Vampire Maiden: Going Down Hill
Chapter Eight

Written By: MCtheGirL

My name is Hanna Marie Oriano. I'm currently engaged. My best friend died three months ago. My friend Dr. Perchilli had a full on sex change from male to female and it was a medical merical that he, now she had become pregnant. I myself just found out that I wasn't born with eggs. Well, my friend said I could have the experiment done on me to grow some, but what's the point if I'm not sure I can handle kids. I mean, really now, a blind girl taking care of children. That's just not right in my eyes. How could I tell if my kids were hurt or being kidnapped? You see what I mean? Well, I've been really depressed sense my best friend died. She was like a sister to me. We grew up and went to school together. We did everything with each other. We did our hair, she tout me how to use make up, I tout her how to download apps on her phone. She showed me how to walk when I was two. I tout her to jump rope when she was six. We helped each other out so very much. I just can't believe that she's gone.

Jake was getting more depressed after the months that had passed and he had vanished into the crowd of Los Vegas one night. The police finally had evidence to arrest him because the guy's partner in crime who killed Emily was going to testify against Jake for his own freedom, but Jake was long gone. Some say he went to Mexico with all that money. Others say he was so depressed that he killed himself. No one really knows.

I went to the doctor again and it turns out I have cancer in my breasts. It was too late for any kind of kimmo therapy. So I had to get them cut off. James paid for me to have plastic surgery after the cancer was removed. So I still had a size C cup chest. My body rejected the implants and I ended up having no chest at all.

I went to try and get my G.E.D. in a near by school and they said they didn't have accommodations for blind people. That really pissed me off because every school has accommodations. They must have lied to me for some stupid reason. I had James go back there with me and he got them to let me take the test and I failed miserablely.

I left New York City in a rush because of my discomfort and I totally ditched high school. I was hoping to get my G.E.D. in Montana. Because I failed getting my G.E.D. In Montana, I decided to save up and go back to New York so I could take the test there. They told me on the phone that I would need to study for about a month before each test. Math, English, History and Science. They said there were four tests with in the main test, but that I could take them each a month apart.

I moved into Emily's old appartment for the four months to come. They said I could get by with studding only one week before each test so I could complete it in one month rather than four, but Melloney and James advised me to take the long rout just to be on the safe side.

So I packed my bags and moved in and Tomic showed up on my door step. He was sad because he had lost Emily like myself and now Jake was gone. He no longer had an owner any more and was once again an ally cat. I bought Tomic some clothes for his human form. We went shopping together while he was wearing my old shirt and jeans. He picked out a ret shirt with a black zoot suit. I got him some nice dress shoes and eye liner sense he wanted to try on make up in the beauty department. He also got a black tank top and black jeans with chains dangling on the sides of the belt loops.

Tomic doesn't talk much for a cat being turned human, anyway, he loves to dance in night clubs and help people during the day. He walks old ladies across the street, he got a job at a recycling factory and he is now leading Kick Pix, a club for teens who need a way out of a bad life style trying to start over fresh. Kick Picks mostly deals with photography and sports. He does it as a volunteer and is the second manager in the group. He plans their activities and fundraising events.

Tomic was a good person, always kind hearted, but his smooth talking made him seem like the kind of guy who was in it all for something more. Tomic was walking by a bank one day that was just happening to be robbed. One of the robbers shot the sicurity guard and killed him. Tomic called the police as he saw the whole thing go down. Then just as the police were arriving, the robbers, now murderers shoved the smoking gun in Tomic's hands and ran off with the money.

The police arrested Tomic because they believed he killed the security guard and the people inside the bank thought he was an accomplice. Tomic got thrown in jail till his court day and even though he was innocent, they proved him to be guilty because the murderers wore gloves so the only finger prints on the gun belonged to Tomic himself. They sentanced him for the death penalty. He was to stay in jail for one week before his execution.

On Tomic's last day in jail, he turned back into a cat and ran back home. So now the police are calling him an escapee and they think he is an illegal alien from out side this country because he has no official I.D. nor has he been registered with the U.S. Government. So while I was living in Emily's appartment, Tomic stayed there and remained a cat for most of the time. He was afraid to turn into his human form because of the bounty on his head.


Niko and Dean were getting married in a Catholic church, even though they're both vampires. They sent out the wedding invitations and decided to have a pink and green themed wedding with a white dress and and a black suit. The women would all ware magenta and the guys would ware lime green. They had the perfect wedding planned out. Anyone under the age of twenty would wear light pink or light green.

As they were setting up their wedding in the church, the Catholic nuns cursed their wedding day knowing they weren't human, but the priest said everyone with true love deserves to be wed. On the day of the wedding rehearsal, one of the candles got knocked over and caught the silk curtains on fire, which set off the fire alarm and sprayed water all over the place from the ceiling to the floor. It ruined everything, all the decorations, nothing could be reused, but the plates, tables, silverware and outfits.

The next day, the outfits went missing... each one coasted about four hundred dollars. Four brides maids, four butlers, and one wedding dress of nine hundred dollars, along with a suit for the groom. All together it was over two thousand, lost, gone missing. No, they were stollen by the nuns. Niko and Dean's wedding was officially ruined, but they still wanted to try and have the wedding service.

A week later Niko and Dean got their mirage license, but had to cancel the actual wedding do to the heat wave that came across the enter state of Montana and the power outage through out the whole town. It had to have been at least one hundred twenty, maybe forty degrees. They began to buckle down in the heat and stress out so much that they argued badly with each other; so loudly that we could hear them through out one third of the castle. They began throwing magic at each other, using sonic explosions, fire and lightening.

After fighting for about two hours, their strength was running out. Though, Melloney had finally had enough and walked in yelling at them. They both fired magic at her. Dean used a sonic explotion and Niko use lightening, both of them at the same time. Melloney deflected the attack but in doing so made to two magic attacks fuse together and create a portal to an other detention.

Melloney felt a breeze of cold air come from the portal and text messaged everyone to come to Dean's room at once. We all felt the luscious cool air. We all stood there for simply a moment enjoying the breese. We didn't think twice, in fact, we didn't think at all. We ran through the portal like wild dogs that after fresh meet, who had been starved for days.

Once on the other side it was at first too dark to see a thing, but it was so cold and freezing as ice. I felt cold, little, soft things hit my face, which then melted quickly into water. It was snowing! We all went back through the portal and grabbed our winter coats and everyone but myself grabbed flash lights. After back on the snowy side, everyone hhad a flash light and saw that we were standing in an empty lot in the middle of some kind of forest. The trees were purple and red. The sky was black and the so was the snow. There was only one path from the emty lot into the woods. We had no idea where this leaded or where we were. So we decided to go straight on the path and investigate.

We went down the path which seemed to go on for ever. We walked for hours and the batteries in our flash lights were running low. We decided to turn around and head back to the portal. Half way there, the last of our flash lights died. Niko and Dean light the way using a ball of fire in the palm of their hands. Once we got to the lot, it was no longer empty, but full of people going through it to our side with multiple types of guns. We talked about reasoning with them, but it was clear what they were doing.

So we went over to them prepared to fight, but only wanting to talk. Turns out they didn't speak english or any language from our world that we could translate. They began shooting at us, so Dean and Niko melted their guns. They all ran off into the woods in different directions, but the ones who went through the portal were still on the other side. We had to go after them and prevent them from hurting any humans on Earth.

Dean and Niko carefully went through the portal back to Earth and took out the four guards on the other side standing watch over the portal and then threw them back to us. They then came back to the snowy side and guided us back to home which was now invaded by solders of an other world. It was still steaming hot when we got back, so we had to take off our winter coats. It was the middle of sumer, we were lucky at all to even find our jacks from winter. Almost one hundred and fifty degrees hot. I myself wasn't even sure if these people could withstand this heat. They were in big suits with helmets, caring large, probably heavy, guns.

One of them walked back into Dean's room and Niko grabbed him and pulled off his helmet, but when she did this, there was no one inside the suit. It was full of wires and metal. Niko could hear a heart beat coming from inside of the chest, so she ripped the suit open and pulled out lots of wires. Inside there was a small orange slug with three eye balls and six wiggly arms. That thing was controlling the suit.

It was an alien creature from an other world. Dean thought of it as a bug and tried to pick it up but got shocked at first. He tried again, this time slower and more calmly while talking to it saying he wasn't going to harm it. Some how the slug under stood Dean and slushed right into the palm of his hand. So I guess these things are sort of like bugs, right? Sense Dean can communicate with them well enough.

Dean took the slug who some how could with stand the heat of country summer and put it in his front pocket. He told the slug thing that it was invading in our world with dangerous things and said that all we were doing was exploring. The slug nodded its head as if it understood and waved its wiggle arms at the door way then at the portal. Dean knew what this meant. Or at least I think he knew what it meant. The slug wanted Dean to bring his comrads back to their home.

Dean put the slug back in its electronic suit and put the helmet back on. The slug moved the suit and waved its human like arm for us to fallow him. So we did. We fallowed through out the castle and rounded up the other suits. They all went back into the portal and went home.

The only problem now was that the portal was still open. The other problem was that it was still summer and hot as hell. The good news about the portal being open is it continued letting the cool air blow throw the room and into the hall way. After three days of the portal being open, the castle was like a freezor. While we were mopping the hall, water splashed on Kitty's ankle and a blissful chill ran down her spine. The temperature in the castle was just right, but on the sixth day... it was so cold no one wanted to get out of bed. We all ran outside into the boiling heat. None of us could choose; it was either to hot or to cold, there was no in between except the doorway.

So I pull out my phone and call up Chrissy and Amanda to seal the portal. They transport themselves over but seem un sure of them selves at first on how to seal it. So they go back home to study more about portals. In the mean time, I call up MCtheGirL who I ask to fix the air conditioner. She says yes, but asks me to leave the portal open while she's working. Everyone agrees. I transport her to Montana, saving her a plane trip. Then she asks me to trans port her back pack, so I do and she uses the tools she has in her bag to fix the air conditioning. Then Chrissy comes back, seals up the portal and leaves before we even know she's here. I know she did it because she text messaged me that she did. Problem solved!

Or so we thought. We were all in the kitchen having lunch. Then out of no where a portal opened and there was Mikayla Hamilton. A dark blonde, blue eyed girl who was just a teenager looking for MCtheGirL. I told her that she had just missed MC because she went home already. So, Mikayla closed the portal and made herself at home in Miss Melloney's castle at the table for lunch. We asked her if she was going to pay for that, then she said, "I don't mean to be rude, but don't you guys remember me?" We told her no. Then she said, "Remember that time at The Deli Stop and how I was there? MC introduced us?" We sat there blank... "you guys are magical MC told me and I time travel. She pays for all of my expenses to make me famous in the future in Texas for country singing and Japan for being an english actress. I'm never growing up, I've been fourteen for um... I have no idea how long! Ha, ha!" We just kept staring at her as she went on... "Now I get why you guys don't know me, I'm too far back in the past, you haven't officially meat me yet as a famous person. Or as the kindhearted animal lover and good friend I am." She then got really quiet and sat there nibbling on bread.

Something big was about to go down, but no one suspected a thing. Not even myself at the time. Little as we knew, Mikayla Hamailton is kindhearted, lovable, not that shy, but we all knew she was an actor. So was this all an act? Was she our knew enemy to drag us along the dirt filled with little stones and sticks or was she really here just to relax?

Turns out, Mikayla wanted to relax alright, but she didn't seem harmful, nor did she seem rude in any way after we started getting to know her. She sat on the sofa and watched movies with us before dinner. She helped clean up and washed plated after dinner. She didn't eat too much or too little. She seemed to be into pop rock and country music.

She went to sleep in one of the guest rooms sense Melloney offered. It was midnight. Jeffrey was up late tending to the garden, once he came back inside, he went to the front door to lock it. Just as he was about to turn the lock shut, he suddenly heard knockings. Three knocks to be exact. Again, Knock, knock, knock. Who could it be and why were they here at midnight?

He slowly opened the door. It was just a little girl with wavy ginger hair and she was looking down at the ground. Jeffrey asked the little girl, why she knocked at the door. She asked if she could come inside. Jeffrey asked her where her parents were. She said she was cold. He asked if she lived near by. She said she was lost. Then she asked again, if she could come inside. He said no and closed the door.

It might have seemed rude, but Jeffrey is is not old and mean, he is old and smart. He knew better than to let an evil little vampire in side the castle. He had been turning vampires away for years to protect the people inside. Ever sense he was a young boy and Mr. Jaz still was in his twenties, owned the castle and was single. He locked the door and went to bed.

Mikayla got out of bed for a glass of water in the kitchen. She then decided sense she had never gotten a tour of the castle that she's go wandering around at three in the morning. She went into the main wash room and washed everyones clothes sense she was bored. Finally she made it from the back of the castle to the front door. She then heard a knocking.

Mikayla didn't know any better like Jeffrey who was experienced. Mikayla was hesitant, but she unlocked and opened the door. She saw that same little girl with ginger hair staring at the gowned. Mikayla asked if she was cold. The girl said yes. Mikayla gave the girl her sweater. Mikayla saw that the girl was bare foot, so she asked her if she wanted to come inside. The girl then asked if it was ok. Mikayla said, "Yes, of course you can come in side. How old are you? Thirteen?"

The little vampire girl then came inside. Mikayla showed her to the kitchen and asked if she wanted a glass of water. The vampire girl said no thank you. Mikayla asked what the girl's name was, she replied, "Miku Hance" Mikayla then told the little girl her name and she got her a worm blanket.

She was only seven, but with her beautiful, wavy, ginger hair and her big bright hazel eyes with dark, deep pupuls of evil and silk like soy milk pale skin, she was entirely rape able for any pedophile. If only she was older, all men would desire her soft, cold, flesh and pursue intercourse.

"Miku, that's a pretty name." Mikayla complimented and went on about her day, "I have a problem you see, my friends sort of forgot who I am and I think I came off as a rude person to them today. I don't know what to do or how to say sorry, I just don't. So um, why were you out side at three in the morning?"

Miku thought carefully about what she would say, "I think if they are really good friends they will remember you eventually and know you are kind. Don't sweat it."

"Thank you so much, yeah I agree! So where did you come from?" Mikayla questioned.

"I came from Japan." Miku told the truth.

"Japan?! Wow! So you're not from the U.S, how did you get here?"

"I flew," Miku giggled.

"Flew?!" Mikayla screamed forgetting people were sleeping near by, "you mean you went on a jet?! I don't know if I could go on a plane half way around the world and feel safe wouldn't you rather go by boat?."

"Well, you see, I um.. I flew parts of the way, but the rest was on a steam boat." Miku hid the fact that she was in a suit case on the steam boat.

"Cool. So are you hungry?" Mikayla asked.

"Yeah, I'm starving, but I should go eat somewhere else." Miku had found a friend, which she hadn't had for over four hundred years. She didn't want to hurt this friend, but she was evil in her ways and was hoping to kill someone near by for their blood rather than Mikayla. So before Mikayla could yell wait, she had already left the kitchen and headed toward the front door. Surprisingly Mikayla could move just as fast as a six hundred year old vampire in a hurry. Mikayla grabbed Miku's arm and asked her to stay the night sense she was lost. Miku began crying, pushed Mikayla down and ran out the front door, far, far away.

Niko and Dean just realizing that the sent of an other vampire had entered the castle, woke them up. They became angry and compelled to search for the demonic thing. They threw their clothes on and tracked the sent into the kitchen where Mikayla was sitting. Dean asked Mikayla if anyone was here.

Mikayla sighed, "Not anymore. There was a girl here about maybe thirteen years old, but she ran out the front door in a hurry." Dean then yelled at Mikayla not to let anyone in the castle after dark. Once he was done yelling, Niko and Dean ran out the door to hunt for the little vampire girl.

They came back just before sun rise. By the time they got back, Mikayla had gone time traveled to an other place. However, Jeffry did have a talk with her before she left. He told her that the girl she let in was an evil vampire. Mikayla didn't believe it. How could it be true when she wasn't harmed or threatened in anyway?

I, I was, I was dreaming... and in my dream I had a vision of the past. I saw my mother give birth to me and die, but then after I was handed to my vampire father, I saw what I wish I never knew. I saw my grandmother use black magic and alchemy to bring my birth mother back to life and make her my adoptive mother. She originally had black hair, now she had black hair with red highlights and her eyes were charcoal at first with red pupils. After the lights were turned back on in the room, she had normal black hair and normal blue eyes.

I did how ever, wonder if I was adopted, how could my blood relatted vampire father be married to my adoptive mother and not my birth mother. I always thought he cheated on her, but now I know the truth. The truth is that my mother is a homunculi, in other words, a demon with no soul but having a physical form.

I had an other dream along with an other visson. It was of my mother and father fighting and littorally killing each other. My mother piercing a dagger through my father's heat and my father slicing off my mother's legs with blood gushing out. I saw my mother rip off my father's head with her bare hands, but she seemed to be asumed dead by the police from her being unconscious and having lost so much blood.

The truth was this... my mother was a homunculus; She was still alive some what and the vision was a warning. I must find her before she finds me. A fight that could distroy my humanity. How can I bare to fight my own mother?

I wonder if it was a real vision or just a messed up dream I had. It could have been either or maybe I have just been reading too much Full Metal Alchemist manta. I'm not all that sure with myself. Either way, I'd like to think my father didn't cheat on my mother and that my mother is still alive some how. I'd like to think that her death was not my fault and that them braking up was not my doing some how.

If only there was a way to prove my vissions wrong or right. If only I could see into the future when ever I wanted to do so. If only I had compleate control over my abilities. If only I had a way out of being in this whole mess and was born one hundred percent human. If only, I had one wish, I would wish to never had been born.

Now I'm totally feeling suicidal. It's all my fault that my mother died. If I hadn't been born then she'd be alive for real. If I hadn't been born my parents wouldn't have a reason for devoice and would never had tried to kill each other. If I was never born... wait a second.

If I was never born, I couldn't have helped all those kids in Africa buy books for school. If I wasn't born, who would have stopped Emily from taking over the magical world? If I was never born, who would have saved Melloney from the curse and the all the souls of those maidens who were eaten by that evil dragon? If I was never born, who would have chopped off the dragon's head? If I was never born, who would be Kitty's owner? If I was never born, hey wait!

She got pregnant on her own with my father, those two and the power that be is to blame, not me! I wasn't even born, how could I have even stopped them from doing what they did? What the hell? How is this even nearly my fault?!

Because of my jerk father I am half vampire, that is why I hate him and will never see him as family. He use my mother and beat her up most of the time when I was a child. That is an other reason why I hate him so very much. He also never was around when I needed him to be my dad. He never even told me I was a vampire until the day before he killed my mother.

Oh and that bitch. My so called mother. She rarely ever helped me, just like my jerk of a dad, she was never there. One night I had tuns of home work and not enough time and I couldn't understand it all because it wasn't on a disc, it was all written on paper and I couldn't see it. I'm blind so I have to have everything on a disc and have the computer read it to me. My mother refused to call the teacher to trade the paper in for a disc. That really upset me.

Luckily, Emily has always been my set of eyes. She has helped me so many times when I didn't have a disc or when ever the disc its self was scratched. Oh how I miss her. She is gone, gone for ever. Lost into the depths of hell for killing a human just before she died. I feel so sorry for my lost friend. I wish I could have her back some how. In any possible way.

Jake Rucardo has completely vanished off of the face of the earth. The police can't find him and the I.G.C. Agents haven't found any current traces of him for over a month. His song and popularity are slowly fading into the darkness of dead silence he's left behind.

He seems to be gone now, just like Emily. The memories of both of them are fading away into the far distance. They're in the past now, that's all I know. For all I know.. Emily is dead and Jake could have comited suicide. I cared a lot about Emily, I sort of new Jake. I don't really care any more.

It's over. They'er in the past, there's nothing I can do about it. Sure, she was like a sister to me, but come on? Black magic? If I use black magic and bring Emily back to life she'd be evil and so would I turn. It's not important. ...About me caring for or about her... Anymore. Good bye Emily Christan, fairwell~

Wow, I've said a lot Diary. Now I'm going to bed. I've officially lost my best friend to death and evil. I am more depressed and stressed out than ever.

Oh Diary, if I wake up in the morning... I fear I'll avoid my chores and go back to sleep.

Dear Diary, I've woken up in the middle of the night, stressing out about my dream. So here is a poem for you.

Life is all but illusions and sweat butterflies blow dead in the wind like flower petals; with heartless revenge they take shape of a new form and become so much more and new life of after dead. Oh what evil shall fall these brittle bones of mine whom ache and have many fears yet wish to die? How could one live if one has lost all that is important to them and love has been removed and nothing but hatred does exist? Who am I to bring death to end and life to reality if evil shall come and good shall vanish?! What retch would do nor think of suck a thing? These words they bring me total disgust!

Now Diary, I can only hope that this life of mine can change for the better before it's too late. I feel as if I will end it all, myself, this world, and magic as well.

Fare well Diary, until next time...

Oh dairy, it has been six months sense I've last said a word to you and what I've feared most has come to reallity!

Emily is evil and she is alive! Jake got in contact with me and talked me into doing so. Now I am evil and I can not help myself. Oh dear Lord what am I to do?

At least, I have my best friend too?

Dear Diary, Emily is at it again. She's planing to take over the world which is strange because I thought the whole take over the world idea was her mom's idea... I guess not?

Here is a poem for you Diary...

You never truly know a friend till they've gone back and forth against two different ways more than once and all seems hopeless when you always assume.

Emily has decided to try and use the power of Harmon for her own selfish needs, but once she got the necklace from Melloney and found it didn't work for her, she found a way into the IGC Data Base which mistakenly granted her access to the Harmon's computer hard drive. Which was a magical drive of space that held loads of information on everyone and anyone. It was kept in the garden of Harmon in an other detention. She some how managed to hack it and had the world's life on the back of her hand.

Melloney now dressed as a gothic woman and wares a black sparkling dress. She has a thin frilly, black jacket that has one button in the front. Her shoes are charcoal colored and give off a nice deep shine. Her hair is always perfect. Turns out last night was a full moon and she changed. She felt as if her heart was racing. Like she was having a panic attack. Then her eyes went blood shot red and her finger nails grew long. She started sprouting hair all over her body and became viscously mad. She was in fact a ware wolf. She was not only the princess of Montana, but also the princess of the wolves. Not just any wolf clan either.... The Harmony Clan.

Dear Diary, I fear that the power of black magic along with unlimited knowledge and access to the I.G.C. data base is driving poor Emily mad. I may be considered evil now that I've used black magic to bring the dead back to life, but I still want to be good and I know in my heart that Emily wants to be good as well.

This morning I got out of bed thinking, everything will be fine. I'll just change my ways and go back to being good some how, like it never happened, but no. I wake up, do some chores in my room, everything seems great at three am. So I go back to bed, only to be woken up again at four thirty by Jimmy yelling at me over and over again asking me why I don't love him. I told him because I sensed he was a jerk. He then pulled me by my legs out of bed and on to the floor and held me down.

I wanted to rip his head off, but I didn't. He then slid his hand under my shirt and grabbed my chest. I broke my arms free and punched him in the jaw. His hands flew in the air, and so I quickly rolled on top of him and ripped the sheets off the bed. It was difficult, but I managed to hog tie him to the bed frame. I ripped off his clothes, then put ugly make up all over his face. Then I took my cellphone and snapped a picture and sent it to everyone in the castle saying, "This is what happens when you try to rape a witch".

Oh, by the way diary, the mo-hock failed on Jimmy, but it still was ridiculous. Lots of people laughed seeing his hair stand strieght up.


Oh Diary, is it creul to lock someone up and throw away the key if it can be found and unlocked a year later? I mean, if the crime fists?

So Melloney became so upset with Jimmy about the first stunt he pulled about the ring and now trying to rape me, it was just out of the question not to lock him up. So she and Niko took him with my help and threw him into his room and reversed the lock on the door nob. Melloney put the key on a silver chain told everyone he was no longer her butler, but he was now her personal slave. It seems with Emily and I now having turned evil and Emily having the Key to Harmon that the evil has spread to poor Melloney. She doesn't even seem to care that Emily has borrowed the key of Harmon and not yet given it back.

Oh great, I just remembered about that vision I had a while back about my birth mom dying and being brought back to life by my grandmother and making my mother a hackulous because she didn't use black magic to prevent her from being evil, she used alchemy. Omg, I could have used alchemy to bring Emily back! Oh wait, but then she wouldn't have a soul. Right. So my soulless birth mom took on a different form and became my adoptive parent along with my original birth father. That's what I saw in my vision, but it was also warning me that the bitch from hell is going to try to kill me. Great.

With the the universe tipping in the favor of evil, everything's going to chaos. From random tornadoes appearing out of no where in in the United States, black outs in China and major earth quakes in Japan all the way to hurricanes in outer space! One of the space stations actually got sucked into a random black whole that one day formed out of no where and then vanished over night; I can't help but think that was some how Emily's doing.

With Melloney's new found strength, she felt as if she could take anything on. It was even worse with her now being evil and all. She took the key to Jimmy's room and unlocked the door, telling me to not wait up and have tea with out her as she slipped into the room and locked the door behind her using magic. I didn't leave, I stood there out side the bedroom hearing Jimmy beg to be let out, sense it had been two months now and all he's gotten is bread and water.

Then, I had a vision about the two of them just at the same very moment it was all going down. Melloney took sheets from the closet in Jimmy's room. Then she set them down at the foot of his bed. After that, she grabbed him and viciously threw him on the bed while using magic along with the sheets to tie him down on the bed. Once he was tied up nicely, she propped his head up with pillows so his face was pointing to his feet. Melloney went to the foot of the bed and slowly began undressing herself.

Once fully undressed and only left was her underware... She summoned a strap on dildoh, then she jabbed it in his anal. Thrusting, over and over again, making Jimmy cry. "See how it is to be rapped?!" Melloney screamed bloody murder.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't really feel sorry for him because he almost did that to me, but then again he didn't. Maybe Melloney knows something I don't. Maybe he is really a sex afender...? Melloney knowingly highering a sex afend... no way! Then again, she did after all higher a hunter/tracker, keeps a vampire as a butler and then again she has me of all people as her maiden; a half vampire, part witch. Then again she's like a ware wolf. Either way, I think some how deep down in side she knew we were all sort of freaks.

Doctor Perchilli's belly was growing bigger and bigger. It was almost time for the baby to come. Emily was still plotting to take over the world, Melloney was becoming more twisted than myself when off my medication and I was evil yet having doubts in my mind that all the good in my heart was gone. Then again, if there's still good left in my heart, then there must still be some in Emily's and Melloney's hearts too.

I was dreaming, and in my dream I had a vision. The destruction of all would come if we remained evil, but with a sacrifice could all return back to Harmony. I saw that if Doctor Perchilli's baby were to be born the world would end, but if the baby were to die, the world would live and good would once again be on the winning side. I couldn't bare tell Perchilli this, so I told Dean. He was a loud mouth and told Perchilli. She laughed and said sense I was evil she though that it would turn out to be the opposite way.

I called up Emily and asked her if we could all be purified, would she wish for it. She said yes. So did Melloney, when I asked her as well. So the three of us, decided rather than prevent Perchilli's baby from being born, we would simply purify ourselves with a power of three harmon spell. We had Chrissy and Amanda help us come up with the perfect one so we wouldn't get it wrong. Two weeks later the earth was back to normal and so was the universe, but Melloney was still gothic and no longer preppy. She was still a ware wolf with witch powers. Emily still wanted to be in control of the world, saying that there's not enough order. Me? Oh yeah, I still want to kill Jimmy, but I wont because killing is wrong. Besides, Melloney has Jimmy cleaning all the bathrooms so Kitty and I dont have to do that mess anymore.

Oh Diary, it was a long day of cleaning. Moving everything around in Jimmy's room for Melloney, making it look more like a dungeon. Now there are chains on the walls and cuffs on the bed to keep him in his room at night. This way he can't hurt anyone or try anything.

Dear Diary, I am stressed out. Turns out my old Diary from last year got lost and someone found it. What's worse is they made it into a book and now hundreds of people are reading my privet thoughts and now know that I am a vampire and a witch. Oh no! Diary, I have said things about my friends in my old Diary, nothing in my life is privet anymore! I am declining new friend requests on face book day and night. Everyone in the world wants to be my friend and thinks they know me, but I do not have even one clue to whom they are. Stalkers. Fans. Obsessed people. And to think that they call my Diary a book and have named it "Vampire Maiden" is just un called for! One, I am not a full vampire. Two, I am not a maiden, I am a maid. A maiden is a virgin, which I am not. Also, I do not drink blood daily or advertise that I'm a vampire. Doctor Perchilli finally gave birth, but it was one month too early and her baby was still born. She has vowed to never give birth again. She has been crying all day, not even Chris can cheer her up. I think she needs time to heal after such a loss. She told everyone that she believes a man made into a woman is just not meant to give live birth. She says it's just not natural and shouldn't be. I totally agree with her, though still I feel sorry. So many things are just going down hill for all of us it seams. ...........................................

Dear Diary, I fear for my life. I have had an other vision and this was the worst nightmare I have ever seen with in my head.

It was twelve thirty two in the morning, I was thinking to myself... .... .... .... .... what if.... what if I .... what if I die?

Would the key to Harmon still work with out a trinity?
Usually it's Melloney, Emily and I, but if I die, it would be just them and there would only be two. Who would make up the third person? What would happen to poor Miss Melloney? Would the key to Harmoney even work? I guess she would be alright seeing in how she kind of likes evil now... Who would save the world if Annabel enslaved it? Then again, Emily wants to control the world and is more of a concern than Annabel, I guess. Who would keep these two in line, preppy, now gothic gone Melloney who's got tons of power and emotional, control freak Emily?

Oh Diary, I fear I have done something very bad to upset the balance of things by bringing Emily back to life and made it worse by trying to turn evil good. I think we all might still be evil, but coded pretty. What will I ever do now?

Mother is still out there some where looking for me... she might be the one who's going to kill me. I am unsure of myself. I feel lost, confused and Diary? Why do I feel my chest? It hurts... every time I think of mother or my death. I have pain. Why? I wish I knew... good night Diary, I am going back to bed.

Diary Oh Diary, did you know why Niko is good and not evil? I mean she is a full on vampire... right? But when she was cursed by the witch and turned in to a childed and alowed to grow old back into looking twenty five or maybe nineteen, then stop aging like a normal vampire... did I ever tell you she had gotten a soul? Yeah, the witch cursed her with a soul. So she has a soul so that's why she is good and not evil.

What about Dean? He doesn't actually have a soul right? Because he's just a normal vampire.... Nope! Shortly after Niko turned Dean, Chrissy and Amanda cursed Dean with is soul. So he's a good vampire too. So because Dean didn't do anything bad yet, its more of a blessing than a curse, right?

Me? Oh, I have a soul. I never lost mine. I was born this way. Blind? Why can't I heal my eyes sense I am half vampire? Simple! I am also part human and part witch. My human side was born blind, there for I have no injury, so there's really nothing to heal or fix because there's nothing wrong with me. Sense I am part human and part witch, I have a soul, naturally.

Souls are really hard to pull out of Hell, even harder to pull out of Heaven. I'm not sure how Chrissy and Amanda do it, or how that witch did it... but anyways, I am just sick of spiritual talk. Enough already! Evil this, evil that! What's with everyone being evil or good anyway? If the world's going to end can it just happen already? So I can close of my senses, lay back and die.

Seriously, I wish I was either just a human or just a witch. No vampire in me at all. I hate taking medications. I wish to go out in the sunlight and I am dying for blood every day.

Dear Diary,

Mother always said to, "Take life with a grain of salt". Father once said, "Life is bitter-sweat; to trash the bitterness take life with a handful of surgar". Emily continues to say, "Life is precious, handle with care". Even though I hate me father for making me half vampire and live a miserable life when they could have killed me or prevented me from being born.

Oh Diary,

M vision is clear to me now. I will die from my own hands before the hunter Fredric, chops off my head and turns me to ash. I would never kill myself... so why have such a vision? I wish I knew, I really do.

My friends on facebook never talk to me, why? If only there was someone out there with the same problems as myself, so that we could relate. Emily and Melloney are online about once a month, maybe; not sure, sorry.

No one really understands me much at all. I go through hell and drama with in myself, yet everyone sees none of it at all. Am I concidard boring, maybe dull? What a drag. Vampires in books and movies are usually interesting as hell. Though me, myself, I am... a peculiar? Anyway, some how I am. No one really cares for me all that much, really.

Just Great!

So there's this new girl in the castle... at first I thought she was an other maid sense she was such a suck up to Melloney. Niki Jane Rie is aparently Miss Melloney's new hair stylist. She also alters wigs and makes miki clothes for animals and dolls. Her favorite color is baby blue, like the color of her eyes and her maiden crown that she wears with a silky faded blue bow. Yes, I know this because I had a vision of her dressing Melloney's hair the day before she came.. her name was mentioned in the vision and something about her cuteness just screams "out to get you" to me! For some reason, I just don't like her. Sorry, but I don't.

I had an other vision while asleep, but Diary, you wouldn't believe me even if I told you. I myself don't believe it. Is it truly possible that the key to Harmon we have is nothing but piece, a sliver, of the actual key? They key to Harmon is a giant crystal, or at least it was in my dream. It was forged from demonic energy, then fused with purest hearted soul with in the fourty nine galaxies of energy by the original I.G.C. then sealed with in a little girl who.

Diary, something about that little girl seems familiar to me, but also I fear and feels extremely demonic. Yet, she is cute, with blue eyes, blonde hair and had pale skin. Both Miss Melloney and MCtheGirL have similar characteristics -blonde hair and blue eyes-, but that girl is similar to them as well.

I don't know what to think about my vision, but I certainly did not just dream up this crazy shit on my own. I know, it seems strange to think they are both involved and are both that little girl some how. Though, Melloney is the one with the silver/piece to the key of Harmon and knows how to activate it some what when needed. She always pulls through is what I am saying. Then there's Melissa Carlisle, aka: MCtheGirL who is really a demon, that pretends to be human.... so maybe it is her? Sense the power was once demonic, but has a pure heart.... I mean, she has a pure heart, right? She helps others all the time with her business and even before when she was just a kid in camp fire girls.

But what about the original I.G.C? MCtheGirL owns a company called I.G.C. So what if its really the original I.G.C. or maybe its a replica she made. She says she has past lives and stuff she has told me about. So maybe she remembers the original I.G.C. and recreated it? But if I.G.C. was recreated, why was it recreated? Why did it need to be recreated? Did it die off, mission fail? Or did something just terribly wrong happen?

I don't know what to think Diary, what should I think or do if anything at all?

Dear Diary, what should I do?

Melloney, Emily and I were practicing magic with James, Niko and Dean in the woods, like we always do. Melloney was in the middle of using magic and suddenly it all stopped working. She tried again, nothing happened. She tried a different spell, she failed to have any reaction. Emily told her she was probably just not saying the words with enough feeling, so she tried it, then again, and again, and again. Nothing happened. Niko did the spell and it worked just fine. So then I tried making floating in mid air, which I knew I already could do. I said the words, picked both feet off the ground and... I fell. Nothing happened. No reaction. James, Niko and Dean all tried a few different spells, their magic seemed to be working just fine. Though, sadly, Melloney, Emily and I could not preform magic of any kind.

Niko pointed out to everyone, that Miss Melloney's necklace, which was the key to Harmon from what they all knew, had become dull and did not sparkle anymore. What was worse, the white diamonds had all turned black.

Later that day, Emily did some research about the origin of the necklace online.. turns out it was made in japan. It cost over thousands of dollars on the street, and in stores and museums it was considerd priceless.

There was also a legion about it online from japan and which both the japanese and chinese supposably believe in. The own of the necklace would have to be pure of heart to use wear it and have good luck and riches. Though, if the wearer was not purer of heart the diamonds would turn black. Then the necklace would be a curse and people around the wearer would become ill and die from freak accidents. Also, the one wearing the necklace would loose power and eventually become insane.

Diary, Melloney and Emily are both aware that they are not pure of heart, but they think I still am. I am un sure of myself. They want me told hold on to the necklace while were on our trip to japan. I just can't diary, I can't be responsible for people dieing. It would just bring me too much pain.

Emily had Chrissy and Amanda did more research on the necklace and the reason why we're going to Japan is because legion also says under the night of a full moon in the crystal temple, the gaurdian of the key to Harmon appears. The temple is not actually made of crystals, they just have like a temple surrounded by sand and four big crystals mounting North, South, West, and East, then medium sized ones in the positions of North-East, South-East, South-West, and North-West. Then they have small purisms scattered threw out the sand. They say on the web site that they're not afraid of people stealing stuff because every time something goes missing, on the night of a full moon, the guardian rights the wrong doers and by morning, all is returned in which where it was placed originally.

For some odd reason, the direct link to their japanese web site just happens to be

Which means that Melissa Carlisle is hosting their web site.

So we called up MCtheGirL and asked her about the website. She told us some old woman from japan contacted her and told her to put it up. She says she knows nothing about it herself and that a legion is usually just a myth anyway.

Dear Diary, we are all packed for japan. We are travelling on a big wooden boat, with a steam powered engine. The boat was hand crafted by Melloney's father's best man, as a wedding gift. The good thing is the boat filters the salt out of the ocean water and uses the ocean water from under the boat to power it and move everything along.

Diary, I feel as if we are about to go into direct danger.

Oh Diary, I wish I didn't have to go on this long trip.

Five people helping ready the boat have already had major accidents after talking to Miss Melloney about orders and supplies, while she had on the necklace. One person had fallen in the water and got stuck under the boat, then drowned to death and an other guy is now in coma because a bucket fell off a latter and hit him on the back of his head.

Finally, the supplies was ready and the ship was loaded. We boarded that night and took off as it began to rain and the wind blew with a full moon in front of us. James came along as our only doctor sense we could not heal each other. Niko and Dean came a long as well.

Diary, you're probably just thinking, why didn't Niko and Dean transport us? Its because they are vampires, vampires can't use transportation spells half way across the world because on one side of the earth it may be night, but on the other side, its day light. They would surly die. Plus, vampires can't cross moving water unless asleep. If they did, they would become paralyzed. Unless of course they are using earth magic to ground themselves. Which Niko and Dean are totally doing. But! The paralyzing thing only happens to vampires crossing fresh water rivers, not nessisarly salt water of any kind. Fresh water back in the day, all of it was considered holly, before man ran it through pipes and infected it with chemicals. They are just using earth magic to be safe, I guess.

Don't worry about me Diary, I should be fine sense I am only half vampire any way... besides, I couldn't use magic right now even if I wanted to.

The moon was full and the wind was blowing hard. Harder and harder, the rain crashed down on top of us, filling the boat. Niko and Dean used magic to pull and push the water over the edge of the boat so we wouldn't sink to the bottom of the sea. Soon, it began hailing foot balls and members of the crew got knocked out, some even bled to death from with in their heads.

By the time dawn came and the sun light shimmered across the ocean, Niko and Dean were tired as dogs and resting down stairs, James had treated more than twenty injuries and we lost two men over board. Nine men died from head trauma.

Was this quest really worth the risk, was it worth their lives and the suffering of so many people? I just couldn't sand it. By the afternoon, we mysteriously ran out of fresh water to drink. Rats had gotten into all our food supplies. And then there's Miss Melloney, who was once again ill and struggling for her life, as if the power of the necklace had cursed her health.

The crew all decided to head back to New York's port sense they thought we were only a day out because we'd only been gone for one day. Though, Emily explained to everyone, bring the horrid news, that the crashing of the storm brought us much further out into the ocean than one day and that we were in fact five days aways from Japan and a whole week away from New York. Though, she reminded us all that this is a very slow steam boat and if this were a normal engine powered boat, we'd be better off, but still we would probably die before reaching either destination or at least become totally weakened and ill from lack of food and water.

Sense Miss Melloney was rich and has lots of money, even owning a castle in Japan, they decided sense we were closer to Japan we would continue heading there as planned. Though, if Melloney were to die, they would have no reason, the servants, they would have no where to go once in Japan. As Melloney's health grew weaker and her eyes became dull, her hair turned silver as the sun set over the clouds and crescent moon lit up the sky filled with twilight stars. She asked to lay on the deck under the sky. We fulled her request. Just as a shooting star shot across the sky, Melloney slowly closed her eyes and faded away into a deep slumber.

In desperate hopes to save Miss Melloney, I took the cursed necklace off of her and put it on me just like she had asked me to do so originally. I thought some how the diamonds would magically turn white and we'd have our powers back, but no luck at all. Good thing is, we didn't even have bad luck.

We were three days away from Japan. Two days had passed with out water or food of any kind. James said the average person only can survive three days with out water, on the third or forth day they usually die. We were all going to die.

Niko and Dean pulled through with Jame's help. They cast a spell around the entire boat and transported us all the rest of the way to Japan's docs. It was about six at night and the sun had already set. Everyone loaded all of Melloney's things and our trunks onto a wagon, then on to a bus, then into the japanese style castle. Niko and Dean carried Miss Melloney the whole way. James held my hand and Emily told everyone what to do and how to do it, taking over for Melloney.

We laid her in her queen sized bed, where the maid Kiki showed us to. Kiki was really nice, but I could obviously tell the way she walked and spoke she was defiantly a woman who used swords of some kind. It was in her foot steps. The way a person walks, you can pretty much tell their current mood, what they plan to do and sometimes kind of read their mind. You just need to be super sensitive to things like this like me Diary, then you'll understand. I like Kiki, but she's hiding a dark past.

To Be Continued
Continued 01-11-2014

None of us had anything to eat for the last three days on board the ship. Obviously, everyone was starving, but no one felt like going to get food sense we were all tired and felt like croaking in the basement where there was actually cool air.

Wow, is there seriously no air conditioning in old buildings like this? I mean, come on?! Anyone ever heard of reconstruction, updating, or even... We live in the "now" not the "olde" days"? Kiki explained to everyone when we first entered the castle that this was some kind of "sacred land" in other words, something happened here in this castle years ago and there for it's a historical land mark... but hello? No one can even find this place with out having known where it was in the first place. The path to this castle is over grown with weeds and from what Emily realize, the signs to the entrance had apparently been taken down. The only way we were able to find this place... OMG! Thanks! For once anyway. Visions, yeah they suck, but sometimes they're helpful. So we made it here okay. Then again, every time I have a vision... it's usually a warning of some kind. Yeah, we're all probably going to die.

Niko and Dean ended up going for a walk to see if there were any blood banks in the town up north. They were gone for a really long time. While they were out, they sort of felt bad for everyone still at the castle... so they decided to find some real food for us, sense no one else was in the mood to make a meal anyway. They didn't have a lot of money, so they asked around for a cheap store. They looked for about thirty minutes for a food source they could afford, but found nothing. Eventually, they ended sitting at a bench practically in the middle of no where.

An old woman approached them, she asked if they were the ones looking for a cheap meal... Niko said yes, but Dean didn't exactly trust the hag. She told them about a farm, down south. Turned out it was passed the castle and they ended up walking all the way back tracking their steps and then south of the hidden castle, which no one really seemed to know existed.


After reaching the farm, they realized there really wasn't much to sellect from, but fruit and veggies. Niko was excellent at making anything vegan, so she decided to go for it. Niko was a little creeped out, not by the fact that the tomatoes were deformed, but the fact that they looked like heads with faces on them. Dean thought it was kind of neat that the leaves on the corn were bright red just like the tomatoes. The farmers there just happened to have wheat rice. Dean ended up buying everything Niko wanted to make the meal, sense everything was dirt cheap. Ten tomatose, twenty ears of corn and five pounds of wheat rice.

Once back in the castle... in the kitchen... niko boiled the water to cook the rice. Dean got out a knife and just as he was about to chopped up one of the tomatoes, it started to cry... like a baby. One after an other, soon all the tomatoes came alive and screamed bloody murder. Dean totally freaked out and dropped the knife. At that moment, the ears of corn began to peal themselves open and then started showing... razor sharp teeth, just like a crocodile.

Soon enough, the tomatoes were crying so loudly it got everyone's attention. Then, the corn attacked and tried to eat everyone alive. Emily realized that there were actual souls in side the fruit and in the corn just happened to be demonic demons sealed with in it. While Dean and Niko fought off the corn, Emily prepared a spell to release the souls that were sealed with in the so called food. It didn't work. She apparently forgot that she can't use her magic.

James came in and threw some kind of dust all over the place. Moments later the red leaves of the corn turned from red to green, then began to wither away. Apparently, he used a special kind of powder that sends anything purly evil, straight to hell. A mix of dead man's mud, dried and grounded up with sea salt, along with a kind of flower pedals that I can't even begin to pronounce.

Still, the tomatoes were crying. Apparently they weren't evil, or at least not pure evil anyway. Niko said they sound like babies, which turned out they were just that. Children who had been murdered and their souls bound to the fruit. James said there was nothing that could be done to brake the curse, but distory the objects they were bound to. Niko couldn't bring her self to chopped them up. So Dean decided, what's dead is dead and being like that there's no point in living life... so he simply put some salt in the boiling pot of water and dumped them all in. The crying stopped with in a minute, but that simple sixty seconds felt like hours of agony and it seemed at the moment, it would never end. Once it finally stopped, Niko drained the pot of boiling water into the sink and the tomatoes fell into the strainer. Oddly, the tomatoes were comply fine, but no longer looked like heads... just ordinary fruit.

Now that that was settled. Niko couldn't even think about cooking something that once had a soul and then serving it to her friends. Everyone else agreed and so we ended up throwing it all out, including the wheat rice... just to be safe.

Kiki asked if they had gone to that old farm near by the grave yard... they apparently didn't notice the head stones at first, but then they thought back and realized there had been a grave yard by the farm they went to. Rigt then and there, Kiki told us all to stay away from that place and this is the kind of shit that happens when you go there. She said it could have been worse... the farmer could have used them as fertilizer.

Niko and Dean, along with James totally wanted to put it to an end... but Kiki said it wasn't worth it, that none of us were strong enough to handle it on the count of the farmer was a demon him self and had the help of a powerful witch who was obviously evil. They still thought they could take them on, but Kiki warned them that they have an entire gang of vampires as well as zombies watching out for the place. She said that if we wanted to do anything about it, our only hope was to wake up Melloney, brake the curse of the necklace, and see the Original Guardian of Harmon.

Kiki then went out for no more than twenty minutes and came back with a ton of fish. She then prepared wonderful sushi for us all. We ate and went to sleep. I still couldn't take my mind off Melloney's condition, I didn't fall asleep until around just after midnight.