CreatorWriter of Vampire Miaden

It all started off as a dream...

I'm not sure why it happened. Perhaps it's all truly an alternative reality that clouded my slumber for the sake of stress with in life its self. There's no whole truth and nothing is comepletely a lie. Though this story has twists and turns, is any life so different in such ways? It was a reaccuring dream, haunting my every rest and I could never seem to simply forget. Upon writing such dreams; the nightmare I knew vanished, yet each time a new one took its place.

Some friends mistakenly found my dreams and congradulated me.

These dreams, these nightmares they continued each night, every night the same dream, until I write each down. Finally, they leave. A new one, continuing where the last had left off- It was a nightmare I lived threw each time I went to sleep -like a telivition show with each new eppisode, or a re-run for weeks, making it impossible to sleep.

It was then online and for the public to see.

Sense my friends and random strangers seemed to like my dredful sufferings, I continued on writing. It was never ment to be public, it was never ment to be dreampt.

A girl with no name, the story was about; a young maiden cleaning a castle while hiding the fact she was only part human. A girl who was lost yet found her way, confused and sure of just about everything - perhaps this story, alternive reality was me - while living a lie and telling such truths.

It's called Vampire Miaden for many reasons.

People called me a vampire, for my skin burned with a rash in the sunlight. I lost my vission multiple times, yet some how my eyes work again on and off. Many asked for my assistance in organizing and cleaning, which I did both very often. So she was a vampire and has vissions, yet is blind and has a job working as a maid in a castle.

It was all just a dream, not of myself nore one other me.
It was a dream of multiple people, who were similar yet very different from myself.
Wondering why it's been taking so long for me to finish a chapter or book two?
My dreams took over my world and with Vampire Maiden becoming a book,
it's not like I had much time to do what I wanted in the waking world.
...and the dreams continue... on and off, my subconsious let's me relax~
Finally I can dream an other dream, a different dream not of (VM).