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Vampire Maiden: Niko's Past

Chapter Five

A little girl with short, white hair and baby blue eyes looked up at the stars one night out side her window and wished upon a shooting star that her parents would fight no longer. She cried for hours and then at midnight, she shut her eyes and laid her sleepy head down to bed. The little girl tossed and she turned, with nightmares of the future, sure to soon haunt her waking day light.

When the sun rose, her parents weren't fighting. She crept down stairs and into the kitchen and there she found her father, dead, with a steak knife right through his head. She screened at the sight, what frightening tears rushed down her face like cats tuning from dogs. She slowly backed up into the living room, there she tripped. She fell to the ground from the rug that was pruned over from the fighting of her parents last night.

"Are you alright?" Questioned a calm voice from the corner of the room, it was her mother. She had killed Niko's father and the little girl Niko was now afraid of her mother. She had feared her father cause of the drinking and his rage, but never has she feared him more than she feared her mother at that moment.

Her mother had the knife and went at Niko! Niko dodged and ran out the back door. Her mother chased her around the back yard. Niko screamed for help, but no one came. She ran back inside and she knocked over the candles that were burning in the bathroom then she ran up stairs. Her mother didn't realize the fire during in the bathroom and she went up stairs, right after Niko. Niko hid under the bed in the middle of the room, but the mother checked the closet first. She looked and looked through all the stuff and soon before she knew it the house was going up in flames. Knit revealed herself to try and run down stairs, but her mother blocked the only exit. Soon after the fire burned to the door, there was no exit! Niko saw the tiny window that only she could fit through as a child, she jumped for it and her mother tried to pull her back in to kill her, but Niko kicked her with her legs and fell two stories down in the grass.

Her mother then threw the knife out the window and aimed it right for Niko, but Niko rolled down the hill. Just fast enough to escape the blade. Niko rolled to her feet and she ran far, far away in to the woods. She had to fight off lots of animals like wolves and bores in the woods, just to get by. She managed to make it to an other village and she was taken in by a hunter. She started dating men and she got fooled by a vampire and was turned into one herself. Soon after living with the hunter she found out he was a drunk like her father, so she ran away. She got adopted by two girls around the age seven and she loved them, but then one of them died from drowning in the lake and the other commuted suicide. She was homeless again. Later on when she was twelve, Niko's grandmother and grandfather tracked her down. When she turned fourteen, they both died of cancer.

Once she was fourteen she decided she would live in the forest alone and in the caves. After barely serving and managing herself for about six months, a nice man names James came along and took her to his cave. He fought her how to fight and many more things.

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