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Vampire Maiden:

Stand Still, Candy Crust?


Rated PG 17+

Nothing changes when things are supposed to change. Summer has come and gone, so has fall, now its winter yet the leaves never fell and the snow never came. What on earth could be causing this horrible mishab in weather? A man gets shot in a bank robbery, but appears to be just fine; how could this be? An evil spell has been cast upon the world again and it's up the the Gaurdians of Harmon to undo that which has been wronged. The ware wholves beging fighting each other, the two clans are upset with there being no sesonal change so they try to fight each other to the death, but no one dies. They can't die, they are all curse along with the rest of the world. While everyone else is standing still in time, one little boy walks through the town seeming older with every day. The hHarmon girls and the butlers try to track down the person responsible for all of this using a magic locator, but everytime they come close they smell something sweat and find... Candy crust, left behind at every seen. A butler and a docter get into forbidin relations, my what has the world come to?
Come and find out by reanding this chapter...



Dear Diary,

Halloween has come and gone, it's been a while sense I've written anything inside of you. Though, that's only because I have been very busy cleaning and practicing piano daily. Also, I have falling madly in love with my boyfriend James. It's December and Christmas is on its way here. I don't know what to get as for a gift.

November, oh how it passed smoothly through the air with glee. As if no one can recall the horrid past of September and October and oh yes, I am so glad no one but few recall or even dare to keep the years in the mind of what already happened through out two thousand eleven till two thousand twelve. The past has been brought back, the future has been erased and renewed. Now we can all start fresh, even Annabell and Draco get a second chance to be our friends.

November, it has slipped by as if the wind were blowing through air and not to move a thing. Nothing I say, nothing changed at all. No one grew older, no one died, no new births were born. Not even new weeds sprouted in the garden. It's as if life were standing still. The was no snow, the leaves did not change color, nor did they fall. Something was wrong with world, something had to be done.

A whole month went by with out anyone noticing the change of no change, but me. November has come and gone, so has October. The spell must have started sometime in October on the night of the full moon is what I believe. No telling if the others will believe me or not, but something has to be done. It is now December, nothing has changed, no snow, no fog, no leaves have fallen. It is chilly out like in October, but not cold enough to wear a jacket. Something had to be done.

I helled a meeting with Miss Melloney and the butlers. I called Amanda and Chrissy, then I added Emily on three way. I put them on speaker for the meeting and we all talked about how there wasn't any snow yet. I pointed out to them that the leaves did not fall in November like they should have. Then I added that the guy taking my picture said that the moon was red on October thirty first, the night of Halloween.

Chrissy then looked up all spells that could be done under a red moon on Halloween night that could do any of these things. She had found something and screamed. We all stood by waiting for her to tell us what it was but she just froze up. Amanda then read the spell title in a whisper, "Stand Still" then she began crying in a whimper. This had to be bad, I mean, I Chrissy couldn't even bring herself to explain it to us and nether could Amanda the brave one, the this had to be just awful.

Emily looked it up using the title in her data base. "Stand Still," she said, "its were a person speaks a spell on the night of a full red moon and under the moon gives a sacrifice of a human soul. Which then makes the world immortal for eternity, never growing, never aging, but the draw back is that new life can not be produced, nor can new plants or fruits grow. That is the price. No one needs food to survive, but when the spell is over, those who did not eat will die. You can get shot by guns and live, but once the spell is over, you will die. The longest this spell can last is ten fifty years. Those who should have aged will age after the spell is over. So those over ninety will die." She said this with much concern. She seemed as if she was going to cry as she reached the end. I asked her how to undo the spell. She then said, "There is no way to undo the spell, it has to work it's way through the universe."

"Come on," Miss Melloney begged, "isn't there some way to put an end to it?"

"Yes," Emily said, "There are two ways. One is to chop of the head of the one who cast the spell. The other is to burn the corps of the sacrificed, saving it's soul from the depths of hell and releasing it into the heavens. But, the corps, will be heavily guarded with all the pieces in different places; we have to burn every piece to be succesful, and the one who cast the spell is probably strong and will be hard to kill."

"I'd rather burn the corps than kill someone, plus we'd be saving the pore soul from hell." Melloney cried.

"I'd rather do both," I spoke with my fingers in a knot, "I'm pissed off enough with the whole sacrifice thing. If that person has done it once, no telling when they'll do it again."

"I agree with Marie," Amanda shouted.

"I also agree," Chrissy said still with chills in her voice, "it's a horible thing to do, kill some one for a spell, when there are many supplements, and if there isn't one for a certain spell then you shouldn't use it."


The worst thing about the stand still spell, is that the sacrifice could still be alive. The monster who did this could have just sacrificed a few years of that person's life spand rather than killing them, so they will suffer and age daily, but, after the spell ends, that person will die. It's a real shame. We could still end the stand still spell by burning them alive, but how could I do such a thing? You'd first have to behead the person and them set their body to flames. That's a horrible way to go.

Sadly, the one who did the stand still spell is able to kill people even though no one is able to die... you can behead someone and they will sleep until the spell wares off and then they will be dead and hou can't just reattach their head ether. Emily and Chrissy decided to use magic to locate the one responsible for the killings and the stand still spell. Turns out it was the same person, but every time we got to the location just as the killings were happening there was ether a ware wolf or a huge bird taring up the place. Before any of us could react, it was gone just like that.

We continued to find traces of animal prints turning into human shoe prints with candy crust in them. It was odd. Was this person a ware wolf, some kind of bird, transformer or what? Maybe it was a kind of special vampire, because all the bodies we found were drained of their blood. I have no idea what's going on here.

Later that night, Dr. Perchilli was drinking and crying in a booth at a local bar. Chris walked in the bar, thinking Perchilli was a woman and asked what was wrong. Perchilli said it was nothing, just being blunt honest saying he had a bad day at work and blamed it all on hormones. Chris offered to buy Perchilli an other drink. They drank and talked for a while about Perchilli's job, being a doctor. They talked about Chris and how he was a butler. It became eleven and the bar was closing. Chris walked Perchilli home and they made out the bench out side Perchilli's apartment.

Soon after, it became midnight. Dr. Perchilli had work in the morning so he asked Chris to leave. Chris agreed with Perchilli saying he also had work in the morning. Chris walked Perchilli to the door and then walked home alone. On his way home he got picked up by Dean, Niko and Micheal in Micheal's van. Kept quiet until he got home. The next day, he bragged about his hot new girl friend Perchilli. I happened to over hear this and I asked him if it wad Dr. Perchilli and he said yes. I thought to myself, Dr. Perchilli is a man, not a girl... but then again, Chris has a secret doll colection maybe he is secretly gay? I decided that he must know the truth, and kept that fact to myself.


The next day we heard on the news about the murders. Heads chopped off, limbs torn apart, insides ripped out, blood drained and dicks chopped off. They were calling it a sexist serial murderer. They also found traces of candy crust, even DNA in the saliva of the candy crust left behind. Though still, they had no suspects. It was a nightmare in the day.

Kitty and I went shopping that afternoon rather than having tea with Miss Melloney. We bout all sorts of things for potions. Wolf's hair, Wolf's fang, Rosemary, special tea leaves, many different hurbs, baking soda, white crystals for protection and more.

While we we out, we saw the boy selling paper. He was very nice. Kitty bout a new paper from him to keep updated because she likes to read. Me, I don't usual read anything, not even special books for blind people. I just read manga and listen to books, if you know what I mean. The boy was about twelve years old, but last time we saw him, just last week, he seemed to be ten years old. We suspected him to be the sacrifice, but we didn't have the heart to kill him even if he was and even if it would put an end to this madness.

Anyways, we got his phone number to keep in touch and his address of where he lives and told him he could come by the castle any time he wanted. We did tell him noon was best because that was for tea time. He was really happy that he was aloud in the castle and invited to tea time with the princess's maidens.

We hurried back home to tell everyone of our suspicion and they were all concerned for the boy's health. They were all like, not the innocent paper boy! Emily and Chrissy used magic to check the boy's health with out him knowing while he was asleep. Turns out he was the one, but the real bummer was, there could be more out there who are cursed.


The next day after Kitty and I had finished cleaning, we decided to go for a walk in the park on a cloudy day. The earth never changed, but some how the sky always did and the wind would blow on and off but it would never touch the ground. While we were in the park Kitty saw some dogs fighting over was seemed to be meat on a bone. Kitty wanted some, but she was afraid of dogs, I told her the meat was probably bad anyway. Still she thought the dogs didn't deserve the meat, so she asked me to take it away and so I did. When Kitty picked it up, she screamed and dropped it right away. I asks her if it was bad meat, she said no, she was freaked because it was a human's jaw.

We reported it to the park ranger near by feeding the ducks. He asked us to take over feeding them for him and so we did. We went out on the boat and fed the ducks in the pond. One of them bit Kitty and so she tried to chase it, but then she realized she was about to jump into cold water and she froze. The ducks quaked as if they were laughing at her, I sware. It was so funny, but sad. She pouted the whole way back to dry land.

Kitty had to go to the bathroom and she was used to going in out door toilets that didn't flush and smelt bad, from when she was homeless. I told her to wait till we got back home, but she couldn't hold it. So she opened the door to the stench and there just had to be a lid on the damn toilet! She lifted up the lid, you think she would have found poop and pee, but she found something else for a shocker... there it was, a dismembered head, with blood shot eyes blinking back at her! Kitty screamed and nearly wet herself.

The head didn't have a jaw, so this is where the dogs must have got it from. I couldn't let the park ranger see this, so I used magic with fire and quickly burned the head to ashes. By the time I was done, Kitty had already relieved herself on a near by tree. It was a total embarasment, at lest no one was around to see her do it but a few ducks.


We headed home and told everyone about the head in the toilet. They were all shocked that the Stand Still spell was that powerful. To keep a man alive even after his head's been chopped off. What horror! And then to die after the spell wares off, what sorrow.

Later that night, Chris went off to meet Perchilli at the bar. Sault, Micheal, Dean and Niko went with him to see this so called girl friend. When they got there, the guys believed Perchilli was a girl, but Niko knew better. If a guy can't tell a man's not a woman, well let's just say it doesn't take a real woman of the un dead to sniff out a fake gal. Though, it was obvious to Niko that Perchilli was gay. The red dress and high heals, kinda gave it away.

Dean, "Wow, what a figure!"

Sault, "That Dr. Perchilli is some hot stuff."

"To bad she's not mine," Micheal bitched, "but then again I can get pretty much any girl I want."

Niko asked Perchilli if she could talk to him in private. Perchilli and her both went into the girls bathroom to talk... Niko didn't know how to ask because she already knew. She just wanted conformation, for some odd reason. So as she was scratching her wrist and eyes wondered about, she started to ask if Chris knew he wasn't a she, but then Perchilli began crying.

"Hey," Niko wondered, "what's wrong?"

"I can't lie to him," Perchilli cried, "I know we've only had one date, but I really like Chris. He doesn't know my secret , but you know it don't you?!"

"So you are gay?" Niko shot out, "you're afraid Chris isn't gay and that he thinks you're a girl, right?"

"Yes, but" Perchilli paused, "If he's not gay, what do I do, I mean, how do I tell him I am?"

"I think," Niko felt bad and knew it was wrong what she was about to say, but she felt that Perchilli had that same look in his eye for Chris that Dean has for her, so she had to..."I think, you should play it out and see if he cares for you. Just be yourself, and see if he can figure it out on his own. Maybe he will love you for you."

"You have Dean," Perchilli remarked, "how can you say maybe he will love me for who I am and forget about what I am when you and Dean are perfect for each other?!"

"We are perfect for each other, but we weren't before."Niko said, "It's not about body and type, its about soul and mind. I see you look at Chris the way Dean looks at me. I know you are good for him, but is he good for you?"

"I'm not sure yet," Perchilli answered, "I wish I knew if he loved me, but I think its to soon to ask even though I know I love him."

"There then," Niko pointed, "you'll just have to drag it out, wont you?"

"I'd hate to lie," Perchilli sighed, "but it seems to be the only thing I can do rather than tell him and get shot down."

They came out of the bathroom and had a few drinks with the guys. They played pool and poker. After a long night of hanging out, they all took a long walk home sense they were to drunk to drive. Perchilli went home with Chris, and it was a long night.


Dr. Perchilli and Chris went into Chris's bed room. They sat down on the bed and made out. Chris gently massaged Perchilli's neck and face while slipping him tounge. They continued for about an hour as Perchilli massaged the lobe of Chris's ears. Chris laid Perchilli down on the bed and laid down on top of Perchilli. They made out some more while breathing deeply. Perchilly then asked Chris if he wanted to have sex, Chris asked if he could do it from the back. Perchilli was relieved and rolled over on to his belly. Chris then pulled down his own pants. Then he lifted up Dr. Perchilli's dress and slowly pulled down his panties and left them just under his cheeks. He laid down and slowly tickled the surface with the tip. Then he gently maneuvered his way inside. Slowly and gently he went in and out then slowly, but surely he built up speed and went faster and harder. Perchilli moaned with excitement and Chris continued through out the night.

In the morning Chris brought Perchilli tea in bed along with some toast and jelly. He was un aware of the fact that Dr. Perchilli was a man, he still believed he was a woman. Perchilli took a quick shower and barrowed one of Chris's butler outfits. They walked down to breakfast and joined everyone in the kitchen where they were making food. Chris helped prepare the eggs. Niko and Dean were cooking bacon. Kitty and Sault were making pancakes.

After breakfast was done being made, everyone sat in the dinging room and waiting for Kinro and Miss Melloney to begin. James was sitting next to me and the smell of his blood made me thirst. I grabbed my glass of water and I chugged it. Everyone was staring at me, but I didn't care. It was ether chug water rudely or bite James at breakfast. What was I supposed to do?

James told me to stop. Then he took his knife and cut the tip of his finger and stuck it in my mouth. It was so good. Damn it was good, but at the breakfast table?! Niko and Dean looked away. Chris was all like what the hell? He didn't know I was part vampire, nether did Sault who fainted from the sight of blood. Great, now they all know. This was just perfect, they just had to find out at breakfast. Then Melloney and kinro walked in the room and she told us to quit it. So we did. In a way it was kind of funny, all I had to do to get rid of my urge was to get yelled at, or was it that because I had already had some was because I nolonger needed it? Ether way, Chris woke Sault up and Melloney told my secret because of what James decided to do.


My secret was out and all the butlers knew. Strangely, they were all okay with it. Most of them still didn't know about Dean and Niko. I can go in the sun, but they can't because their skin will burn off, mine will just peal and become bruised because I'm only half vampire. Sometimes I take that for granite. The only way to kill a true vampire is to chop off their head, but with me a simple dagger through the heart should do, that would kill any human, but no. As long as I have blood with in twenty four hours of being stabbed, I will live. So yeah, you'd have to chop off my head if you were serious about killing me, even though I'm just a half vampire.

So it was a Saturday and I randomly decided to call up Melissa on the phone. I told her about the head in the toilet and about Chris and the sound I heard from his room the other night. She was talking and this is what she said.

OMG, Marie! I can't believe Kitty found a guys head in the toilet! So, it's true? Chris is gay? Wow, he's defiantly not the kind of guy you think would be gay when he's into so many sports and stuff. Did you know that a lot of guys who act tough are actually gay or bi?

I told her I didn't know that.

She continued...

So life has taken a turn for the worst, because of the stand still spell I can't get anything new to happen, not even on my web sites. My creativity just wont flow. What do you think I should do Marie? I am out of luck. No good luck, no back luck, just purely dried up and out of luck. Everything is frozen in time and if no new people are being born, that means no new animals are being born, no new plants, soon we'll all starve. Thanks to the spell, we'll live for a while after we should have starved to death, but after the spell ends we will all die.

I had to agree with her, I mean, what else could I do, she was right. But there was nothing we could do at this point, but keep trying to track down the evil bitch behind this all.


Dear Diary,

It was Sunday afternoon and I was growing tired searching for the mastermind behind this so called stand still spell. I was growing irritable of Chris and how he didn't know about Dr. Perchilli and that Perchilli would drag things on for so long. It's been two weeks. Chris is obviously in love, why doesn't Perchilli just tell Chris the truth? Wow, this is making me so frusterated. If only Perchilli knew Chris had a doll collection. I should show him while Chris is working. That's it, that's what I'll do! Then Perchilli wont feel bad about admitting his true feelings and showing that he is male and not female.

So last night, Oh Diary, I had the strangest dream... there was this woman... she had two braids in pig tails on ether side side of her head and one big bun centered on top of her head in a heart shape. She wore all read and black. It was a dress with long sleeves and a high collar. The dress its self was black and it had pretty flower patterns on it in red. She wore red oval glasses that fit her face well and her eyes glanced over them with an evil grin. She wore black Converse boots with with buckles that strapped across from left to right on ether side and a thick high heal.

The woman in my dream had her eyes glowing red. I looked into her eyes and what I saw was an animal transforming from human to wolf, to eagle, to panther and then back to human. She was no ordinary girl herself. I wondered in my dream if it was a dream or if I was having a vission. When I woke up, the whole idea just seemed ridiculous. Come on, a human transforming into several animals? No way! A demon maybe, but not a human.

I didn't make a big deal over any of my thoughts this Sunday, but I did get Dr. Perchilli to see Chris's doll collection, and he did spill the truth, or at least he tried anyway. Dr. Perchilli dressed like a guy and acted like a guy at dinner that night with us in the castle. Everyone figured it out, but Chris. Wow, he has a thick skull.


It was Monday morning and Kitty was into my make up. She used way too much perfume and it stunk up the basement. I had to open the one and only window. A calm breeze flew in and out so that pretty much took care of the problem. It's nice having her around, but she gets into things.

We cleaned the castle from top to bottom. We washed the windows, vaccumed the rugs, mopped the floors, polished the silver and all the cabinets. We even washed the walls and everyone's winter clothes. We put away everyones clothes for the summer, even though the stand still spell was still in action.

After cleaning for a long time all morning, we sat down for tea with Miss Melloney about an hour late after noon. She was upset that we were late, but she understood. We had been cleaning so much we were both ready for a nap, but Melloney wanted us to help Jeffry in the garden so we did. We planted new seeds, trimmed and watered all five hundred rose bushes.

Then, Miss Melloney had us go shopping with her. She took us into town and bought us both winter jackets for in the snow, even though there was none. Kitty got a pink jacket with white feathers. Melloney got a yellow jacket with pink fur. I got a black jacket with red lining. We had so much fun shopping.


Later that night, I told everyone about my dream, possibly a vission of who we're dealing with. A shape shifter. Not someone controlling animal beats, but someone who is a beast themselves. They all freaked out and were worried on how we could even get close to killing or touching such a beast.

It could have been just a dream though, I did explain to them. Ether way, they all believed that it very well could be a shape shifter. Though, they did not all think a woman could be capable of such a crime. Also, how was the candy crust being left behind. Nothing about this felt right.

Just then, Emily called us on the phone. She said that she had run into a panther in New York City in the sub way and that she just happend to see it rip some guys head off while she was tracking down the essence of who was responsible for the stand still spell.

Well now, we have already seen an eagle and a wolf, and now a panther, just like in my dream. Everyone then agreed that my dream was in fact a vission. We prepared ourselves by calling up Chrissy and Amanda for tips and spells for fighting transforming beasts. They both said the best way to counter them is to attack them while they are in the midle of transforming. We all agreed that we could do, but what about after its already transformed? Chrissy said that once its transformed you're pretty much out of luck because the animal is supernatural and too powerful for most slayers and even vampires to handle. She suggested that I Emily, Melloney and I attack the beast together at once using magic explosions, but sadly I haven't gotten those down all the way yet.

We decided to work as a team and go out hunting for it and track him or her down just about every day. Though, we agreed the three of us would do it together. Just to be safe, we would do it in the day with James and at night with Niko. Four is better than three. Just encase if one of us gets knocked out, the other can use magic to active the key to Hamon if we need it. There has to be three people using magic to active it. One person, if the key's safety is in danger.


Kitty and I got done cleaning the castle early. So we decided to grab Melloney, skip afternoon tea and head to the woods to meet up with James to start hunting for it. I had to bring my sward for just in case and Kitty brought her nun chucks along. I had no idea she even knew how to use those let alone owned a pair, but I guess when she lived on the streets she had to protect herself some how. James brought his spell book and Melloney brought one of the sharpest knives from the kitchen and put it in her bag.

We transported ourselves to New York City to meet up with Emily. The three girls of Harmon were now united. Emily had been working on a spell with out us knowing. You know those ally cats she always plays with and feeds? Well she named one of them Tomic and turned him into a human. So now the cat, Tomic, can change into a human and back into a cat or human when ever it wants to do so. Glad to hear our magic isn't affected by the stand still spell.

We were hot in its energy trail using magic. We were in the deserts of California. It was cold, dark and the wind howled as it blew. We came upon an indian reserve. We were welcomed inside a tepee.

The old man told us a story of a woman who could change into three forms. She was nether human nor animal. She could be an eagle, a panther or a wolf. Ether way, she was a monster who could also take the form of a young woman who possibly had emortallity. The man then asked us if she was the beast we were seeking, we thought it was so, so we replied yes. The old man then told us we could find her cabin in the mountains. He warned us that she uses magic and to be careful. We thanked him and we left.


We went up to the top of the mountains with in the woods there we found her cabin. It was dusty on the outside and there were skulls surrounding the perimeter. Emily opened the front door and we all walked inside knowing there could be traps, but James staid outside to keep an eye out for other enemies.

There was a fire pit inside the cabin with a big colin centered on top of it and the coals were still lit. So we knew she had to be near by or at least not gone long. We heard something fall in the other room, so did James and he rushed in to find broken glass knocked over by a black cat with yellow eyes. We searched the place. No one was home. We all went through her stuff to try to find out more about her.

We found several spell books with spells bookmarked and underlined in them. We wrote those ones down and the name of the books she owned in Melloney's note book in her bag. We called up MC and transported her there. She talks to animals, so we had her talk to the cat. We found out some very interesting things, but none of which helped us except for the fact she can not change her form on the night of a new moon. I'm just glad her own cat was willing to give her up so easily.


Emily transported MC back to San Diego. Just as we were about to leave, the transforming bitch came back to the front door. Just as she opened the door, Emily struck her with lightening, but the bitch deflected it and through it back at Emily, knocking Emily out cold. Mellonely rushed to heal Emily and wake her up, just as I was going right for the bitch with my sward. I swung for her head and she dogged and then through a fire ball at me and I got burned baddly. James then used magic to try and turn her into a toad, but it bounced off her and on to him, making James a toad. Mellonly quickly grabbed toad James and trasnporteed Emily, Myself and herself back to the caslte where she healed my burns. Emily then put a spell on toad James so that once I kisesed him, he'd turn back into a witch and so I did that right away even though he was all slimy.

Well now, that was almost a total waste of time. We know who were up against now, but so does she. We got the long end of the stick, but it got burnned and crumbled short. We were able to write down in Melloney's note book what spell books the evil girl had on her self, but some of the pages got ruined because before we got transported back to the castle; Melloney isn't able to transport people that far so she had to trasport us to Chicogo first, we ended up getting transported right into a fountain becoming totally drenched.

After we were back home and seemingly safe, James was no longer a toad and Melloney had crashed from transporting everyone all by her self; a bat flew into the castle through the window holding a scroll and dropped it into My hands. James read it for me. The notice that was written with in it said that the evil girls name was Becka Ger Youth and she was very upset for us coming into her home while being un invited. She said in the letter for us to not come near her home ever again, infact, she said to stay the hell out of Califoria entirerly. She also stated that she knew we were the girls of Harmon and that she didn't give a care. She said she was going to continue go around chopping peoples heads off for fiffty nine years until the stand still spell was to end. She told us in the letter, if we tried to stop her, we would not get killed, but worse. She would make us suffer a fate worse then hell its self. She said she was ridding the world of evil and that she was pure of heart and doing this world a favor. She said she was a garudian from hell, who protects evil sould from escaping and brings them great torment. Signed, Becka Ger Yoth - Wow, she had a strange name.


MC here, in San Diego, California. Well, I was making tacos in the kitchen and out of no where the phone rings. So obviously I pick it up. When I answer the phone, it just happens to be Thomas, Mike Sinoi's older brother. He called me up to remind me about the time he got in that car crash and how he pretty much died and came back to life. I said, yeah, I recall. He then told me that he did die and that he was an angel now. I was like, Woh, hold up! No way man. He said it was true, then a guy knowing nothing of magic appeared in my kitchen holding a cellphone dressed in a brown shirt, black pants and a long green jacket that went down past his knees.

Wow, it was Thomas! He took off his long green jacket and showed me his wings. He told me that he can make them vanish and re appeare by choice. He was an angel on earth. It was kind of awesome, but sad that he had died. I wasnted to tell, Miki, but he told me not to. He told me that he was an angel for me and here to keep Miki on the right path. There for Miki couldn't know and only I could know because Tomas was an angel helping me, a demon pretending to be a human.

It started off as a simple morning with doing house chores and me making tacos, to a complex afternoon of a meeting with an angel. I didn't know how to go about handling this. God, or at least someoneup there in Heaven wanted to help me. So they sent Thomas here to aid me, but for what reasons? What help could I possibly need? Sure there's demons on the Earth that I try to keep in line, and the Stand still spell is active, but what else is there?

Then, Emily calls me up while Thomas is there and tells me about the letter Becka Ger Youth had sent them using a bat for delivery. It was comlex even more, but some how it didn't seem to bother me, much. So she claims herself to be good, now what? From what research Emily has done, only people who have a criminal record have been killed. So in a way, that's good right? But still, people shouldn't die just because they comited a fellony! They should just go to jail, that's why we have jails. Poeple who kill lots of people, they are the ones who need to be killed. Becka Ger Youth has killed lots of people and she has no remorse, but she thinks she's doing it for the better good of Earth and in the name of Heaven. What a confused girl, she needs help!

Thomas said that she was a gaurdian of the Hell Gate, but now she has gone and run a muck and must be stopped. She is also an angel of death he said. So there for, she can kill, just by looking someone in the eyes and wishing them dead. How the hell will we stop her if we can't look her in the eyes; how can we fight her now? This is going to be dificult. Tomas transported me to where Emily was and emily was shocked, I couldn't explain things to her because Thomas had vanished and he didn't want me to tell anyone he was an angel. So I simply made up an excues that she must have transported me with out thinking, thankfully she believed me. We did research on Angels of Death all night long.


Emily an I were up practically all night resraching angels of death. We called up Chrissy and Amanda the next day and had them continue our search. They found out a lot of information by reading notes in their spell books that involved summoning angels. Angels of death can take on three forms and the form of a human bean. This angel of death we were dealing with could take on the forms of a wolf, panther and an eagle. Angels of death can look a person in the eyes and wish them dead at any time they want, but only if that person has sinned and if that person has repented then they are considered safe.

What's worse about the stand still spell, everyone who gets burned to ashes, wanders around as a ghost and can't go to heaven or hell until the spell is over with. So even if we think we're ending their suffurering of those who have their heads chopped off, if we burn them to ask it's just harder on the soul. This is just great! Wow. Now what? I'm sick of always having to deal with ghosts, Marie rarely ever deals with them, why is it that they always come to me for help with moving on? Geese!

So I Melissa Carlisle, am a physic? What ever! I don't care! I never wanted this so called gift, so take it back and if its really a gift then where's the receipt?! I would gladly return it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hear voices and see dead people walking around you twenty four seven? No, you couldn't possibly know unless you were crazy. That's it, I talk to angels, I'm a demon, I see dead people, I must be crazy! Ah!

Get a hold of yourself Mel, your friends who are real use real magic and your breathing friend is half vampire. It's all good, we're all a little nuts here. Wow, I need to stop talking to mysel; ha, ha!

I'm going back to bed now, it's like 3am and I went off on a random rant of mine again. Yikes.

Good night self, good night world, good night spirits and good night pervert watching me sleep out side my window. I think that's kind of sweat, in a creepy way.


Dear Diary, I Hanna Marie Oriano have a confession to make. I have killed a man back when I was rapped. I stabbed a woman to death and murdered my kidnapper. None of this happened because time was reset, but it all did happen; I remember it anyway. I wonder if anyone else recalls what happened that day. I wonder if Melissa brought that man and woman and that boy back to life before or after turning back time. I fell horrible for ripping that boy's body to pieces and draining him dry of his blood. I feel bad for burning that couples house down to the ground from the inside out. I wished it never happened and I got my wish, no one seems to remember I was kidnapped.

I had told everyone before the kidnapping that I wasn't a vergin, but the truth is, I was. I was a vergin and then I was rapped. I wonder now that time was reset if I have my virginity back? I'm not sure myself you see, for I've never willing had sex but that one time and so I'm not sure how to tell if I am or not. I mean, that one time doesn't count because everything was reset, right? So that must mean, if me being raped never happed, then I never happed sex that time unwillingly. So that means I'm still a vergin, right?

Oh Diary, I am so confused. Why did Melissa have me remember that and make it so not even Melloney or James can recall? I just don't understand why! Why would she let me sulk with such horrid memories and have no one here remember to help me through it?

I am lost with in myself Diary. Confused and hurt, feeling abused and wishing I could some how have an other chance. I know time has been reset, but I still have the horrid guilt. I just don't know what to do. I feel so lost and I am so mad at that man for raping me and stealing me away. I have such anguish!


Today I have called Melissa on the phone...

She told me that she remembers me being kidnapped and getting raped, but the reason she made it so that no one else remembered is so that I wouldn't be bothered by questions and people feeling sorry for me all the time. Some how she knew I lied about not being a vergin a while back when we first met. So after she turned back time and undid the rape, she also made me a vergin again.

She also told me that the reason why she wanted me to remember so I knew just how bad and evil I could get, myself. How much damage I could cause and that she would try to be there as my friend to undo what she could when possible. So the night mares I have of killing others are a reminder of just how bad I could be with out my medication. She reminded me that I should never forget to take them.

Wow, what a good friend, in some twisted sort of way. She's so nice and kind of mean at the same time. I kind of like that some what, I guess. She's a good friend, yeah. I just wish she had made it so I didn't remember being raped, but then again, I wouldn't know why I was so mad when I burnt down that house and stabbed that woman to death.


Diary, today Chrissy and Amanda were finally able to figure out what Becka was planning. From reading all the bookmarked pages of spell books that we wrote down in Melloney's notebook, they were able to find out a lot. They figured out how long she made the Stand Still spell last for, two hundred and seventy five years. So that means there are three people who have been used as sacrifices for their life span because you can only use one hundred for each person.

Today Chrissy and Amanda snuck into her cabin and also found out just who was scarificed. One of them was the paper boy as we already knew, sadly. The other was a artist from Italy who was dead and buried in a cemetery under a high circuity volt. The third one was a shoe maker from france who was also slowly aging like the paper boy and going to dye. It's going to be hard to crack the volt in Italy just to burn the corps to ash. I don't mind killing a shoe maker from france who's going to die anyway, but the paper boy, I just can't. He's always full of energy and giggling with joy, but not for much longer, he'll be aging and be stiff soon enough from the spell. Chrissy and Emily found out that the Stand Still spell affected the sacrificed people who were still alive in a worse way then aging and then dying and going to hell, they would age by three years each day and then stop aging once reached one hundred or what ever years sacrificed for then they would suffer in pain that way as a cripple for years until the Stand Still spell was over.

This is all just horrible! Sure the shoe maker and artist are probably guilty of something, but what did the paper boy do that was so bad? The kid is innocent! And that bitch calls herself good? A guardian of Hell, protector of earth? No way! As if! She has no wright to do what she is doing. I guess that's why she was a guardian of Hell, but now is an angel of death gone rogue. She's a rogue angel of death who must be stopped. Becka Ger Youth needs to be set streight and put down, sent to Hell herself.


Dear Diary, it seems almost all of my female friends use facebook these days, an online internet community profiling web site. I used it too now. It's hard for me because I am blind, so I use blind mode on the computer and stuff, but still I seem to miss some of my messages and updates from my friends. Strangers from around the world add me on face book as friends. It's kind of fun, but scary.

One of my friends on facebook who is also my friend off line as well, Melissa Carlisle... oh Diary, it seems MC continues having the nightmares that I should be having myself. I was the one who was rapped, not her. So why did she have a night mare that I a man came in her window? Here's the scary thing... here window was locked when she went to bed. She had the nightmare of being rapped. Then when she woke up, her window was open and what's more freaky is her sheets were torn off the bed and she felt sore. The big mystery is this, she was on the second story at the time and there was no fire escape or way for anyone to get up to her window. Woh, that is freaky.

She has told me on and off a few times about ghosts fallowing her where ever she goes and pulling pranks on her, so maybe they did this to her? I'm not sure myself. Anyways, I feel bad about the whole thing. If that happened to me, I would have called nine one one and gone through rape testing, but her, nope. She didn't even bother because it was four in the morning and she believed that no one, if anyone responsible, would be held accountable at all. She's obviously been rapped before and had to deal with it on her own it seems. Poor MC, I really do feel bad for her.


The next day Dr. Perchilli was in his laboratory dycecting on of the behead victims of Becka as the head screamed in agony on the other table accross the room. Perchili was determened to find out why - scientifically - why people who should be dead just wont die. Finally after cutting the body to pieces and sifting through all the blood and bones, under a strong magnifine glass he found red crystals through out the body.

Perchilli teseted these crystals. When removed from moister, they turned into a gas. This scared Dr. Perchili for the gas looked like the clouds of halloween night. His mother had told him a story of a fallen angel that once fell from heaven and went to hell. This dark agnel became a god of death and broght chaos to the world. Then a young girl with golden hair came from the woods and sealed her back into the depths of hell, knowing one day the demon would return she gave birth to her daughter who would hopfuly save the earth.

Dr. Perchilli didn't want to wait around for this golden hair girl to save everyone. He decided he would just chop off her head. But then he thought for a moment. Then he tried sowing the the head of the beheaded man back on to his body. Just like magic, his neck fused his head back on to his shoulders. It worked! He walked again. He thanked the doctor, but when Perchilli couldn't get the guy to stay for more testing willingly, he knocked him out cold.


So the next day Dr. Perchili was thinking to himself. And decided he needed to test someone else who had not been physically hurt yet, like say practically walking dead. He needed someone truely alive. So he decided to test his own blood. He also had the red crystals, but he thought that he might have been infected when it had turned to a gas. So he had to find someone else. Like Chris. He brought Chris into his lab and boy was chris freaked out. Little did Perchili know, Dean fallowed Chris from the office downstairs into the lab. When dean saw the mess, he knew at once Dr. Perchilli was no doctor, he was a mad scientist! Dean ran in un armed thinking he was going to protect his friend Chris some how, but then Perchili some how got them both just whee he wanted them, on his tables and tied down. He tested their blood, they had the crystals in them as well. This made Perchilli feel hopeless at solving the problem.

Dr. Perchili didn't want to ruin his relation ship with Chris, so he told him that that he needed their blood for a life or dead experiment to save the world. Dean didn't believe a word of it. Chris did though, but was still un sure why he had to be tied up. Perchili explained that he didn't want them to run away like the others. Dean asked about the others. Perchili was reluctant to say, but Chris got him to talk about it. Perchili had other subjects that had big problems. One of them had a hammer stuck in their skull and could not be removed with out removing part of the brain. The other had a wooden spike through their lung, it could not be removed with out causing horrible pain and to top it all off both people were totally fine. There was this other one that got scared off too, she was using a flash light as a dilldoh for pleasure. The batteries fell out of the flash light and into her uterus and the battery acid leaked out of them and was up in side of her. He would of had to remove her uterus, causing her to not be able to give birth. She said hell no and ran out, knowing the acid should have killed her by now, she said she'd rather let it spread then not have kids.

Chris and Dean both figured he was telling the truth about those people, with all the weird things going on any way like Kitty finding a dismemered head in the toilet and it blinking back at her. Perchili got them to understand, but Chris still didn't realize Perchili is a guy and so well, yeah. Let's just say Perchili as hips and looks hot in a lab coat.

Okay, so what happened was this. Perchili un tied Dean and kicked him out. Then while Chris was still tied up Perchili did sexual things to Chris and make him very happy. I over heard this all while in the doctors, ok well mad scientist's office while Dean was trying to brake down the door. Wow.


Dean eventually broke the lock on the door and got in the lab. What he found was a real shocker. Chris was wearing a lab coat and Perchili was on the table under Chris, nude, getting fucked in the ass. Dean shouted to Chris, "So you do know he's a man?"

Chris looks up and says, "What the hell man?! I'm busy! Get the fuck out! She's mine not yours!"

A sudden over whalming calmness of understaning flows over Dean and he says, "Wow, you really arn't that smart, are you?" Then he walks out in shame.

Chris then asks Perchili, "I never have seen your vagina... so you even have on are you a pretty boy?" Then quickly he shouts, "Not that I think you're a guy or anything!"

Perchili begins to sit up and Chris pulls out and sits on the edge of the table. Perchili then rolls over, brings his legs up to his chest and sits next to Chris then after a moment of me listening in and Dean still staning in the office thinking to himself, "what if I'm wrong?" Perchili uncrosses his arms and shows her beautiful a cup chest and spreads her legs to show a seemingly perfectly waxed vagina. Chris tells her he's sorry for even asking, then shouts loudly so Dean can hear, "I knew you were a girl!" Then Dean comes running in to see for himself. He sees and Perchili blushes and looks the other way. at that moment, I didn't care if what they saw was female, to me perchili was a guy, he just was... a vampire girl always knows her genders.

Then once Dean had left, I was still standing behind the wall. No one but Dean knew I was there. Perchili then had to be honest with Chris, but couldn't do it. So I walked in there and shouted to him, "I know you're really a guy. Tell Chris the truth, if you're a girl do it because girl code is don't lie to your true love and you told Niko Chris is your true love so dammit, tell him now!"

Chris then got mad, "Marie, you only don't believe because you are blind and can't she she's female. She may act like a guy at times, but that's how Perchili is and I like that she can talk about sports." He pissed me off. Then he said, "Oh and thanks for keeping my secret, not! You told Perchili aout my doll collection, who else did you tell? Now everyone probably thinks I'm gay!"

"No," I told him, "I only told Perchili because he is gay."

"Blind bat eyed bitch, go the fuck away," Chris yelled at me and I started crying. I can't handle people making fun of me for being blind, I just can't bare it.

Perchili then walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me while still nude and told Chris flat out that that was rude of him to say and un called for. Then Pechilli told Chris the truth, "Chris, Marie is right. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to hate me and I didn't want to lose the one I love the most." Perchili then started crying... "I am actually a man, not a woman. I was born a boy and ever sense I was about three years old I wanted to be a girl. When I turned seventeen I had a sex change and went to school to become a doctor specializing in the transformation and plastic surgery field so I could help others like myself. Now I also cure disses and make medications.


After Perchili was full blown tears, I forgot all about Chris's rude comment to me before and quit crying. I was now worried that I might have totally screwed up Perchilli's love life. He's a guy, but in side, emotionally he's a she. Oh wow, I just think of this now, do I? Great. Well, we were waiting for Chris to reply and he sorta didn't. He just kinda sat there for like maybe ten minutes which felt like an hour of agony. Then he asked me to leave. No he didn't appalogized for being mean to me, he just straight up told me to leave the room. Perchili gave me a shove so I left. I walked into the office and pretend to slam the door on the way out. Then I crept back over to behind the wall to listen.

Chris walked over to Perchilly and asked if they could ever have kids. She replied no with a sad tone. Chris then asked if Perchili would be willing to adopt. She said maybe, but most likely no because she's waiting for a medical merical for her to have kids herself. Chris seemed to like that idea.

Perchili then continued to cry silently. Chris took his hand and wiped away her tears gently with a smile on his face. He then kissed her on the forhead and told her not to cry anymore and said that he would except her if she would help him except himself. Chris really was gay after all, but he hid that fact from the world and even himself most of the time. He was actually the shy type and not that out gowing. He just pretended to be out going and act tough because he didn't want anyone to know the turth. He's week inside and feels like a woman himself. He whispered this all to Perchili and I heard it all.


After they laid down on the table and cried themselves to sleep, I snuck out of the office and went back to the castle. I wonder why it was so hard for them to both come out about being gay and even harder to themselves. I'm not sure I understand Dr. Perchili wanting to be a girl rather than a boy. Boys a so much stronger, men can do almost anything that a girl can't. Women get periods, men don't; why would a boy want to go through such pain? And child birth? Who are they kidding?! I sure as hell never want to go through that. Men and women are different for good reasons. Women are supposed to look pretty and clean. Men are supposed to be strong and serve. Both should be smart, both should have a weakness.

But if you're a man and a woman like Perchili, you are strong like a man, pretty like a woman, but where's the weakness?! I see none. This really makes me mad. Everyone needs a weakness. With out a weakness how can you continue to grow and learn?

Oh Diary, I am so confused with it all. I'm not sure what to do. Should I tell the other's that Chris is gay, should I tell Dean what happened after he left? Who knows what the others will think. Me, I except gay people, but I can't except them when they don't except themselves or lie to people. Perchili was lying to Chris, that's why I was so mad before. Now I am so confused. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all.


Dear Diary, today was kind of insane. So all girls fear this right? Well, most anyway, not me. I'm not saying I'm the strongest girl alive, obviously Becka is stronger than myself. Dean isn't afraid of bugs, he collects them. I thought Niko liked bugs to, so she likes moths and snakes, but I had no idea she was scared of this.

Niko was washing the dishess and Dean had just fought something. Dean had a jar with a big black widow inside it and held it up to the back of Niko's head and he said, "Look at this hun." As she turned around her face cringed and screamed so loud and high pitch that the jar cracked and so Dean quickly sat it down on the counter and put a pot over it. She continued to scream and Dean was all like what the hell hun? "It's only a spider. Chill!" But Niko then hick upped and fell to the floor. Yes, she fainted.

Dean then picked her up and carried Niko to bed. When he came back for the spider he found the spider dangling from its web hovering over Chris's mouth who was about to it. Dean screamed, "No! It's poisonous!" Chris then flung the spider across the room on to Deans face and it bit him. Dean had been bitten by lots of spiders before, but never as a vampire before, only as a human. Dean always has a supply of anti venom in his bug bite kit, but he didn't know if now he was immune to them or not. He didn't want to waste good medicine.

Dean grabbed the spider and put it in a new jar. Then carried it upstairs to his collection. He watched the bite mark closely on his face and it seemed to be healing over. So then he realized he was intact immune and not going to die.

I still don't see how a vampire girl can be afraid of spidars. She's not a fraid of demons or snakes, but spiders? What the hell? Seriously? Wow.


So today on the news an other three hundred people had their heads chopped off while in jail... should I actually give a care this time? Everyone else was like she doesn't have the right to kill them, but those guys were going to be executed in the next five to ten years anyway so really, why should I care? Maybe Becka is actually doing us all a favor? I don't agree with her casting the Stand Still spell on the world, but killing what is going to be dead... who should give a care?

Melloney was all mad saying life is presious and that even if they only had one day left to live they should be aloud to live it in peace. She totally went on and on about human rights and being humane. I like human rights, but what about vampire rights? Hello?! We need a place to ya know. Sure I'm only a half vampire, but there's got to be others like me, right?

So I bring up vampire rights with Melloney and she becomes dead silent as if she ether doesn't think we should have rights or maybe she thinks we're just monsters? What ever! I'm half human so I fall under human rights, so in a way im safe when it comes to Melloney, yeah?

Ether way, even if vampires had rights among humans; there is good and there is evil, most would probably abuse the rights anyway. That's probably what she thinks. Yeah. Well Diary, it's been a long day of arguing. I'm off to bed.


Alright, so we were arguing again on weather or not to go after Becka Ger Youth. She is so much stronger than us. We can't wing against her, so we were all some what in a agreement that we had to stop her, but that we were to week. So yeah.

I suggested we all have MC use her powers to defeat her, but then when MC told us she was powerless against any type of angel and that she could only protect us from Becka as we attacked it seemed pointless. No, it was pointless.

That afternoon they announced on the news that the scientist and astronominers had officially declared that the Earth had stopped orbiting around the sun. They said christmas was not coming this year and that two thousand elleven would never end. It's the only the second week of december and we're totally screwed.


Chris and Dr. Perchili were walking in the woods together, each holding an axe for chopping wood. They were looking for the right tree to chop down for the wood stove in Perchili's apartment. They had a big fabric bag made of wool and cotton to carry the wood. It was about four in the morning once they got to the center of the woods and had found the perfect tree. Just as they were about to start chopping away, they heard a wolf howling near by. This could only mean something bad was going to happen or evil was near by. Chris knew better to be on his gaurd, but instead he took turns chopping away at the tree with Perchilli.

Chris heard something move around in the bush behind Perchili and told her to get behind him. She tiptoed behind Chris and then the walked over to the bush to find that there was nothing there. Chris and Perchili went back over to the tree and Chris's axe was missing! Perchili still had hers because she never put it down. Now they knew they weren't alone in the woods.

Chris randomly freaked out enough from the sound of an other wolf cry so badly that he called my cellphone and woke me up. Just before he had called me I had a dream about Becka chopping off his head. So I woke up Melloney and the two of us rushed over there using our transportation spell. I brought my sword, Melloney brought the biggest knife from the kitchen.


When we got there, Chris and Perchilli were tied up to two different trees. I knew it was a trap, but I went to go until perchili anyway. Melloney tried to until Chris, but then she got burned by Becka who through fire balls at her. Chris was still tied up. I ran over to Melloney and healed her as Chris was yelling at Becka. Becka then went over to Chris and was about to chop off his head, them Melloney some how activated the key to Harmon and froze Becka just long enough for Perchili to grab my sword and slice off Becka's head.

Becka fell to the ground and her head rolled to mg feet. She then said she's be back as her body burned and ashes vanished into thin air. Only seconds after her body was gone, I felt a snow flake fall from the sky and melt on my forehead. It was now the day before chrisms morning, it was christmas eve and there was snow falling from the sky for the first time in months. A single robin bird flew over us an sat on a nest in the tree that Chris was tied to, the little robin's eggs hatched right there and then and a baby bird fell from the nest. Perchili caught it, climbed up the tree and put it back in the nest.

New life is finally here. Today is christmas eve. The curse of the Stand Still Spell has been lifted. Oh Diary, I bought no gifts for christmas, what will I ever do? I was so worried about fighting evil and not having a christmas that I forgot to buy presents. What will my friends think of me now? I must do my over night shipping on MC's web site and order gifts and have them pre-rapped. That's all I can think of now.


It's Christmas morning and I've worken up at five am. Thier gifts I ordered will be here at about five thirty. I hopped into the shower and the water was ice cold. I stood there freezing for ten minutes waiting for it to get warm. Finally hot water rushed over my cold body almost scorching me to a crisp. I turn on some cold water and turned down the hot. I shampood my hair then rinsed it out quickly. I was forced to condition it even though I had little time. If I don't use conditioner my hair tangles badly. I rinsed that out carfully. Then I scrubbed my body from neck to toes and washed my face in a rush.

I got out of the show and died off even faster. Then I threw my clothes on and went up stairs, forgetting to brush my hair and teeth. The package was there and I signed for it. It was hudge. I asked the three men to help me open the box and and spread the gifts under the fake tree with lights I ordered. I had them put it by the piano in the front room. They were very nice and even took the empty box to the recyling place for me and I gave them a good tip of twenty dollors each.

It was Christmas morning. I went back down stairs and flopped myself back into bed. About no more than ten minutes later, I hear James whispering in my ear, "Time to wake up my dear." I told him to go away and that I was sleeping. He wouldn't take no for an answer and dragged me out of bed and carried me princess style to the kitchen where everyone was for some odd reason. Aparently James got them all out of bed as well.

He sat me down on the chair. Niko and Perchilli were even there, it was kind of weird that everyone was woken up by James when he usually sleeps in late and I'm the one to wake up early. Wow. James got down on the floor infront of me. He opened a box for me to feel, inside it was a ring with a dimond. I was in total shock. There he was asking me to marry him with out saying a singal word, expecting none in return. So I leaned down and kissed him on the lips to say, yes!


Melloney and Niko both cried tears of joy for me. The butlers all cheared, all except Jimmy who walked out of the room. I couldn't care at the moment about Jimmy because I was so happy for myself and finally being in true love. I lead everyone to the front room to open Christmas presents. They were all thrilled. So was I because I got the best present ever.

After we all had Christmas dinner... Chris decided to not be manly anymore and faint infront of everyone. Dr. Perchili rushed over to his aid. She tried topreform C.P.R. on Chris because he was holding his breath, but there was something in his chest pocket that was totally in the way. Perchilli removed it and it was a little, red, velvet box. Perchilli opened it and screemed, "Yes!" Chris sat up right and questioned, "Really?" and that's how Chris asked Perchili to marry him.

I called up Emily to wish her a Merry Christmas, but when she answered the phone she screemed into the phone. I was worried at first, but then she started laughing. She said that Jake asked her to marry him! She barly knows the guy, but she said yes. I told her she should slow down and really think about it, but then she asked me if James popped the question and if I said yes. So I told her and she said, "If you can say yes, then so can I!" Then I told her about how Chris asked Perchilli and she laghed her head off.

We talked on the phone for about an hour, but then I asked her if she was drunk and she said yes. She told me she got drunk after she said yes, so it's not like she said yes while drunk. Though, she does only drink when she's really happy or totally depressed. When she's sad and she drinks she gets scuisidal, but right now she's laughing so she's proabbly happy all the way.

The day after Christmas, Jake and Emily take a plane trip from New York to Montana to come visit me and to get married in Glasgow. There ends up being a bunch of robberies happening in the town while they're here. Jake tries to solve these crimes, but doesn't want Emily involved. She said yes to him being engaged to her and he doesn't even know she's a witch. That kind of makes me upset. She could do a lot to help him in his work.

Emily and I went for a walk later that week during the night, not knowing that Jake was fallowing us to protect us from afar... We started practising magic in the woods and using some levitation spells. On our way back to the castle, we heared an alarm go off at a jewelry store. So we rushed over there. I was able to grabb one of the guys who had the jewelry in a bag, but the other guy ran off. Emily chased him into the woods. She and I didn't know that man had a gun.

Emily cornered him by a some big rocks, but then he pulled out his gun. She used her magic to make it melt before he could fire it at her. Then Jake, thinking he was going to come to her rescue and be the hero pulled out his hand cuffs and tried to cuff the guy. The bad guy grabbed Jakes gun and shot Emily stright through the heart. Emily blew up the guy's head and it went into a million pieces.

Little did Jake know, if a good witch kills a human they turn evil. Emily knew this, she also knew she could heal herself and be saved, but she didn't do anything but lay there on the ground beleeding out to death. She has been an evil witch before and she likes being good. Yeah, Emily would actually rather die than be evil. What an awesome girl, but so sad.

I ran up to her and tried to heal her, but she blocked me. Then Jake picked her up and ran off with her to the edge of a clif. He cried out to the moon and held her tightly. He knew now that she was a witch and dying because of him. He beged Emily to let me heal her, but by the time she wispered yes, it was to late.


It's two days after Emily Christan has died. Her glass coffin submerged in white roses. It began to rain hard and the roses fell off her coffin revealing her face which being more pale than my own, almost blue Jake told me as he cried while the church girls sang Holly Night, one of Emily's favorite Christmas songs. My fingers froze in the cold and my gloves became soaked. My hair was dripping wet and some of Emily's friends were leaving.

The service was held in New York by the ocean. The sea birds flew over our heads toward land away from the rain. A steam boat in the near blue its fog horn three times as they lowered Emily's coffin into the ground. Emily's cat that she took in who could become human when ever he wanted remained in his cat form and was soaked by the end of the service.

Tomic meowed loudly and cried through out the whole time. Just when whey were about to bury Emily he jumped in the whole on top of her coffin. Jake grabbed Tomic out and handed the pore thing to me. I just wish it could have been me who died rather than Emily. I, a maiden, would not be missed as much as Emily, a data base manager. All her coworkers where there. At least two hundred people came to see Emily and say good bye. Today was a sad day.


A week later Jake wrote a song about Emily and how much he misses her. He put in hours of hard work into writing the lyrics. Then he even wrote the music for the song using his guitar. He was very passionate about music, but he loved Emily more. Yeah he was the detective's assistant so they gave him time off because of her death. Also sense it was his gun who killed Emily he was a suspect in her murder.

Jake kept Tomic the cat and Tomic remained in his cat form for most of the time. Until, one day... Tomic decided to get into his human form and call up Los Vagas Convention Center and enter Jake's song while Jake was sleeping. He entered as Jake with his birth date and last name and everything. He then used Emily's laptop - which the Data Base Company gave to Jake - to send the lyrics and the recording of the song and music.

A week later... Jake got a notification in the mail that his song had won the contest. He got about two million dollars, a free van, and won a trip to Los Vegas! He told them he never entered, but then when they verified his birth date and spelling of his last name, they told him his friend must have entered him, but either way he wins! Jake was so excited. He didn't know what to do, he ran into the next room to go tell Emily, but then he remembered she died.

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