloney was in her pink gothic dress that I believe was a little too short on her. She had on her black slippers with magenta glitter, that's what she told me anyway. I think they were high heals, not slippers because of how it sounds when she walked.

Kinro and Dean prepared a huge meal with pumpkin pie and chocolate satin pie with vanilla ice cream. Niko dressed up as a witch. James dressed up as a doctor. There were about five hundred people at the party. There was plenty of candy and some people pulled ticks on others. It was loads of fun.

Later that night... some uninvited guest came to the party and stole food. They also tried to meet Miss Melloney. They were messing with the women. They were not normal men, they were vampires. These guys were just messing around at first, but then they started stacking people. I had to stop them. So there I was, up against three vampires and me being only a half vampire, I was out numbered. Then Niko jumped in the fight and saved me. She was so awesome.

Around midnight the party seemed like it had just begun. We danced to heavy metal and the monster mash. It was great! There was fruit punch and alcohol, but all I had was tea and water. There were even party bags for people to take home with cds and candy in side them. It was one of the best parties I had ever been to. I love halloween.

My friends are Jimmy, Niko, Dean, and Chris. My master is Miss Melloney, though I think of her as a friend some what. My boy friend is James. My best friend is Emily. My enemies are Draco and Annabel. My other friends are Michael, Chris, Sault, Jeffry and Kinro. My long distance friends are Melissa and Miki.

I have a few good friends now in my life that will stick with me through anything and some other friends that will help me through thick and thin if it suits them. Ether way, they are they for me when I really need them. My other long distance friend, who I don't know much is Robin. She is really nice and smart. I have talked with her over the phone. I think she is really nice.

My days as a maiden have been difficult, cleaning a huge house all by my self with more than sixty bed rooms and about three kitchens. My days as a young maiden are numbered. I am twenty two years old. It is September two thousand twelve. Miss Melloney is now eight teen years old. She never threw her self a birthday party because she was too busy with work to remember her own birthday. So we threw her a surprise birthday party and she fell asleep in her ice cream cake. Poor Melloney.

Sense I have been in Montana, I have killed a dragon - snake thing, three evil vampires on the streets, defeated demons, saved Harmon, cured zombies, and done other things. So what else is there to do? I think I have accomplished a lot of good. I even stopped an evil man from releasing a virus, flash Bomb.

Now I just want to be a maiden for a while and take a brake from all the magic and detective stuff. I want to walk through the woods and not babe attacked. I just want to be an ordinary girl for once in a life time. Yeah, a normal girl for about three months. That sounds great right about now. I'm going to take a long bath and then go to bed and when I wake up, I will refuse to do any magic for a whole three months! Good night world of magic, hello world of the living.

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