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Vampire Maiden: In A Glimpse

Chapter Four

One stormy night, when the moon was full and the earth was full of war, a little girl name Marie was born. Marie Oriano, she was six pounds and seven ounces. Black hair and the brightest blue eyes. Her mother was a witch and her father was a demon. She was a half demon baby girl, new to the earth and hated by the towns people, the little girl grew up in a cave card for by her mother.

Later on her mother died of an un known illness and her father died because of world war two which was still going on in America. She was some what safe hidden in the caves in the mountains of Montana. She was left all alone at the age sixteen, hopeless, friendless, penniless, and had no education. She was sure to die alone or be forced to move to an other location for her own survival.

Marie traveled a few towns over where no one knew her name, there she got a job as a maiden. She learned how to cook, how to clean well and many more useful things like people skills. She wore rags because she was poor. She had black, warn out pants and a shirt that had wholes in it. She was trusted to keep one skeleton key around her neck with a black cord. She was supposed to ware a red ribbon in her hair rescue she could not afford a maiden crown.

While she was working as a maiden she was practicing magic. She learned that her mother was a witch and because she was half demon that enhanced her powers. So she trained herself in secret. After she worked there for about eight teen years, she thirty forty four years old. She finally met a man around her age and they got married and had a daughter name Marry.

Marry grew up and wanted to become a business owner in New York so she moved with her mother and her father wanted to come to, but he died suddenly from food poisoning the night before they left for New York. It was very tragic.

There in New York, Marry found out about her mother being a witch. She then learned that she was half witch herself. Later on when she turned twenty years old, Marry was chosen to become a slayer. She was a vampire slayer for about ten years. When she turned thirty she fell in love on the job and made love to a vampire name Tom. She and Tom were deeply in love and they had a baby girl name Marie, named after her grandmother, Marry's mother.

Little marie was born blind and learned to type and use computers at the age four. When she was was three she was friends with Emily, but when she turned six they became best friends. Marie was one of those girls who studded hard and learned quickly, but needed some he'll along the way. even though she was blind, that didn't slow her down, she found an application on her cell phone that she could use to take a picture of a word and it would speak it to her. She was one of the smartest girls in school, but then he mother and father killed each other when she was about the age of sixteen. She lived with her grandma and became a slayer once she learned her father died a vampire and her mother was a slayer and her grandma was a witch and that she was a bit of each thing.

Later on when she was about to turn eighteen, her grandma died of breast cancer. She then quit being a slayer and had graduated high school. She then left New York and headed for Montana to become a maiden with out knowing anything from her grand mothers past. On the way to Montana, she remembered all of her family who had died. All of her friends who she was leaving behind and she wandered, what could possibly await her in Glasgow, Montana.

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