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Vampire Maide, It's Toxic!

Chapter Six

It's been three whole months sense I've used magic. It's driving me nuts, like I have to use it. Something aching inside of me says its a part of me, but an other part of me wants to let it go. I talked to Emily and Melloney about this. Turns out they haven't used magic for three months ether. Is it like a drug, were we feel the need to use it? Are we on detox, is that why we feel so lousy? Is magic really toxic?

Miki came to Montana in February to visit us and all he did was play video games. He was like, totally addicted to it. We had to take the games away just to get him to come eat dinner. He was up and awake all night and all day, just playing video games for a month straight. Then he creased and after three days, he woke up again and played them more. Those games are toxic.

Emily was drawing like mad. She drew more images than ever before. After abbot thirty images she crashed and then woke up to draw more. She suddenly had a total diction to drawing out of no where. It was toxic.

Miss Melloney became obsessed with gardening. The flowers became over watered and she cut them too much. She was addicted like the others. It was toxic.

Melissa lost contact with us but we saw that she was making one web site after the other, she was addicted too, just like the others. It was toxic.

As soon as I started reading manga again, I couldn't stop. I became obsessed. It was toxic. I knew something had to be wrong with us.

Niko was using magic more than usual, and she could get herself to stop. She was addicted. It was toxic.

There had to be something in the water. That's all I could think of at the time. I had Emily check to see if anyone had cursed us. She said the whole world had become addicted to something about one month ago in January two thousand thirteen. It was toxic air or something, that was for sure.

Melissa called Chrissy up and lucky for us, she came addicted to reading spell books. She found out that during the first full moon of two thousand thirteen, there could be a spell casted called Toxic Air. This spell could not be undone, but only a few people who it has already affected could be cured with hex bags and charms. These people would need to carry these charms around with them forever to stay cruse free. For those who get out of the spell are subjected to curses. Also, those who remain under the spell for too long, less than three months, will die from their addiction from lack of sleep or forgetting to eat.

It said in the book that the spell could only be undone by the verso who cast the spell themselves. They also would be the only one not affected by the curses. Right away we suspected Annabel. So Emily went over to her house to check on her after making hex bags and being charms for her self and some extras for others who really needed it.

When she got there, Annabel was studding hear poor little heart out on spell books and science. She couldn't stop even if she wanted to. Emily felt bad for her, so she gave her a hex bad and a charm and huger her until she stopped crying. After Annabel pulled herself together, she decided to works with us, her enemies, to get back at who ever did this to her.

So then we suspected Draco, even though we didn't think he could do any magic, but just encase. You never really know a creeper anyway, till you see them suffer. When we got there, he was at the Deli Stop studding science and budding a computer program for some biology project. "You can see the obsession in his eyes," Melloney mentioned to me. So we sparred him and gave him a charm and etc.

Both Annabel and Draco teemed up with us because they were so mad. They weren't doing it for us, but for revenge its self. Anyways, we were just glad they were both on our side for once rather then teaming up against us. That would be trouble some.

We searched for the source of where the spell was done at, but it was no use. It was done a whole month ago and to top it off, it had rained in several states and countries. This was just great! The world was going to suffers and slowly die from its own addictions. Here we are, having the mighty power of Harmon and we can't do anything about it.

I, I was dreaming about horrible things. In my dream I was drinking blood and I couldn't stop myself. I was addicted, worse than in real life, worse than normal. I was killing the innocent for their blood and I kept on killing day and night.

Dracula was in my dream. He offered me unlimited power and all the blood I could dream of. I knew I was dreaming, but it felt so real. He said the only ketch was is that I had to work for him, be with him for all eternity. I pulled myself together and with my will power, I stopped drinking blood and said no thanks.

He then was furious. He grabbed me and dragged me to his dungeon. There, he took a long sword and sliced my head off. Just before I died, I awoken from my horrid dream.

There I was, in someone's dungeon, wrapped in chains and tied to a brick wall. I could not escape. The last thing I remember, I was in my bed dreaming. Now I am here. How did I get here? Why am I here? Uh! I hear rats! Is that a spider on my ankle. Eek!

I tried to use my half vampire strength to brake the chains, but there was a sharp edge and it cut both my writs. A man came in as I was screaming for help. He said nothing, but he tended to my wounds. After he wrapped my wrists up, so I wouldn't bleed to death, he asked me where the key to Harmon was. I told him I didn't know. He didn't believe me, so he walked out of the room after slapping me across the face.

The next morning...

"Where's Marie?" James asked Melloney.

"I don't know, but she usually tells me where she's going before she leaves or she puts out a note on her. Night stand and she's done nether. Though, I did find her window wide open around three in the morning." Replied Melloney.

"Let's look in her room for clues!" Said Chris.

They found a note under her yellow saying that she had been taken, kid napped if you will. She would not be returned until the key to harmon was with them and the ultimate power was unleashed.

Miss Melloney travels with Kinro, James and Chris to New York City, there they get on channel five and channel ten news telling everyone that Hanna Maire Oriano has been kid napped and they are offering a reward of one million dolors for her safe return.

The police get involved and try to track her down. A famous detective in New York, Joe Hicks is on the case of the miss maiden. He has salved every crime he has ever been offered, around the world. Joe is a different type of detective. All he ever eats is salad and rice, no sweats, no meat, nothing else. All he ever drinks is tea and coffee. That's it. He is one odd fellow. It has been said that he once had the hick ups through an entire case and still hasn't got rid of them to this day. That's why his last name was changed to Hicks, but no one knows is real, original last name. Joe Hicks, what an odd fellow. Hopefully he'll salve this case.

Joe's assistant, Jake is a nice guy though quit shy. Jake is one of those gothic/ego boys you're totally into, but at the same time you wouldn't dare go near. He had a punk rocker feeling to him. Once Emily saw him, I sware it was love at first sight. And when Jake saw Emily, oh my, oh my, did his droopy eyes light up.

Mean while....

Marie was getting raped by that one guy in his dungeon. He slowly undressed her as she struggled to push him away. She spun around and kicked him, so he ripped off her night gown. She then shivered from the cold floor. He forced her down on the ground and spread her legs apart. He helped them open with his own. Then he thrust his dick inside of of. She screamed of pain for she had not had sex before.

Then, he hooked his web cam up to live tv and broadcasted the maiden covered in sweat and odiously raped and beaten on channel eight news after hacking into their system. The police tried to trace this live broadcast of the maiden crying, but they couldn't because he shut it off too soon.

There it was, a Tuesday in February and pouring rain. No one has seen or heard of the maiden's well been four two whole weeks now. We all knew she was being continuously raped and abused. That afternoon, as the rain let up. Nude images of the maiden flooded the streets of New York City. On every billboard, every light post, at every bus stop, there she was, just in her underwear. It was so degrading for her, even as a house keeper.

Her boyfriend, James, could not stand for this. One by one, he ripped them all down while in a rage out of love and concern. The police dusted for finer prints, but the rain had washed all evidence away, plus the fact the guy wore gloves as he printed them out and handled the paper carefully. James was heart broken and outraged. He was depressed, yet still determined to get his beloved maiden back.

Three more weeks had past... It was now March of two thousand thirteen. There is almost never a storm of hail and ice in the middle of March, even the Heavens seem to be upset that a guardian of Harmon has gone missing.

Today is my birthday, March twenty second. I am turning twenty two years old. My good friend Marie is still missing in action. I have dreams every night about what she is going through. How he is touching her and forcing her to dress in sexist garments that no woman should ever ware. My poor, dear friend Marie. Where are you Marie? It is my birthday, I really want you here. I can't have a party knowing your condition.

The man tied her arms to the bed posts, spread her legs apart and jabbed his hand into her vagina. It was horror! His nails were sharp and jagged. They cut the he lower lips and made her bleed. He then came all over her chest as she cried from the smell of her own blood. He then smeared it all over her and foxed her to lick his hand my shoving it into her mouth.

Miss Melloney and Emily could feel her fear as her guardian powers weekend by her emotions. The wanted to help her, but they could not. What's worse is the spell had still not been lifted and the guy hurting Marie was probably a victim of evil himself. Possessed by his own obsession. It was toxic.

Dear James was still on a rampage looking for the maiden, he had somehow lost his charms and become obsessed with finding her. Her was no longer just obsessed with finding her, yet he was obsessed with capturing her taker and brittlely beating him till he said sorry one thousand times. No, this was no about revenge. Revenge for his girlfriend, revenge for the maiden who owns his beloved heart.

I two had lost my charms and had become obsessed with work again, but I did not exactly loose mine by accident, like how James had lost his in the rain. I purposely put mine in a part of my desk so that I could touch it every time I went to get batteries for my wireless keyboard. This way I would be able to better track down and look at evidence of who took her and where the maiden Marie is. I miss my friend so much.

Marie could barely hold out any longer. It had been a whole month and a then some with out her medication. It was the beginning of February. I think it's a mazing that she held out this long with out drinking blood. She is a half vampire so she can go a long time with out it, ut she needs her medication to fight the cravings and so she does not get ill.

She was so week and the man was coming to rape her again. She couldn't stand for it. She sat up and he shoved it in her and she bit his neck and she broke the chains around her wrists with her will to service and helled him down on the bed. He hit her and scratched her, but she would not let go. She had lost her charms because of him so she couldn't stop herself from drinking his blood. She drank till no more would come out of his neck, then from her anger from what he had done to her, she twisted, then, ripped off his head with shear force.

She was covered in his blood. Yet she wanted more power, more blood, more destruction. She untied her legs, then headed up stairs naked. She found a women that must have been his wife, she was knitting and couldn't stop knitting, she was obsessed. All the maiden could think of is that the white should have heard her screams for help so why couldn't she stop for one second to help her. Was she as evil as him? She though so. She walked over to the lady who did not notice the maiden at first. She screamed, "How dare you allow me to suffer!" Then she grabbed her bun and dragged her down to the dungeon. The lady cried for help, but no one came. Marie took the knife that her kidnapper had used on her and she sliced and diced the ladies arms and legs, just as her husband had done to the maiden. Then she helled the knife high over her head while the lady was passed out from pain, and she stabbed her in the heart.

Marie began laughing... she had realized what she had just done and was terribly sorry for her actions. She pulled the knife out and walked black over to the man who started it all. She stood over his corps in anger and sorrow. Still laughing, she continuously stabbed his torso, wishing none of it had ever happened.

Then after an hour of staging and laughing while crying. She pulled herself together and found lighter fluid. She drenched both of their bodied in it. She then took a shower and whore the kidnaper's woman's white dress and the white flats on her feet. Then she stood at the top of the stairs and threw a lit match down into the lighter fluid. First the bodies burned, second, the dungeon, third the house. She walked out of the house before any smoke could escape from the place. The house was in the middle of the woods, no wonder no one could hear her cries for help.

There she was in the middle of the woods, lost, cold, and staving for more blood. She keep on walking into the night until her legs could cary her no longer.

Three teenagers are hiking in the woods smoking pot and listening to music while drinking bear. They weren't looking were they were going and they mind as well be lost as well. One of them trips over the maiden's cold barely breathing body.

"Crap!" Shouts the boy teen with a can of bear who takes a noes dive into the dirt.

"Dude," the other boy laughs, "you tripped over some dead girl."

"What the hell?!" Screams the teenage girl.

"Pickles," says the boy as he rolls over. The other boy then picks up the maiden's arm and rolls her over so they can all see her face. She had bitten her lip for the last of blood so blood was dripping down from her mouth. The teenage girl then screamed at the sight and ran straight into a tree and knocked herself out. The boy who turned her over starts preforming CPR because he can't tell if she's breathing because he's so high, but she is breathing, just out of it. Once she comes to, she sacks him on the face and rolls over, black to sleep.

The guy who tripped over her then says, "Dude, I think she's already dead."

The high CPR guy shouts, "No way the bitch just smacked me!" Then he gets up and checks on his girl friend who knocked herself out. He wakes her up with CPR for kicks, knowing she is fine.

She wakes up and screams, "Ah! That dead girl turned you. Ah! We're all going to die! Ahhhhhh!"

Her boyfriend smacks her, "What are you talking about?!"

"She's a vampire! Ah! You have blood on your lips, you drank blood, Ah! Vampires! God help us! Ahhhhh!" She screams and runs away.

The dead like girl wakes up from all the screaming. She smells their blood in their veins. Suddenly, she grabs the boy sitting on the ground next to her and looks him straight in the eyes, then says, "When I let go, you and your friend have less than thirty seconds to run for your lives. Do you understand me?" He nods yes. She let's go and the boy gets up at lightening speed and runs for his life.

The other teen just stands there laughing, "Come on, this has got to be some kind of joke."

She slowly gets up,"Last warning."

After he sees the sorrow and pain in her eyes, he realizes that she's not joking and his girl friend was right. Marie suddenly appears in front of him, "To slow!" She whispers with great sorrow. Then as he tries to run away she grad him by the throat, holds him over the ground and says, "You should have listened to your friend and myself, then your life would have been spared." She then lowers him down while loosening her grip and grabs his arm with her other hand and swings it around his back in an up right position. Now with one hand on his arm and the other on his sholder, she kneels down behind him as he's face forward in the dirt. Next, she tries hard to resist as he begs for his life. "Please, please, please, I beg of you. Don't kill me. I believe you now. See, I'm shaking. Oh dear God, Devil, Mother Earth, some one help me! Anyone! Wait, hold it/ what are, what are you doing...? Please, wait! No, stop! She can't control herself, the blood lust wins. He screams of agony as she bites his neck deep.

As she drains him dry he cries and cures out God and resents all that is good. He asks her to turn him into a vampire and once she has drained him to the point where he could no longer speak and barely stay awake, yes he was on the edge of death. That's when she stopped. She then whispered in his ear. "I'm only half vampire, I am unable to turn anyone into a vampire." More tears of anguish and broken hope fell from his eyes as she drained the rest of his body dry.

There she was with the teenagers dead body in her arms with blood dripping down from her lips. She was sad for the boy yet furious that she couldn't stop her self. She did not want anyone to find out that it was a vampire who drained him dry, so she took her nails and clawed deep endow his flesh removing her bite marks. Next, using her vampire strength, she ripped his arms, legs and head off. Then she scattered the peaces around the woods like a serial murder would.

She walked away dripping, covered in blood. After a long vigorous walk in the woods, she came to a lake. Slowly she walked in and submerged herself, washing away the blood stains she continued walking to the bottom of the lake. After she could no longer hold her breath, she floated to the top of the lake. Motionless, she laid there on her bake in the water line for hours.

A chopper flew over the lake and spotted her. It then circled round and round. It was the channel eight news chopper streaming live. As soon as her boyfriend James saw her on tv he rushed over with her medication. Niko had found out that James had lost his charms and made him new ones. She also gave some extra to him to give to Marie who had been taken. When James had gotten there the ambulance was trying to shock her cold dead body back to life and they were just about to pronounce her dead when, James jabbed her with a syringe in the arm and she suddenly screamed from the shock of her medication. He then put her charms in her pocket and popped the pills under her lounge.

After she realized that there was police all around here, she quickly used magic undetected to get rid of all the evidence on her body from all her killings and to make her body totally clean and dry. The news reports asked how she got dry so quickly, but the ambulance team said they dried her off well, so that put her mind at ease. James was so worried about her and he asked her if she was ok. She told him she was better now. The channel eight news pressured Marie to answer their questions about her kidnapper and how she got out. She told them she couldn't remember anything and that the kidnapper must of set her free or something like that had to happen. All she said she could remember was waking up in the ambulance and before that being raped and beaten. They asked if she was going to press charges, she said "I belove the man took his own life to say sorry to me, so there is no reason to press charges on a dead man."

The maiden Marie is back home safely. I am so glad. She has done evil things in my visions, the world must never know these things, yet still, I think this all to myself. I am un sure if I should enter this information into the data data base for when Marie has vanished. Maybe yes, maybe no. Here, she starts again...

There I was, in front of Miss Melloney's castle and there was Kitty, the woman who took my place while I was gone. She was the new maiden of the castle. Maybe I was jealous, but only because she wasn't blind and had this awesome singing voice while she cleaned. She came down to the basement and cleaned my room. She lives upstairs next to Dean, for right now. I wander just how long she will be replacing me.

News reporters will calling me like mad and kept bugging me at the castle. I kept getting bogus emails and nonsense about online dates and more. People wanted me to go on tv and share my experience with the world. It was nuts, nuts I tell you.

So it was Sunday, I couldn't even go to church with out them barging in and bugging me through out the service. I even got asked to leave! It was horrible. I can't believe this, are they trying to ruin my life?! I finally got away from them while in the woods, meeting James at his cabin. We hung out for a while and all things were well. Though the problem was, the spell over the world was still causing people to do bad things and some people had already lost there lives. Here I am, a guardian of Harmon who can't do anything and what's worse, I get taken in the night! What the hell?! I am so mad at myself, did I not lock my window or something? Geese.

Three hundred years before christ, there was a small village in southern Japan. There was a demon with no name, long blonde hair and golden eyes. She looked like a human girl with glowing skin, fifteen feathered tails and glowing golden fairy wings. This demon wanted nothing more than to live life as a human girl and have a mother who would love her to death. Even though she longed to be human, all humans feared her. They called her a freak, monster and angel of death.

A black eyed demon with purple skin and bat wins came along and offered her the chance to be human, but in return she would have to not use her powers for six teen whole years in order for her to remain human after rebirth. She agreed. She was then reborn, giving up her massive amount of powers, it all had to go some where. The black eyed demon then sealed the power into a crystal and placed it inside of her chest. He would have kept it for himself, but the black eyed demon could not control her awesome power. Though, as awesome as her power was it could not grant her wish to be human. Still her power remains sealed inside her chest, now that she is twelve years old.

One day, a group of ninjas lead by Sasuke Hakau were invading the neighboring villages and burning them down. They used magic ice sorcery which they used to make strong swords, throwing stars and daggers. They used these to kill many villagers in all the neighboring villages through out the years from when she was twelve through fifteen.

Then, they attacked her village. The one she lived in as a human and there she stood unable to do a thing to stop them. She could use her powers, but then she would be a demon again. She couldn't risk that, but she could risk her life and her village. Then, the woman who took care of her was dragged out of the house by Sasuke Hakua and she watched as he killed her mother, the only human that had ever surely loved her to death. That was it, the last straw. She used her powers to curse Sasuke Hakua and gave him the Ravara Eyes.

She then told him, "You destroyed my village and killed my friends, but what's worse? You killed my mother, the only one who ever loved me. Now I am a demon again, for I have used my powers and cursed you with the Ravara Eyes. You can use these to become stronger but they will eat away at your soul every time you use them and what's more, you are for sure going to hell, you hear me?!" She continued screaming in rage.

It was the end of March and my phone had rung. I answered. It was Melissa. She had been doing research on black magic clans. She found one called Black Crystie Rebirth, it was said to be the home of powerful witches, necromancers and vampires that would change their forms into hideous monsters.

It turns out they are the ones who cast the spell and only they can undo it. Unless someone more powerful than a group of one hundred people were to undo the spell. MC has more than enough people, but all together non of us Mach up to their power. We'll need to unlock the power of Harmon some how using the key around Miss Melloney's neck. Her necklace is the key. Though, none of us know how to use it, not even she herself. So we're still at a total loss.

*Ring, ring, ring* I picked up my phone. It was MC again. This time she asked me some stupid question.

"Marie," she asked, "If you had unlimited power sealed inside you just waiting for you to use it, would you?"

"Oh course!" I said, "but only for good reason."

"What if," she continued, "if you saved everyone by usu g that power, but in turn it turned you ugly or into some sort of mother, but you were still you inside though no one cared about you anymore because they were afraid of you; knowing this would happen, would you still use the power to save everyone?"

"Defiantly, I would use it to save my friend and they would still love me for who I am no matter how hideous I appeared because that's how true friends are," I replied.

We hung up the phone and ended our conversation.

So, this is it! I Melissa Carlisle, aka: MCtheGirL must now call my dearest friend Keven to confirm my decision to save the world. For already four thousand people have lost their lives, while I have been trying to find an other way, knowing I could have saved them. I have horrible guilt. I hope they don't hate me for not doing this from the very beginning, but I can have Keven bring them back to life and together we can turn back time and take over the Black Crystal Rebirth Clan so this never happens again. In fact, I should rest time back to January so Marie doesn't have to remember being raped. Better yet, spare myself the drama of everyone knowing anything and set it back to October two thousand eleven. It is now the end of March two thousand thirteen.

The phone was ringing... "Keven, dear?" I asked, "are you there?"

"Yes, hun, I miss you a lot. Is everything okay, you sound dramatic? I heard about the deaths on the news. Something is wrong isn't it. A spell perhaps?" He continued, "I'm sorry to say this hun, but if you transformed already and used your unlimited power, we wouldn't be in this mess right now. You and I both know that."

"Yes dear," I said, "You always know what to say and when to say it. I love you for that and for being you. I wish we didn't have to be a secret."

"Then why do you keep us a secret, hun?" He questioned.

"For now," I held back my tears, "it's for the best."

"Just remember to stay faithful to me my love," he reminded gently, "don't let those other guys for business take advantage of you or make you do things you will regret."

"I wouldn't dream of it my love," I told him, "do you want to remember everything again?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he whispered into the phone.

"Good night my dear," I said, "in the morning all of this will be nothing but a dream."

"I shall rise all who died from the spell in the next hour love." He read my mind as always and hung up.

It was nine at night, I waited until one minute after nine, at two minutes past I raised my arms and made the hand sign of harmony and unsealed my forbidden power. I turned back time and then went to the Clan and declared ownership over them. Once that happened, I then had them sign legal documents stating that they would not attack anyone with out my consent or one of my main worker's consent. Last bout not least, I had them promise to not tell anyone what I really was and I had them reseal my power. I was human once more. It was now October first, two thousand eleven.

MCtheGirL has logged in

MCtheGirL: hey everyone!

VampireMaiden(Marie) has logged in

VampireMaiden: hello Mallissa

EmilyArtGirl has logged in

EmilyArtGirl: hey people!

BloodLust25(Niko) has logged in

FootBallMaster(Chris) has logged in

BugLoverDean has logged in

BloodLust25: hi MC, love you Dean

BugloverDean: love you to skittles

FootBallMaster: oh I'm gonna puke!

MagicCaster(Chrissy) has logged in

PinkKitten(Amanda) has logged in

MCtheGirL: hey guys, log time no chat!

MagicCaster: we have been busy

PinkKitten: so very busy

VampireMaiden: Niko, how do you and Dean get blood?

BloodLust25: from IGC

EmilyArtGirl: what's that stand for again?

BugLoverDean: Information Global Communications

BloodLust25: it's supposed to be a secret!

BugLoverDean: but everyone knows of it

MCtheGirL: please stop talking about it

VampireMaiden: I don't understand

EmilyArtGirl: I just found it on the internet! It's huge!

RomancingWiccan(James) has logged in

VampireMaiden: hello my love

RomancingWiccan: love you dear

BugLoverDean: Marie! I had this nightmare last night! It was about everyone. You got kidnapped and rapped and were beaten in a dungeon or something. Niko and I are vampires.... but I can't seem to remember how I became one, it's all blurry.

VampireMaiden: I had the same dream and in my dream Niko bit you to save your life and made you a vampire. So now some how it wasn't a dream.

RomanceWiccan: I had that same nightmare... wait! What do you mean it wasn't a dream?!

VampireMaiden: I am sore.

BloodLust25: OMG!

EmilyArtGirl: Heavens No!

MagicCaster: MC did you have the same dream? I know I did. Amanda had it too. We were all fighting evil together and using magic.

VampireMaiden: MC are you there?

DarkMaster(Keven) has logged in

DarkMaster Hey MC, hi everyone!

VampireMaiden: Who are you?

BugLoverDean: I don't know you DarkMaster

EmilyArtGirl: This is a private chat, how did you get on?

DarkMaster: MC invited me, right Mel?

MCtheGirL: yeah that's right Keven, who is DarkMaster

DarkMaster: so are you going to tell them all?

EmilyArtGirl: Tell Us What?

DarkMaster: They will still care for you if you tell them the truth. I know I will, I already know. If they are your true friends, tell them.

BugLoverDean: tell us what?

VampireMaiden: of course we are her friends

MagicCaster: We are you good friends MC, you can tell us anything... good or bad and we will still care :)

DarkMaster: Go on, tell them

MCtheGirL: you guys know that dream you all had?

BugLoverDean: yeah

EmilyArtGirl: Duh

MCtheGirL: it really all happened, but bad things happened so I turned back the time and undid certain things and made us back in the past, so the past is now.

EmilyArtGirl: How? I didn't think you could use magic.

DarkMaster: she's really a demon, and with he powers sealed she looks like a human. But she is pure of heart.

VampireMaiden: so why the hell didn't you rescue me?

DarkMaster: Every time she uses her power, she takes a risk of towing mad and out of control. Possibly ending the world herself with her very own hands. She can not use her powers for something small for one person.

VampireMaiden: I understand now, but still, then why did you use your powers at all? I mean, if you risked the world to set back time and all, then why?

MCtheGirL: because the world was going to end and thousands of people were already dead.

EmilyArtGirl: you could have killed us!

BugLoverDean: what were you thinking?

BloodLust25: wow, you couldn't have turned Dean back into a human while you were at it?

MCtheGirL: I'm sorry!

EmilyArtGirl: Geese MC!

BugLoverDean: Cool Down!

BloodLust25: we were just giving you a hard time lol

MCtheGirL: oh ok

DarkMaster: see, they are good friends!

MCtheGirL: You guyes don't get it, I'm a demon pretending to be human.

VampireMaiden: and I'm a vampire pretending to be human, what's the diffference?

BloodLust25: There is no difference!

FootBallMaster: Ok dude, foot ball is on in 5, 4, 3, 2...

FootBallMaster Has Signed Out

Connection Lost

No Power Supply

System Shutdown

It seems there has been a black out, the raido is not working nor is the tellivition or computer.

Diary, it has been a long day of doing nothing. Kitty has taken over my job untill Melloney thinks I am well again, and those reporters still wont leave me alone. Today they forund the body parts of the boy I killed. Oh my, what if they link his body to me? I hope not. I can't aford to go to jail. The same thing would happen there if I did not get my medication. I fear they are investigating the evidance. The reportes tell me it was a bare attrack, but if so, why would they be asking me any questions about it? I have no idea what to do. The power is out. There's no internet connection.

What's funny is this, the past was reset, acording to MC and Keven, so then why do the reporters believe I was kidnapped and it's two throusand thirteen? They must have all had the same dream as us, and figured that it really happened. Oh well, if my luck goes well, they'll all end up in the physic ward where all the crazy people are. I don't want that to happen, but if they can prove some how that the past was rest, then they would target MC some how, and maybe do experiments on her or something like that.

I hope all goes well in the end. Anyways, it's a new day tomarrow, and I've got a feeling the reporters wont be coming back. I believe MC will eventually tie up her loose ends, like she always does with business very well. Haha, kinda like a mob or hit man would. Just kidding, MC would never do that! Would she? She is a demon after all... I am a vampire, and I do bad things from time to time, so maybe because she is a demon, she does bad things too on and off. I don't know! This frusterates me!

Good Night Diary, till tomorrow.

Some how, I had awoken in a musty ally of New York City. I guess I must have transported myself, using magic in my sleep. There I was laying on the ground in my nightgown and slippers, the breeze of cold wind flowing through the streets made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and all over my arms and legs. I heard a cat hiss in the far left corner behind me. It was then I knew, I wasn't alone in the ally.

I heard something big and heavy moving towards me on the ground, it was breathing deeply and was down on all fours. I didn't dare make any sudden moves. Laying there on the ground in an up right position, with one hand firmly on the ground and the other hovering in front of my face. As the animal came closer, I sat there like a petrified tree. Knowing any moves would tell the beast that I was there, no more than three feet away. The big dog came closer, then circled around me. He had noticed the cent of my perfume.

As it's jaws opened I quickly stood up and as it jumped to bite my arm, I spun around and lifted my leg; kicking the dog straight into the brick wall of the ally. It left blood on the wall, I could smell it. The dog slid down and hit the ground, then it got up and came right for me. Instantly, I began spinning. Just as it was close enough, with full force I through the mad dog straight down the ally and with a huge bang, it hit the cement wall at the other end of myself.

I felt someone watching me. I yelled who's there and got no reply, so quickly I got back into fighting position and slowly moved out of the ally. Out of no where, an old man's voice asks me to calm down. I reply out of fear and anger, "No, I will not calm down, I was just attacked!" I screamed at the old man.

Then he says to me, "Please young miss, I understand you are frightened by the dog, but you have deleted him, have you not?"

"Yes," I replied, "I suppose I have. What do you want with me sir?"

"I am a manga artist. I draw and wright manga. after seeing you delete that huge dog, a little girl like yourself, I would love for you to be my new character in a manga book I am writing called Vampire Something..." he lowered his voice.

"What do you mean vampire (something)," I asked, "and how did you know I was a vampire? Oh and to bye clear, I am half vampire only."

"Oh dear," said the old man, "well, I had no idea you were even half vampire. Though, my manga is about a half vampire who slays other vampires. May I please use you as my character, I beg of you. Your moves are perfect and your body is flawless!"

"I see, so you're a pervert?" I stated, "I would love to be a character in your manga as long as I could be paid for you using my name and face. Though, I would want you using a different last name for me. Like Oriana rather than Oriano. Got it?"

"Of course young miss and thank you, but tell me something... what are you doing out in the middle of down town New York in your nightgown? We're you sleep walking young miss?"

"Actually sir, not that I expect you to believe me or anything, but I live in Montana and I must have used magic in my sleep some how. I guess that is why I am here. So give me a sec and I'll put your number in my cell phone... wait! I don't have it with me!" I cried.

"Sleep magic?" The old man questioned, "I've heard of sleep walking, but never sleep magic! So if you need a phone you can come to my studio and use mine for now. It's just down the street."

"Kind sir, I am a vampire and I must warn you. If you try anything dirty, I will have to call the police or use my vampire powers to protect myself. Thank you for the offer, but I don't use other people's phone's for I am blind and have no idea on how to use them."

"Miss please," the old man argued, "at least cover yourself with my jacket, your nightgown is see through! Though, I must say, you are quit the ketch. He's my jacket, it's long enough to cover all of you."

"Um... thank you sir. So where is your studio? Wait, never mind. Just hold my hand because these streets are busy and please walk me there safely. I am trusting you kind sir!"

"My pleasure," said the old man as he grabbed my hand and walked me down the street, "here it is, my studio. Come, sit here. Please allow me to draw you, but first, what is your name? Also, could you show me some magic?"

"Actually sir, do you have internet access right now?" I asked impatiently.

"Yes, I do. What do you need it for my dear?"

"I need you to send me an email of this address. With your full name and business name of the studio so I can go get my phone and come right back. I'd like to get dressed you see?"

"Oh I understand, so you will use magic to get to Montana?" The old man questioned.

"My email is please do as I have asked or I will not come back. No watch and see... here I am, now I am (gone)"-

That old man gave me the creeps, but I'm back in my room and I've received an email from some manga studio. It must be him. Anyways, I said I'd be there, so I guess I should send Melloney an email sense it's about three am and tell her that I wont be here. It's not like I have to work anyway. And hey, this is a new job for me.

So I put on my underwear, socks and a nice leather out fit with three inch heal boots. I put my hair back in a red silk ribbon and tossed in my red eye contacts. Then I slid on my ruby red lip stick and black eye liner. Did my eye lashes, ate some mints, took my medications, drank some juice, then slid on my black leather gloves.

I use the app on my phone and had it speak the address of the manga building. After that, I grabbed my bag and threw my cellphone in my back pocket. I did some magic then I ended up right out side the front door of the building. I slowly opened the door, /clink/ the chain was on the door and it wouldn't open al the way. I hollered inside. The man inside said we're closed, come backs in the morning. I told him I was the vampire girl Marie, he was then like oh I'm sorry then he owned the door.

"I wonder if I should actually let you in," he joked, "if you really are a vampire and seeing you preform magic like that makes me wonder if you'll suck my blood."

"Sir, you already invited me in before." I told him, "you can't un invite a vampire, sorry but it doesn't work that way. Besides, it doesn't work for half vampires like me anyway. I can come and go as I please. Oh and I wouldn't suck your blood because I take medications to prevent me from needing blood."

"Really, then?" He was puzzled, "I think I understand then. How about for a start off one thousand dollars a month for you to pose for painting and stuff like that. You wont get paid the big money unless you do nudes, though I'm afraid."

"Oh, I see." I was upset that I wasn't going to make no where near as much as I did being a maiden, but oh well I guess, some money is better than no money, "I'm not sure if I can do nudes, I mean with out my friends doing it with me that is, but until then I'll be okay with one thousand. Thank you."

"Your friends?" Questioned the old man, "you mean you'd be willing if your friends would be okay with doing the nudes with you? So you want them to be characters too? Yes young miss?"

"Well," I said, "the manga wouldn't be right with out them in it. You see, two of my friends are actual vampires, a boy and girl, couple actually. My boyfriend is a witch and my best friend is too. She is also a guardian of Harmon like myself, and so is Melloney, the three of us. So if you would please come with me in the morning to meet with them all, that would be awesome."

"Of course young miss," he said with with glee, "could you transport me there later today?"

"Alright," I told him, "but for now, let's get some breakfast, coffee and do work. Alright?"

"Sounds good to me," said the old man and that's just what we did. Till about twelve in the after noon in New York, we worked all day long. When we got to Montana it was eleven O'clock. I had sent an email to everyone letting them know to meet me in the front room for a kick back meeting with a manga artist.

There we were, eleven in the morning in Montana in the front room talking about making our lives public in a way with out using our real names... everyone seemed interested, but Chris. He was too worried about psi doll collection getting out to think about anything else. Everyone was on the same page about the manga, but not everyone was for the nude drawings in the adult section. Niko and Dean were all for it, but Melloney didn't think she could and James said no for me.

Even though MC had reset the past and turned back time and all that, she forgot to make Kitty no longer work here any more and get me my job back. She always dresses up like a cat too. It annoys, me how she hums and sings while she cleans. I don't like her all that much. Not at all.

As I was about to trip Kitty walking by with the vaccume, Melloney tells me she came here from the shelters. I quickly pulled my feet back close to me. I had no idea she lived in the shelters be fore she got this job. Wow, I should have tried to get to know her I guess. I feel really bad now.

So everyone settled on telling him the stories as long as we all got some money and as long as Kitty was in it too some how later loner in the manga. The old man agreed with us and had us all sign some papers. I had James read mine for me, he was faster than me using the application on my cell phone.

After everything was said and done, the old man had me use magic to brig his art supplies to the castle so everyone would feel more at home. We took turns posing. He had us dress the way we usually do and the way we do when we go out. He asked where Emily was, and so I had her, Chrissy and Amanda come and do it all as well. They seemed to have a lot of fun.

After the art was completed he went back to his studio with Emily's help sense she lives in New York. Maybe I was the only one who thought he was a pervert, but I still think he is one and I think I always will. Yeah, most likely.

It was October and Halloween was coming up, but none of us had a costume ready for that year except for Kitty who was going to dress up as a cat. Niko refused to dress up as a vampire because she felt it made fun of her own kind. Besides, she told us all, most vampires are mean and all they live for is destruction and blood. Sadly, I had to agree. I decided to go as I am, a maiden of a castle. Why not? I am a maiden and I have the outfit after all.

Chris, Timothy, Dean and And all the other butlers randomly desided to be a small zombie foot ball team called the Under Takers. I don't know if such a team even exists, but what ever. Guys are like that anyway. They drew out their costumes on paper so they knew what kind of make up to buy and stuff like that. They needed green paint for their hands and face and black paint for around their eyes. They also needed white wigs for some odd reason, apparently their zombie players needed to all look a like with matching hair and everything. I thought that was funny.

Miss Melloney was going to wear her ball gown dress suited only for a princess like herself. It had long white silk that sparkled. Frilly, short sleeves with the top part looking like a hand made blouse. There were beads dripping down the front of the chest and more from the lower back with a big, feathery bow. She also was going to wear her silver crown along with it which had several diamonds grounded on it. Her outfit as royalty was a wonderful one and me as her maiden was cute.

Emily called us up and told us she was going to bye a witch, just what she was. She was going to act and dress the part and everything. Then she also told us that she got an invite to an awesome party and that she was told to invite all of us too. It was in New York at the Convention Center, one week before Halloween. She said the plain ticked were paid for by IGC and that we only had to pay for out badges to get inside. What an invite. We asked who had invited us and she said it was MC's Business and Community Corporation, but some how our mail got sent to her so she called us to tell the information. We were all excited.

I was really excited about the halloween party in New York, but it wasn't for about an other week. The agony of waiting made me so impatient. My thirst for blood was acting up again this morning, but there was nothing I could do because I needed to renew my prescriptions and I was out of my medications.

I desided to lay in bed all morning, trying not to think about blood or the party. I drifted off to sleep. I was only asleep for a for moments and then I awoken to a knocking on my door. I asked who it was and the voice on the other side replied, "It's me, Kitty. May I come in?" I got up and welcomed her inside. She seemed hesitant to ask me something but she also seemed to be hiding something as well.

"Okay, Kitty." I said, "What do you want?"

"Well, you were the maiden before me," she replied, "I don't want to take your job, but I need it you see and I was hoping we could do it together. If you don't mind and if Miss Melloney allows it, that is."

"I see," I questioned, "so you're willing to share?"

"Yes," she said with open arms.

"I'm okay with it. I just don't want you going back to the shelters. That's a horrible life." I told her.

"What?" Kitty cried, "how did you find out?"

"Miss Melloney told me," I told her.

"Oh," she sighed, "I guess that was okay."

"Is something wrong?" I asked her.

"No," Kitty said, "I just don't like people knowing where I come from, that's all."

"I see," I felt bead for her.

"I have something to ask you," she hesitated, "Marie, are you? Are you a, um... Are you are vampire?"

"What?!" I screamed, "As if!"

"Well," she said, "by the way you reacted, I'd say you are a vampire. Maire, it's okay because you're part human. I'm also part human. I am a demon, part cat, you see? These ears? They are not clip ons, they are real. Touch them, see?"

As I felt her furry cat ears and pulls on gave them each a little tug she purred. "Wow," I was in shock, I had never known that cat demons existed, only dog demons, but if dog demons could exist, then surely cats could too. I continued rubbing her ears as she continued to pure, but then my thirst for blood acted up and I leaned in to bite her neck. I just couldn't help myself, he demon blood smelled so good. That's how she knew I was half vampire and part human, she could smell my blood when she vaccume the floor by my feet, she was so close to me. That explains it!

She sensed I was about to bite her and she quickly grabbed my shirt and pulled my closer. "What are you doing?" I yelled at her, "you're supposed to push me away, I don't have my medications to prevent my cravings, you need to leave."

"No," she said, "it's okay. You can have some of my blood. I want to serve you. I want you to be my master. I am a cat, a money cat. A cat with out a master is nothing but a stray. I don't want to be a money stay, please, keep me as yours and let me call you master?"

"Seriously?" I questions her, "I thought dogs had masters and cats longed to be free."

"Yes," she said, "but no. Only cats that long to be free are ones who are not trust worthy and are evil. I am not an evil cat, I am a pure heart, there for I need a master to remain pure or I will turn a stay and go dark. Please be my master Marie?"

"Alright," I told her, "I will be your master and you will be my Kitty." I leaned in to drink her blood and she whispered the words thank you for being my master while embracing me as I gently bit into her neck. After satisfying my urge, I stoled and healed her neck. She then kissed me on the check and asked me what I wanted her to do next. I told her to lay on my bed and rest with me for a while.

After we rested. I got into my maiden outfit and put on my maiden crown. Kitty and I talked Melloney into having both of us clean for her so we both had a job in the castle. We were both very happy. Kitty was even more happy than I was, because she had a master now and she was no longer a stray falling into the darkness.

After resting most of the morning from six till seven, Kitty and I cleaned the castle from top to bottom from seven eight in the morning after breakfast till about one in the afternoon. Finally, I had revived a call from my doctors office in New York saying that my new doctor could see me in Montana finally, rather than them just mailing me my prescriptions every time.

Kitty wanted to come so I let her, sense it was just a check up and to get my medications. I had already went for my physical last week, so I'm glad that was out of the way. After walking a long ways into town, I realized I was lost and couldn't remember the way to the doctors office. Once Kitty figured this out, she took my hand and lead me there like a guide dog. How nice it was, but I usually don't except help from other people, but then again, she was part cat, so yeah.

Once we got into the doctors office, the nurse, Ruby asked me all these questions as if I was having an other physical. Finally she left and the doctor came in. He then asked my why I was taking such a high dosage of Niferex and said three hundred milligrams was much to high for a young girl like myself or any human under two hundred pounds. Niferex is what my iron pills are called. Then he went on about how Lanolin Injections of two thousand, eight hundred kilograms could bring the dead back to life. The injection is for when my heart stops, and that's exactly what it's for, to bring me back to life when I haven't had blood for so long, but I couldn't tell the doctor that, could I? Hey doc, I'm half vampire so I need this stuff! As if! Like hell I could say that.

Then just as I was thinking that, he asked me if I was a vampire. Oh my goodness! I can't believe a doctor actually just asked me that. So yeah, my doctor in New York knew about me, but he was chill with it. Dr. Sky was his name. Maybe this is why he recommended Dr. Perchilli, maybe because he'd be okay with it too? So I went for the opening and said, Why not? Sure, I'm a vampire, but only half vampire.

I was done for. He then went on and on about how his family served vampires back in the day and gave me a huge history lesson that I did not need to nor did I want to even know about. I tried to interrupt him, but he just went on and on about the history of how his family was loyal to vampires called the Pure Hearts. Wait, the Pure Hearts? Didn't I hear my grandmother say something about how they were all dead because they killed themselves because they wished to become human so badly they tried to live like humans and were all half vampires like me that could go into the sun light, but then one day there was a war but the didn't drink blood so they were weak and they lost? They all died, he said. The legacy of the Pure Harts could continue with me, he hinted.

I was unsure of it all, and I can't turn anyone into a vampire anyway. I told him this but then he said that there is a way to turn someone, but he said I can't just bite them, they have to drink some of my blood in return. That, he told me, is how the Pure Hearts spears other than giving birth. Half vampires have the chance to give live birth unlike regular vampires, he continues talking, but I already knew all this but that one thing about turning people. I never even wanted to know that thing. I don't want to curse someone's life like mine.

After some tears dripped from my eyes, he gave me my medications to take home. Kitty wiped them away. Then we went home after Dr. Perchilli appalogized for upsetting me.

So, Monday on the seventeenth is when I finally got my medications in the late afternoon. It was a great relief.

I was missing my kitting Moonlight. I had her when I was about sixteen, but when I turned seventeen one day we were out and she got hit by a car. I loved her dearly. Grandmother said she was black with white paws and long silky fur. Sadly though, she was born blind, just like I was. Moonlight was my best friend even more than Emily. Emily had grown distant from me because of school and after class projects, but Moonlight was always there for me until that one night of the full moon.

Moonlight and I used to go on picnics together in the town park, we had so very much fun. We used to listen to music, the radio or cds in my bedroom. She even used to claw up evil vampire faces that would appears behind me before I could react. We were a team, a force of love and power. Moonlight and I loved each other so much. Cats are supposed to hate water, but she would take the longest bouble baths with me almost ever night. I would scrub her down as she would shower me with her melody of puring.

I had a nightmare that she was looking for her mother and I was with her, but she doesn't know her mother died when she was born. She was looking for her mother here in Montana at the bottom of the lake. She smelt her mothers sent because it was her ashes were thrown in that lake. I tried to explain this to her, but she wouldn't listen. She kept swiping down to the very bottom and circling around for a long time then coming up for air. She kept doing this till, she did not come back up at all. I screamed of tears and jumped in after her. I pulled out of the water, her cold drowned, body, that had been dead for three years. Rotten, with bones even showing and decay.

I screamed and threw her body back in the lake, then she turned back to life and suddenly couldn't swim anymore. My poor baby, I killed her. What have I done?! I screamed this over and over, until I woke up with Kitty tight in my arms.

It was about four more days until the halloween party in New York. Today is October eighteenth. Miss Melloney has all the butlers working hard to pack her things. I would have been stuck packing my own stuff, if it weren't for Miss Kitty always there by my side sense yesterday. She had been stuck to me like glue. She even moved all her stuff, which wasn't much, from her room next to Dean's into the small corner of mine. She had put her blanket at the foot of my bed and slept there all night long. It was kind of an invasion, but at the same time it was comforting to know someone cares and isn't afraid of me, but also wants to serve me rather than me serve them for a change. That's kind of sweat, I think.

Sadly, someone has to stay behind and watch over the castle in Montana. Kinro can't because he needs to stay by Miss Melloney's side, but then again he's the only one other than the princess who can do her work while she's away. Jeffry has to stay behind and tend to the garden or else the flowers will die. So, we're having a meeting this afternoon on who's staying and who's going. I know I'm going, that's for sure.

Kitty and I cleaned up after breakfast quickly that morning and started on our chores. We washed the dishes, mopped the floors, wiped the counter tops, cleaned out the cabinets and polished the silver. After the kitchen was done, we headed into the halls. We vacuumed the floors, wiped down the windows, washed the walls and fluffed the curtains.

Once we were done with cleaning every hall and changing the sheets in every bedroom, we went to sip tea with Miss Melloney. It was nice to relax for a bit and it was also nice to have help, even though I get half the pay. It's still about one thousand a month so I'm not complaining.

During the meeting, we talked about who would stay here in the castle and protect it against thieves and take on all the work that needed to be done. Jeffry had to stay behind and everyone knew this, but it was okay because he didn't enjoy halloween. It wasn't for him, you might say. Kinro desided he had to stay behind and do the work for Miss Melloney so she could enjoy her first halloween party with out his guidance. Chris and Dean were ordered by Kinro to watch over her and take his place at the party and in New York, for the whole trip. They willingly agreed and accepted their duty.

Three more days until the halloween party in New York. Emily had called to remind us that the party is on the twenty first and not the twenty eighth of October. She though we might get confused because she said one week before halloween and she wasn't including the week of halloween because there's only one two days in that week, Sunday and Monday. We told her we understood her just fine and were already preparing ourselves.

Kinro called the air port to insure that the plain was safe and that there were no peanuts on board because Miss Melloney is highly allergic to them. He must have double checked like ten times over the phone with the manager and several flight attendants. Well, at least we all knew she's be safe from peanuts!

Dean was practicing his marshal arts along side Chris encase any bad guys were to try and take Miss Melloney their princess. It was fun listening to them make different weird sounds and noises. When I was trained, I was tout not to make any sound at all so no one could hear me coming or know I was attacking someone near by. I still had to breath out hard when I left myself open for an attack, that's self defence to do so while striking my opponent.

Kitty and I were distracted by what everyone else was doing all morning, so we didn't get our choose done till six at night rather than twelve in the afternoon. It was okay though, everything was fine and Melloney understood sense she was distracted herself. After cleaning, I practiced magic with James as Kitty watched. We must have been doing magic till around ten at night because we had missed dinner and I had to make pasta which I really don't like much because of tomato sauce. It's just not for me, I'd rather drink blood cold than have tomato anything.

Today is Wensday the nineteenth. It's was five in the morning when my alarm clock hard gone off. Kitty and I took a shower together and we washed each other's hair and bodies. While in the shower, the soap bar slipped out of my hands and Kitty tried to ketch it, but she ended up slipping and sliding all over the place. Once she thought she finally had her balance she had grabbed on to the shower curtain and it came down on both of our heads. Then suddenly the water ran cold for the first time ever! I was so mad at Kitty, but I knew she didn't mean to be clumsy. Cats have great balance, just not in water I have realized.

After we had gotten dried off, fixed the shower curtain and gotten dressed, I headed to the white room to practice piano. Kitty didn't fallow me because she was worried I was still upset with her for making my morning start off painful and yeah, I kind of was a little.

There I was, playing piano, minding my own business. Then out of no where Jimmy comes in the room and wraps his arms around me. I didn't know how to react so I did nothing but continue playing. Then after a while it got annoying having his weight on my shoulders. Just as I was about to yell at him to let me play and leave me alone, he grabbed my hands to make me stop. Then he put my own hands on my shoulders and leaned me backwards. Next he kissed me on the lips and tried to make out with me.

"What the hell?!," I pushed my hands in his face away from mine and spun my legs around the bench facing him, "I have a boyfriend and you're like a brother to me. What the hell?!" I screamed in his face.

"I'm in love with you," he said, "why don't you find me attractive? I look just like James."

"Hello," I argued, "I am blind."

"So what?!" He shouted, "I have a better paying job then James and I can treat you to more romance than he ever could."

"I, I don't care about that!" I muttered, under my berth, even though I did care about that a lot I couldn't bring myself to say it because of what he just did. He kissed me with out asking. It was un called for, for me to lie, but still. I felt I had to.

"I know you do care." He remarked, "you're always buying fancy things for yourself. Wouldn't you like it if your boy friend could buy you fancy things too?"

I had to agree with him, I couldn't lie about that. He spoke the truth. Sadly, James doesn't even feel al that worthy of me and he even told me this himself. Honestly, I do like Jimmy a lot, but I can't just dump James. Well, I did dump Jimmy like that. Oh my, what am I supposed to do, say you're not rich so I don't think it will work out? That's heartless. I could never do that.

"I bout you something Marie," Jimmy whispered, "it's a butterfly ring, the one the jeweler said you were saving up to buy. Here you go. It's yours now."

"I can't except this," I told him, "because we're not dating and I love you as a brother and I can't say I love you at all as a lover. I'm sorry, but I just can't."

"Then take it as a gift from your brother my dear." He said in a soft voice, "You don't need to feel any guilt."

"Thank you," I said, "but still, are you sure?"

"I'm sure." He whispered as he slipped it on my middle finger.

We headed into the kitchen for breakfast where Kitty was waiting for me. Miss Melloney and everyone was already at the table. James happened to also be in the kitchen.

"How could you Marie?!" James cried while staring at the ring.

"How could I what?" I asked James, sense he seemed really upset.

James ran out of the room yelling "and I really loved you Marie!"

"Wait!" I called out to him, but it as too late.

I could feel Niko glaring at me from across the room, "What happened Niko?" I asked her.

"What do you mean, what happened? You dumped James and put on that ring and went for Jimmy who has more money, that's what happened!" She shouted at me.

"What? No! That's not what happened!" I cried. I took off the ring and turned to Jimmy, "You said this was a gift as my brother to sister not boyfriend to girlfriend!" Then I slapped him, sat the ring on the table and walked out of the kitchen through the opposite door James went through. I could hear Niko bleating up Jimmy while I was walking in the hall way to get my cleaning supplies. I also hear here say something about it being a test that James was wanting to marry me, but Jimmy said if he could get me to wear the ring then i am a gold digger. James thinks I broke up with him because of Jimmy, he deserves to get beaten by Niko. I never should have believed he wanted to give it to me as just my brother after he kissed me like that. Uhg! This is killing me and making me scrub the walls of the halls even harder today. I don't have Kitty helping me for some reason, maybe she thinks bad of me too now. I don't know.

After beating everything clean to death, I tried to skip out on afternoon tea with Miss Melloney because I was so embraced for being tricked like that. Though, Kitty came and got me. She dragged me to afternoon tea in the garden. James had been waiting for me there. He appalogized for thinking I would dump him for something like money. Then I told him I heard Niko say something about him wanting to marry me, but he denied it. Oh well I thought, so I quickly changed the subject and asked him how work was going. He told me that he doesn't want to do his job anymore. He said he wants to be a doctor instead. I told him he'd have to go to school for a long time for that, but before I could finish talking he said he already had a degree back from when he went to college two years ago. I asked him if he had a degree why he wasn't a doctor now. He said it was because even though he had the license, no hospitals in the area were hiring. Once he said that I boldly understood. So James is an actual doctor, who would have guessed. Wow.

It was Thursday the twentieth of October, one day before the halloween party in New York. We were getting ready to leave that night, all except for Kinro, Jeffry and sadly Jimmy as well because of what he did Miss Melloney was upset with him as well. Kinro and Jerry didn't do anything wrong, they both just had to stay behind and do work. I felt bad for Kinro, but not for Jimmy.

By noon, Kitty and I had cleaned everything from floor to ceiling in the castle before our trip. Everything was packed and ready to go. We had tea with Miss Melloney and then that late afternoon I went out on a romantic date with James for a walk in the woods. We talked a lot and held hands. We even made out for about two hours at the bridge over the river.

Come night fall, we all ran around grabbing our things. We hopped in the limo and then on the air plane. It took about two hours just to get on the plane and about an hour just to get to the air port. So three hours total of waiting around doing nothing. Once on the plane, Dean got the window seat and Chris got the isle seat with Melloney in the middle.

Once we got to New York, we took an other limo to the hotel we were staying at that Miss Melloney had chosen. Then we got into the hotel room which was huge just like last time we were in New York, but this time it was bigger. We all got our costumes out and set them on the chairs or tables next to our bed sides for the next night on Friday. Friday morning we'll be busy in New York helping manage the table at the convention in the day time before the party at night because the old pervert wrote the manta and wants us to help sell it. The table is called Vampire Maiden.

Early in the morning, we all woke up to an alarming call from Kinro saying there had been a brake in. Some thieves broke into the castle and tried to steal the silver he said, he tried to stop them with Jeffry and Jimmy's help, but they were out numbered by five. Surprisingly, Micheal, the one butler who's usually never around and who is a substitute butler and rarely ever works at the castle stoled by for pie and ended up using kick ass moves from marshal art skills and got them all to go away, but it was too late for Jeffry because they had already hurt him badly. Kinro called to let us know he was in the hospital.

Miss Melloney was sad about Jeffry being hurt, but she was also worried about the flowers. So she asked my friend Emily to transport over there and go heal him. Emily did this for the both of them. She healed Jeffry and he went home just fine that morning with out a scratch. Emily had to burn the doctor papers so there was no evidence he was hurt in the first place so they didn't know she was a witch or that he was healed using magic.

After we all had ordered room service for breakfast and eaten, we got dressed and headed for the convention center. We looked all around for the old man's table but we couldn't find it. Then I got a text message saying from him saying it was in the back corner. We all went over there and there was a tone of people who wanted me to sign their manta copies. I was amazed on the amount of people.

Come afternoon, we had chines food in the food court. It was really good. We ate with the old pervert who apparently writes great manta ans a bunch of random people joined us. It was pretty nice, but crowded. We then went back to the hotel room and relax before the halloween party. I listened to music while everyone else watched a movie.

It was six at night and we were all getting dressed. The guys were putting on make up to look like zombies and Melloney was fixing up her hair. Me, I was just in my maiden outfit. No big deal. Kitty was in her usual maiden outfit as well. When we were on the way to the party, our limo got a flat tire. So we had to wait about an hour till someone came out to fix it while on the free way. It was about eight at night when we got there and the pray had started at seven. Miss Melloney was very upset. The guys went straight for the snack table, except for Chris and Dean who had to stay by Melloney's side. We danced to music and ate lots of candy for halloween. There was a halloween band and everything. It was awesome.

Later that night, we went to the japanese garden for dinner. It was calm and relaxing. I really enjoyed the classical music and smells of sweat vanilla and oak in the air. We staid there talking for an hour or so while eating very slowly and drinking tea. After everyone was finished, we split the bill and headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest.

The next morning, Emily stopped by to say hi. Then there was an investigator at the door of our hotel room. It was non other than Jake. He was working on a case with his boss in the hotel because there was a murder of a hooker last night. We al had alibis. Jake and Emily kept staring at each other and we all knew they were in love. So Melloney finally yelled at them to go out on a date.

While they went out for coffee at Coco's, the rests of us went to Starbucks. We had good coffee and chocolate marble cake to share. It was a good miring other than knowing someone had died the night before. New York coffee is the best coffee, in my opinion.

Later around noon, we all went back to the hotel and packed up our stuff. We got into the limo and on the air plane to head back to Montana. The weather was bad, so we had to wait about five hours for a storm to clear. It was nine at night when we got on the plane and one in the morning when we finally got back home. It was ridiculous, I say. We could have just transported back home, but no, we had to fly in a dangerous air plane. Just ridiculous.

Once we got home we all unpacked out bags and then went straight to bed. Kitty and I ended up staying awake and cleaning up after the mess the thieves had made in the front room. We cleaned all morning till sun rise. Then we went to bed.

It was an other boring morning of cleaning and afternoon of tea, or so I thought. Let me tell you a story about a package that came in the mail this week for Dean. He gave it to Niko who told me this tail...

It was Monday afternoon, Dean got a package in the mail from an old relative who was thought to be dead. He opened it up. It was an old mirror, that was handed down the family generation for years. He didn't care for it at all. So he gave it to me, Niko. The moment I looked into that mirror I felt a chill run down my spine. I had no idea the horrors that it held or the curse that it had put upon me. I simply hung it in Dean's room that we shared in the castle across from the window, by the bed. Who knew when moon light hit it the spec was to activate.

That night, dean and I were stopping wine on the bench in front of the window. The moon was full and shined the freaky beam of light from the window to the mirror and on to me. I saw it, but Dean was clueless to the fact. I pointed it out and everything, but he missed it because the glow only lasted for a few seconds. I knew something was up with that mirror right then and there. But what could it be? I wondered....

That night, we went to sleep, I drempt horrible nightmares. They seemed so realistic, I woke up screaming. Dean freaked out and helled me down asking me what was wrong at midnight, then he grabbed a knife and started stabbing me to death! Then, I woke up, he was a sleep. It was just a dream. I tried to wake Dean up, but he wouldn't move. Then I realized he was dead. I began crying like mad, only to be shaken by Dean waking me up. It was a horrible nightmare.

Thuesday, it was all a dream...

I woke up to the castle on fire in the sidle of the night. There was smoke everywhere. I called out for Dean, he was no where to be found. I tired to escape, but I couldn't find any doors to the out side or windows. I was trapped. The castle was burning down. I ran into a bathroom and filled a tub with watter and climbed inside it. Then the watter turned black and a monster with tentacles came at me out of the tub. I jumped out and ran for my life. I ran towards the fire and jumped over it. I became trapped into a small smoke filled room. Then I screamed and I woke up to the sound of tuning water.

The castle was being flooded. I was in Dean's room. Everything was under water and I couldn't breath. I opened the window and everything went pouring outside, including me! I grabbed onto the tree limb. As I was hanging there, I realized it wasn't a tree limb but a snake! I let go and dropped to the ground about twelve feet into an ocean. I swam for my life as the sharks came after me. I tried to go back up the tree, but half way up I realized it was covered in fire ants.

As I fell to my death into the waters with the sharks, I opened my eyes and there I was, in bed next to Dean who was yelling at me to wake up. He said, its only a dream, you don't have to cry anymore. So I stopped screaming and I hugged him, only to have him turn into a pile of mud in my arms. And then the whole too, started melting into mud as well. My hands and my face, my arms and my legs, they were like hot wax under a flame. I was still asleep.

It was wensday and I was still asleep like melting candle wax I was slowly withering away. The walls were coming down and the bed was on the ground. I tried to open my mouth to scream but it was metaled shut and sliding off my face. I shut my eyes from the horror and screamed inside my mind.

Opening my eyes, I was laying in bed and there was this invisible man, a ghost on top of me holding me down. I couldn't breath because he was pushing so hard on my chest with on hand and he had his other hand in my underwear going up the slit of my vagina. There is was in Dean's room and a ghost was rapping me! He then put his whole hand inside of me.

Tears ran down my face from the pain it cause me. I took my arms and slammed them on the bed a bunch of times to get someone to come help me. My arm hit something other than the bed, it was Dean and I had woken him up. He asked me why I was laying thee with my panties down on the bed and why my face was turning purple. I couldn't reply, I just continued pouring treats out of my eyes and then trying to push the ghost off of me. He then figured out what was going on. But rather than help me, he graved a yellow and helled it down over my face. I couldn't breath at all then.

Just as I passed out, I screamed with what little breath I had. I then woke up and it was wensday afternoon. I got dressed and walked to the front room where people usually where. They were all talking about how I was in comma and that the were worried about me. I told them I was right here, but when I went to hug Dean, my arms went right through him. Was it all a dream or was I dead?

I was trapped between two worlds, the waking and the dream world. I was floating between the two and I could see all that was going on. My body was in the hospital setting in the room next to Dean's room. I had tubes hooked up to me to keep me breathing. My brain wave activity was off the charts. The doctors Miss Melloney had hired were totally confused, especially with me being a vampire it was hard enough for them to deal. It all seemed hopeless.

Then, around midnight of Thursday, Dean came to check on my body. He couldn't take watching me suffer any more. He unplugged the wires and pulled out all the tubes. Last but not least, he helled a knife up high over my chest and was about to cut out my heart. No vampire can live with the heart being removed and cut into two pieces. I screamed for him to stop as the knife came down. The lights went out.

I woke up, back in Dean's room, I had a knife in my hand covered in blood. There was Dean on the floor, dead with his heart on the yellow of the bed next to me cut in two. I did this?! How could I? He was my lover! We were supposed to get married! I cried till my eyes fell out into my hands. There they were, my eye balls were in my hands looking at my face. I screamed.

Friday was a whole new day. Marie, Melloney and Emily were in my dream. They were asking me all these questions about if anything had been strange before I went to bed on Monday. I told them that the mirror had glowed, but it could have been my imagination. They then did all this research on the mirror and where it originally came from, who made it and why and all that stuff. Turns out, the mirror was made to protect the Covent family from falling in love with vampires. Legend has it that if one is to look in the mirror on a full moon and not wake up the next day, that person is a vampire.

Oh great, so Dean's family really was into hunting vampires. That's just swell. At least he doesn't do it anymore, and he is one now so why would he hunt his own kind right? They did their research and it said the only way to wake the vampire put under its spell is to brake the mirror and burn the pieces.

They then left my dream and I woke up in the room next to Dean's with all the tubes and wires attached to me. The doctors were amassed that I came out of it so quickly. Marie and Emily were in the room by my side asking me if I was okay. I was just fine. Then Dean walked in the room with Melloney and said that he buried the pieces just to be safe.

That's my story of how I almost never woke up. The nightmare of nightmares with in an other world of dreams. The one that I could not escape on my own.

It was Monday, October thirty first; halloween. It was a foggy morning and leaves of fall blew through the air.The morning was dificalt, setting up all the decorations. It was fun though making pumpkin pie even though I hate the taste. I prefer apple pie. I spent most of the morning cleaning inside and setting up decorations out side. It was so cold with all the wind, and I could hear the wolves howling early in the morning which was odd. The birds were singing and the crickets were cheeping, which was very nice most like a song it seemed.

There was a special service at the church for halloween to drive the evil Satin out of the minds of children and prevent them from doing evil things. Miss Melloney had the service performed on herself and all the butlers, including Dean and Niko. I myself decided why not, and Kitty joined in too.

Afternoon tea was different. We had coco rather than tea and pie rather than sandwiches. There was red mist in the air as night fell and the moon turned crimson red. I put in my red contacts and stood out side for a photo next to the moon. The manta artist wanted to sell buttons that people could pin on their shirts and bags and they would all have awesome photos of us on them for neat profit. The halloween ones were special he had told me repeatedly.

Niko was in the woods mixing potions and trying out new spells. She attracted a lot of different animals. One of them happened to be a ware wolf in monster form. He attacked her thinking she had food or that she was food. She protected herself the only way she could at the time, by turning him to stone. He was a stone statue. She figured she would un do the spell after the party and use the statue as the center peace for decoration. So she levitated it and made it float all the way to the front of the castle where the party was going to be held. All the butlers complimented her on the statue, but I felt a soul inside it so I asked her to tell me the truth about it and she did. That's how I found out. We decided it shouldn't hurt to use him for just a few hours sense he tried to kill Niko.

It was six o'clock and the party was on! People showed up from all over town. I was in my maiden outfit and the butlers were themselves. Kitty was dressed as a maiden like she always was, just like me and Niko had on a mini skirt and a jean jacket. We ate turkey, pumpkin and apple pie, steak, mashed potato's and so much candy!

Around eight o'clock were all dancing to heavy metal music and some old fashion rock and roll. Then out of no where we were over ran by wholes. People ran from all ends. They were making vicious sounds and snaring at one an other. By the time the wolves made it to the statue, the people were all gone. Niko knew what she had to do. They wanted the other wolf set free, but he wasn't just any ware wolf.

A bunch of ware wolves in human form came out of the woods and to the statue and demanded to know who did it and why. Niko was scared. I stood up to them and told them that he had attacked my friend for no apparent reason. They apologize for him and asked that he be set free at once. Niko then said she did it and she was sorry and that she planned to release him after the party. They were mad that she used him as decoration. She then un did the spell ad they talked to him as if he was their leader.

Turns out, he was the leader of their pack. Niko and I had no idea. They were all very mad at both of us. They said they'd let us off the hook even though they hate vampires, but only because I was one of the Guardians of Harmon and we both helped Miss Melloney who they all respected, their princess.

All in all it was a good halloween. We became friends with the Hallo Clan and almost made enemies with them and their leader, but it all worked out. We fount out the day before that Dean's last name is Covent and he has hunting skills that could help us with stuff later in the future. The party in New York was fun and so was the party here. The convention was a surprise. Manta and now he selling buttons too? Wow. I'm so excited for the new year to come. But this year feels like its still just getting started!

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